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Monday, 3 October 2016

Pochettino more 'DamBusters' than 'California Dreaming'

Pochettino to all crew members.
 Man City at 2:15. Tally Ho boys
The JimmyG2 Column.
 I spoke last time of 'Hints of Glory'. Well Sunday was more of a Declaration of War; a Statement of Intent; a Manifesto and a Five Year Plan all in one rather than just hints. Full press re-instated, discipline and effort to the fore.

Several contenders for MOM: all of the back line; Wanyama, Son; Deli; Eriksen in his understated but vital way. Which speaks to me of an all round team performance. Breathtaking stuff and Pochettino bested his rival in no uncertain terms.

We had time and space to miss a penalty after a silly spat between Lamela and Son. Another clean sheet and still 'key' players missing or on restricted manouevres. We didn't even start Janssen our 'essential' back-up striker.

Wanyama on an early yellow again was tremendous but consequently more of a controlled explosion than Blitzkrieg. I was wrong about this boy and he is very effective when he keeps it simple.

We are still flying under the radar and if they ever re-make that Second World War 1950's classic 'The Dam Busters' Mauricio is a shoo-in for the Richard Todd  role as Wing Commander Guy Gibson and Spurs as Squadron 617.

Code-named appropriately 'Operation Chastise' we did just that to City. The low flying tactic surprised the Germans in 1943 and continues to surprise the pundits who long for high-flying superstars. You would have thought they had learned their lesson with Leicester.

Our bouncing bomb currently is Son and the backroom boffin Cristian Eriksen. That's our third consecutive victory over them. 'Can we play you every week?' I hear you cry.

Jermaine Jenas actually tipped us for a win. Come back Jermaine, all is forgiven. We were fluid in attack and composed in defence. Hugo was hardly bothered but livened all our lives up with some ill-conceived distribution.

Son and Deli combined neatly for the second on the half hour after an excellent cross from Danny Rose induced an own goal by Kolarov before the ten minute mark. All sorted early, just how we all  like it.

Sissoko started and will almost certainly be an asset when we can work out what he does best apart from run through people. Bit head down but Mauricio will sort that out.

Kevin-George gave a spirited cameo for a whippet in a Greyhound race and the Spurs fans are going to love him.

This was a  high octane performance from Spurs from start to finish and from front to back. Son led the charge which was why he started and Bravo despite a good save from Lamela's penalty never convinced with the ball at his feet under pressure.

Guardiola was dignified in defeat and acknowledged that the better team had won. Our best performance for a long time against decent opponents who were strangled at birth.

Now for another break. Well I need it even if the super-fit lads don't.

The Lamela/ Son incident.
Wrestling for the ball for the penalty was unseemly and in the end the miss didn't matter but it might have. I don't believe for a moment that there was no appointed penalty taker.

It doesn't sound like Pochettino to me who is closer to a control freak than a laid back, 'laissez-faire' let it all hang out, California Dreaming, kind of guy.

'Whoever wants it' is a certain recipe for disaster. I remember three players getting banned 'sine die' over a fracas over who was to take the penalty in my playing days. British Rail North( Hull Division) since you ask.

We have an excellent and vitally important team spirit and I'm sure this spat has been quickly put behind us. Recently Eriksen who takes them for Denmark offered the ball to Janssen to break his duck. That's much more like it.

Jimmy's Video Spot:

Some team talk Mauricio. Flying under the radar with a tightly knit team against formidable opponents. He even looks a bit like Eriksen that Barnes Wallis. It's the hair.

Fly in whatever formation you like! Man like I don't think so. You dig!


never stop dreaming said...

Thanks Jimmy, Super Spurs and City played well, which makes our performance all the more notable. Every man Jack was immense.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Oh the whistle blows the cockerel crows, and now we're in the game,
It's up to you, you Lilywhites, to play the Tottenham way.
Oh there's many a team from many a town and some are great and small,
But the famous Tottenham Hotspur are the greatest of them all.

JimmyG2 said...

You two.
It's my job to get carried away and your job to keep my feet on the ground, not to encourage me.
Isn't it great to go into a break
on the back of such avictory.

Cheshuntboy said...

Well, if you want to be discouraged, I'm your man! It was a fantastic performance and result, but we've been there many times before (AVB's 3-1 against City or Pochettino's 5-3 versus Chelsea to name just two) and failed to push-on. If the customary Pochettino late season collapse can be avoided, and we actually WIN something, I'll be as pleased as anyone, honestly.

JimmyG2 said...

Thank you for that cold blast of of historical reality. I'm still going to enjoy the ride even if we don't quite make our desired destination.

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