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Saturday, 31 December 2016

Referees, Game Changers and Comebacks

Must be easier not to go away in the first place.
The JimmyG2 Column.
Well that all turned out very nicely. Lull them into a false sense of security with the early goal; allow them to bask in their impressive home record and rejoice in our poor recent away results. Then let Dele loose on them. 

 Mauricio's cunning plan worked a treat and I just hope not too many Spurs fans and 'Musings' faithful slit their wrists prematurely.

Like Liverpool we went 1-0 down early, equalised before half time and then we both knocked 'em for six. Well four anyway. Just as well too.

With all our rivals winning even a draw here would have cast a depressive pall over our New Year. At this stage of the season no game is a 'must win' but some games just feel like it.

So Spurs are alive and kicking still. We made an important statement here after the first 15 minutes: scored four; contrived to miss a penalty and hit the bar with an Eriksen special. Only Lloris did his best to keep their hopes up.

The penalty was contentious and can be argued in various ways. The original foul was outside the box and could have been given as a free kick.

 Redmond might have got a red card for it anyway under the strict application of the current rules.

Harry missed the penalty anyway as Van Dijk had repeated his trick of interfering with the penalty spot as he had done at Arsenal and Harry slipped and skied the shot. Surely some retrospective punishment is due.

But the sending off changed the game. Yiddo Mike Dean came up trumps again. In the last seven games that he has reffed us we have won six and drawn one. And he's given us three penalties. Can you referee us every week.

Actually this is all a bit simplistic as we go back a lot further than that, 56 games or so, and have suffered many adverse decisions. I'm sure that it all evens itself out over time. I think I'm sure anyway

Dele changed the game too with his headed equaliser and Cristian Eriksen and Moussa Sissoko continue to make major contributions. I am deleting all my negative comments about Moussa Mk. 2

Dele is our wild card and destined for greatness with us I hope. His unpredictability is a worry for opponents and occasionally frustrating for his fans. His equaliser was all about anticipation.

The icing on the Xmas cake was the coolly taken final goals by Son and Dele again. Almost carbon copies of each other. Harry's bullet header from an Eriksen corner, I kid you not, had put us ahead.

Negatives: the petulant and unnecessary booking by Vertonghen in the last minute at 4-1up who now misses the Watford game. Whatever was he thinking ? Quite.

And Walker misses the Watford game after accumulating five yellows. Let's just hope that Toby has fully recovered from his bug otherwise its Dier and Wimmer in the centre of defence and Trippier at right back.

Not that it should prevent us from beating Watford. There I said it. But both Wimmer and Trippier have served us well in the past and I am confident they will again when necessary.

So the 'Comeback Kids' triumph again ( Spurs have the most points gained in the Premiership from losing positions: 13) There's plenty of fight when the chips are down, as when all our rivals win.

Curiously though in the last couple of seasons we somehow falter when we have the chance to go top or top four. Our fatal flaw perhaps. We can't be arsed unless the chips are really down and not even then at times.

But,but, but whatever happens tomorrow will see us ahead on almost all measures and should send us all into the New Year in a positive frame of mind.

Happy 2017 to you all.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
Virgil out-leaps everybody. Dele out-leaps Virgil. Harry makes up a lot of ground. Three fine headers and two cool finishes.

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