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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Third place within grasp for Spurs.

Relax it's only Man Utd. buzzing around.
The JimmyG2 Column.
Half way through the season and the pressure builds. Man.Utd are on a six game winning run buzzing round us like a fly up a cow's backside and our four game run flicking them away with disdain.

On Wednesday we have the chance to make everybody's day by putting paid to Chelsea's impressive record breaking attempt. A draw wouldn't be a disaster but we are playing well and at home and a win is not inconceivable.

'Unbeaten' became a millstone for us and in sight of a record their winning run might prove to be a step too far for them.

Ever since we failed to swat and squash the Man Utd. challenge completely  we have been in increasingly good form, both team and players. A kind fixture list has given us the opportunity to settle and play.

Watford were woeful but we made the most of it with Dele and Harry finding their goal touch, Eriksen fine tuning his engine and Wimmer and Trippier slotting in nicely. Toby might never have been away.

Wanyama continues to impress and only Son was wasteful though energetic and keen to make his mark. Harry Winks might have started or come on earlier but I always say that.

Harry's first goal was as good a goal as I have seen for some time. Good team build up, Trippier's precise passing and Harry's movement and touch were wonderful.

The top six are pulling away from the rest and it looks as if we will have Europa football next season as a fail safe option. Liverpool, Arsenal and City are not as consistent and are well within our sights. Beat Chelsea and the world is our lobster.

On Sunday Trippier was oustanding though none of the defence were under much pressure. Even Lloris remained calm and gave our defenders some breathing space with his distribution.

If our four consecutive wins and two consecutive away four goal hauls (the first time since the double winning season over 50 yrs ago) can inspire some confidence we have nothing to fear tomorrow 'but fear itself'.

As long as we concentrate on the football and not on settling old imaginary scores. Otherwise we have plenty of candidates for the first red card and the end of the game as a fair contest.

We have nothing to prove in the tough guy stakes. Focus and concentrate.

Spurs 2-1 but bet responsibly.

Hold the front page!
Bournemouth 2 Arsenal 0 as I type. Sorry 3-0. Oops! 3-1. Oh! 3-2. Three minutes to go.One minute to go. Six minutes extra time. 3-3 Giroud. And breathe.

Beat Chelsea and we go third

Jimmy's Video Spot.
The Dele and Harry show with a walk on cameo from Kieran  Trippier. Thought I might edit out their shambolic goal but I'll leave it in as a warning.

Dele's first 50 games bears comparison to the best and Harry equals Thierry Henri's tally for his first 100 games.You know what they say about the future.


Anonymous said...

Poxy Arsenal at it again with yet another last minute goal. Take injury time goals away from Wenger's motley crew and they'd be tenth in the table!

JimmyG2 said...

True but I can't remember the last time we came back to take a point from 3-0 down.

Cheshuntboy said...

We're certainly the PL's flat track bullies (what's the origin of that expression?) at present, and it would be great to see us turn over a decent team rather than thrashing the minnows but failing against the big boys (apart from City, over whom we seem to have regained the Indian Sign, at least for now).
I'm not going to launch another tirade against Pochettino, but I can't understand why we're still so inconsistent, not necessarily from game to game, but over the whole season, going from ten matches without a win to half-a-dozen consecutive victories, and this seems to have been something of a pattern which, if it's not necessarily worse under Pochettino, certainly doesn't seem to have improved over the past two or three years. I'm still not convinced by modern matey managers - SAF or Clough would have been furious at the way 4-0 at 46 minutes became 4-1 at full time, but being nice to the players is rule number one today, more's the pity!

JimmyG2 said...

Flat track bully is used in a wide range of sports but I can't pin down its original use. Perhaps Aussie cricket.
Never got the impression that Mauricio was a softie though he has indulged Dele at least in public.
Are we more inconsistent than most other teams? Or are we falling for the 'Spursy' propaganda.

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