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Friday, 6 January 2017

Who's a Flat Track Bully now!

Get Noah on the blower:
 Chelsea have run into one helluva storm.
The JimmyG2 Column.
 O Happy Day. The Chelsea Parade was a washout and we rained on it so heavily that Noah launched the Ark for only the second time in recorded history.

Mrs JimmyG2 observing my love affair with football sometimes asks exactly what I see in the game. After some games I have to admit I am stumped for an answer. But not on Sunday night.

We did ourselves so much good by winning this one and incidentally gave everyone else a boost too. Let's hope they return the favour. This time we kept our cool and maintained concentration, focus and discipline.

We certainly showed that we had learned our lesson. It's the football stupid. Dier's sad shake of the head when confronted by Diego Costa summed it up. And no hint of petulance or a whiff of a nutmeg from my MOM Dele.

I gave it to him ahead of Wanyama who was at his beastliest and supplied the grit and 'the worlds my oyster' Eriksen who brought forth the pearls because goals win games and it is such a rare kind of talent to possess.

I won't go as far as one football writer who said: 'Dele Alli underlined his growing reputation by single-handedly ending Chelsea's 13-match winning run on Wednesday'.

It doesn't exactly throw the Premiership wide open  but it exposes the limitations of the league leaders for all the chasing pack to see and establishes our credentials once again.

Eriksen and Spurs threw off the 'flat track bully' mantle and draped it  firmly on Chelsea's shoulders. They had a wonderful run but against mainly moderate opposition. We've now won five and might get a jog on ourselves.

Martin Keown gave a warning to Chelsea. He believes that the end of Chelsea’s 13 match winning streak could spark a complete collapse just like it did to the Gunners.  Nice thought Martin. 

Mauricio rubbed salt into the wounds by bringing on another of our 20yr.olds, Harry Winks, with another 20 minutes still left. Way to go Mauricio.

We controlled the midfield with Dembele and particularly Wanyama who saw off Kante and Matic. Costa, Pedro and Hazard barely had a sniff against our three man backline.

We didn't quite run riot but Eriksen found space for two precise crosses and Dele bold and decisive did the rest. Seven goals in four games. Reminds me of Bill Nicholson's comment on Jimmy Greaves work-rate.

'All he's done today is score four goals'

A famous victory but we must not allow this be the climax  of our season but use it as a springboard to greater things which we failed to do after defeating Man.City.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
Dele's goals, Eriksen's assists but it's a team game remember. Athleticism and grace, power and accuracy. Foreign commentary because they don't get taken down so quickly.
You're welcome.


IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Thanks Jimmy,

A Grand Old Night at the Grand old Ground. It's coming together.

alwyn said...

as long as neither Kane nor Alli gets injured, i can't see us NOT winning a cup this season.

JimmyG2 said...

Thanks guys,such optimism. You do remember that Spurs always let you down,
but it's certainly looking good from here.

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