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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Who stole the bus?

Missing West Brom. bus found abandoned
Tottenham man sought in connection.
The JimmyG2 Column.
Well that went surprisingly well against a team that we have recently struggled to put in their place. 1-1 draw was the bookies' best bet based on past results.

We are now on the best current winning run in the Premiership, six games, seven games in all competitions, and ahead on all measures compared to last year.
The weekend results went well for us too with Liverpool and Utd. drawing and Everton humiliating City. We are second and deservedly so and more importantly playing well with fluency and confidence

Next week's game against City could be significant though not decisive. But make no mistake it's a good time to play them, demoralised as they are and ripe for the taking. Anything Everton can do..........

Eriksen was buzzing and when he plays well Spurs play well. Dele was focused and alert and his assist for Harry''s third 'exquisite', not a term I often use in a football context.

Harry Kane's hat trick was the stuffing in the W.Brom turkey. McAuley's own goal should be awarded to Eriksen as his original shot was on target before the two deflections.

Mauricio solved the conundrum of how to squeeze Dier, Wanyama and Dembele into the same team and the power and strength approach worked well. The parked bus, jumped started by an HK goal within ten minutes, was found dumped by the side of the road.

Victor continues to impress and Dembele once again resembled the player we thought we had bought all those years ago. The full backs rampaged and Toby and Jan were imperious as usual.

Hugo is donating his match fee to Medecin Sans Frontieres once again as he feels embarrassed taking Dan's money when he has so little to do.  The proposed job share with his cousin in the Foreign Legion should be fine.

One black spot was an ankle injury to Jan Vertonghen  not for the first time and it seems to be his Achilles heel if you will. Eight weeks minimum is the projected lay off at the moment.

The Musings rule of thumb is to double the first estimates so Easter is our best guess.

However as I wrote last time we it's the one position where we have ample cover  in Wimmer, Dier, Davies and Cameron Carter-Vickers.

Oh and Chelsea continuing to beat all comers, except the Mighty Spurs of course. I'm not confident we can catch them but winning our games is our best and only option.

And the hope of course that others can inflict some damage on them but we all know what hope does.
Their spat with Diago might just Costa them dearly (Sorry)

However I might just be starting to think about beginning to consider contemplating an examination of the possibility of dreaming. I might just...

There is certainly greater discipline lately and a blow-out like last season is unlikely. Wanyama, Dele and Dier all seem to be under control. Dier's response to Diego Costa's attempt to wind him up was indicative.

I might just.....

Jimmy's Video Spot.
My Goal of the Season (So far) Teamwork, cheek, flair and class. A move that began on the training grounds of Tottenham. The Dele and Harry show. 21 seconds of magic. I love the way Dele patiently waits for Harry to get into position and mesmorised nobody closes him down.


Anonymous said...

"But make no mistake it's a good time to play them, demoralised as they are and ripe for the taking. Anything Everton can do.......... ".. Umm after 60+ years of following & watching THFC you have virtually cursed them. MC ARE a good side and the above is RUBBISH! as good sides tend to bounce back after such a defeat if only for honour's sake. IMO many MC players are looking to NOT be replaced by Pepe's coming new broom and it will be a very difficult match.

JimmyG2 said...

You must be the same generation if not age as me.
Everything you say is plausible but there are two sides to every theory.They have some very good players but are not by any stretch a good side though they had a good start under their new Manager They may give up in view of an imminent clear out, sides don't always bounce back. As for the cursing them that is superstitious nonsense.
Agreed it will be difficult but we can certainly beat them(again).
Saturday will obviously tell. Take a draw now?

Anonymous said...

"cursed" was exaggeration and no more, as the only witchcraft I know about was that in 1919 but I have seen us lose so many matches that we should have won that cynicism is hard to remove. The 60-61 side even had its screw-ups (Burnley away and WBA home and those atrocious refereeing losses to Cardiff and Benfica (OK 61-62 but...). Did you ever read Blanchflower's comments about him giving the title in 61-62 to Ipswich when he refused to obey Nicholson's instructions in the home match vs IT? We blew it twice in three years and it is that which reinforces cynicism and scepticism WRT THFC. I am seeing the best football since that era but it has to last all season. Yes I will take a draw but I also think anything is possible.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Thanks Jimmy, WBA still parked the bus so we blew the doors off ... I thought we'd plateaued early on and needed something to go to the next level. The changes in formation and key players returning from injury and others returning to form looks to have done it. Despite his class and welter of goals, we can struggle badly to create anything for Kane, the new system has made a big difference here. We may have left it a little late as new chelsea have stolen a march but I don't care, this Spurs is wonderful. Up the Spurs!

JimmyG2 said...

Yes Conte has done a good 'Italian job'
at Chelsea. But they are not unbeatable as we showed. Need some help from others now.

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