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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Bargain Buys at Spurs.

Memo to Picture Editor
'Down, but not out' you idiot.
The JimmyG2 Column.
City played well and had a point or three to prove. When we got the chance, in general, we played below par: Kane, Dele and Eriksen weren't at the races, or perhaps that's exactly where they all were.

However they all turned up for the second half and contributed when it mattered for the goals.

We hung in, rode our luck, took our chances and Bob's your Auntie Mary. An unlikely point I'd have taken before the game. A re-jigged defence due to Vertonghen's injury and then re-re- jigged after Toby's.

Several players performed in a variety of roles and Wanyama stood out in the back four. Wimmer thrown in at the deep end sank this time and was subbed at half time. Perhaps Davies would have been a better choice after all.

Hindsight oh Hindsight get thee behind me hindsight.

They were well up for this, at home and they stifled us from the off. Mauricio  was crushed in his own press. We didn't have a shot on target in the first half and less than half a dozen shots all game.

We didn't dominate possession as we usually do. But we did score two well worked goals and forced a draw from 2-0 down.

An afternoon for both goalkeepers to forget. Bravo was beaten by our only two attempts on target and Hugo, our saviour on many occasions, gifted them both their goals. His distribution was worse than woeful too.

So were we hapless, out of sorts but lucky, or determined and clinical? Hmm. Is it possible to be both at the same time?

It was a fortunate that the new Brazilian wonder kid Jesus only got ten minutes because he looked a real handful. But for whatever reason they played well but failed to score until we gave them a helping hand or two.

As the game wore on and the press slackened we found time and space to mount some effective resistance, despite a precautionary substitution of Toby with a hamstring twinge.

The other Harry got another half an hour in a difficult game and showed his maturity and confidence once again. So plenty of positives from the game.

Kyle Walker got away with a blatant push on Sterling which could well have been a penalty and a red card. But we got the benefit of the top four doubt. If it was the other way round we would have been seething.

 Dele's timing, Walker's new found Trippieresque crossing, Son's finishing and Kane's clever lay off brought home the bacon. A draw that feels like a win for a change.

We are unbeaten in eight and Dele now has 8 goals in his last seven appearances. The best five million we have ever spent apart from Jimmy Greaves at under a 100.000 but that was then.(edit)

Results were mixed but we remain in the top three. Chelsea won again and Arsenal too with a 97th. minute penalty would you believe? Yes obviously we all would.

Everybody else drew and the lads are off to Barcelona for a rest before Wycombe at the weekend to soak up the vibe.

It's certainly not for the weather which is wet, cold, snowy and windy, or all four together all the way down from Barcelona to Alicante.

Spurs progress chart 2016/17.
Never below sixth this season, fifth or better for the last 19 games, top four for the last four. The Tottenham snake is raising its head and is looking forward. (See diagram below)

(from Football Filter with thanks)

Injury Update.
Ryan Mason is in hospital with fractured skull following a clash of heads with Cahill early in the Hull/ Chelsea game.He has undergone surgery but it will be a few days (or weeks) before the long term situation is clear.

Calmer news today after the ambulance chasing red-top press after the game. 'Bleeding on the brain'. He is now awake and talking.

We send all our best to an honest own grown who we might well have kept.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
One of his best games for us. Finishes off a 15 pass move with the winning goal. One of our own with a career blighted by injury. Strong, brave and positive.

Final pass by Erik Lamela  to whom we also send get well soon wishes.


Steve Parry said...

Point of order. Jimmy Greaves signed for under 100k, not a million

Steve Parry said...

Point of order. Jimmy Greaves signed for under 100k, not a million

JimmyG2 said...

Steve Parry
Absolutely correct.Trevor Francis was the first million pound player though Cloughie joked that he would pay a pound less just like Bill Nicholson did for Greaves. I remember it well.
Added a nought for some reason.
Greaves for 999.999 pounds.Inflation doth make fools of us all.

JimmyG2 said...

Did it again.
Greaves for 99.999 pounds

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