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Monday, 31 October 2016

The Great Tottenham Bake Off.

 Toast or stuffing?

The JimmyG2 Column.
We are still unbeaten,  and only three points off the top having secured a hard fought draw with the Premiership Champions. What's not to like? Well not many more crumbs of comfort to be honest.

Another game we could and should have won. And the Premiership Champions this season are half baked mid-table mediocrities at best and certainly not the force they were, if they ever were. Oh and we were at home.

The introduction of youth, Winks, and speed, KG N'Koudou, with two and eight minutes to go respectively in an effort to secure all three points was once again too little, too late and reflects Mauricio's current lack of boldness.

At the minimum it's a five horse race this year and with the added pressure of the Champions' League perhaps Mauricio and the team are feeling the heat. They have collectively become cautious and risk averse and our build as a result up is painfully slow.

On paper we are doing well especially with key players missing. We are still well in touch in the League leaders. Against Liverpool in the cup we gave youth and back up players their opportunity.

But Liverpool's back ups played better than ours and they deservedly won in a disappointing performance. The fact that it's a competition we can afford to jettison is not the point.

Against Leicester we were perhaps unlucky. We hit the woodwork three times and once again the defence in general and Vertonghen and Rose especially were excellent.

Their one shot on target went in after a careless header by Wanyama and Walker falling asleep and failing to respond to the danger on the back post. He's behind you! Both played well otherwise! But moments win and lose games.

Our lack of both goals and inventiveness in our approach has been evident for some time. The view that,no Dembele: no Tottenham has been exposed as a myth. More like, no Eriksen: no Tottenham
and he's just not on form.

The Belgian waffle is under-cooked and the Danish open sandwich lacks bite.

Pochettino is the best thing since sliced bread for Tottenham but perhaps he has gone a little stale. He won't be toast any time soon like most of his predecessors but he needs to add some yeast to the mix Toast definitely not, but stuffing perhaps.

 A batch of that would come in handy for Leverkusen and especially Arsenal who are up next. As we showed against City we can work up an appetite for the Caviar and Bolly. It's the Bread and Butter stuff we  choke on.

We've lived mainly off scraps and crumbs from the high table for decades and must grab the recent more solid fare more firmly and with greater vision and guile.

Jimmy's Video Spot
Vincent Petrus Anna Sebastiaan Janssen.
Just to remind us and him of what he can do and why we bought him. Not just  blunt instrument either. To the victor the spoils.


Anonymous said...

Looks good! Could it be the Dutch food that he missed?

JimmyG2 said...

Yes, Stroopwafels probably. Might order him a years supply from Harrods

Cheshuntboy said...

To continue your cookery analogy, I reckon that Pochettino's forte is the plain white loaf - solid, wholesome, does what it says on the tin (tinned bread?), but without the flair to win the Great PL Bake-off. The analogy is wearing a bit thin, but last season was like a collapsed souffle, looking good for a while but ultimately unsatisfactory. Whether Pochettino can graduate to better things remains to be seen - I've expressed my doubts often enough, but the next two games really are make or break for our season (at least until the next 'make or breakers'!) - will he get the recipe right when it really matters?

JimmyG2 said...

I like it. Collapsed souffle.Spot on.

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