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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

On A Wet Tuesday Night up North.

Harry, I said Doctor Spock.
Anyway, listen you'll love this.
The JimmyG2 Column.
And the answer to the age-old question is 'Not quite'. There are no easy games in the Premiership we know that and this was clearly one of them.

Plenty of excuses so let's get them in first starting with the self inflicted: change in formation, why desert the successful three at the back with marauding wing backs; substitutions were too late and hardly designed to change the game.

I hope Harry Winks and Janssen enjoyed the scenic trip and took the opportunity to brush up on their geography of the British Isles. Neither were given either enough, or any time to affect the game.

Sunderland could only play one up front anyway, they've only got Defoe available at present and deployed the rest to make a wall Mr.Trump would be proud of.

To these self inflicted wounds were added the usual everyday mishaps. The weather; the pitch; the referee; the injury to Rose: our opponents determination and game plan. Desperation is the Mother of  Goal Prevention.

We are going to miss our Danny. Danny is claustrophobic, if he sees an open space he heads straight for it, at pace. Ben Davies is the opposite. Offered an open space he checks, cuts back and heads for home, but not quite as quickly. 

But the main problem was our lack of inspiration and creativity in the final third. Once again Spurs dominated all the stats but had only three shots on target.

We out-ran, out-passed and out-cornered them, but when midfield destroyer Wanyama has the best chance and the only testing shot our problem is apparent. Slow build up and misplaced passes were the order of the day.

Harry Kane might as well have stayed at home to bond with the baby and Dele could have kept him company and read passages from Dr. Spock to him. No not him from Star Trek, the 50's icon on baby-care.

The partnership between Dembele and Wanyama is strong but  hardly overloaded with speed of thought or motion. Dare I mention Harry Winks again.

We passed when we should have shot, Dembele and Son: and shot when we should have passed Davies and Wanyama. Eriksen and Walker made some effort but nothing went to plan.

In the end instead of going round the wall we put Sissoko on to try to run through it but with equally little success.Could we loan him out to Mexico?

Could we hack it on a cold Tuesday night up in the Far north. Not really. So frustration all round. A point really suits neither team in their current positions. They frustrated us, and we frustrated ourselves our fans and our Manager.

They kept a clean sheet for only the third time this season in the Premiership and similarly we failed to score for only the third time in the same competition.

Once again we made it hard for ourselves when there was a golden opportunity to be grabbed. In the event not much harm was done but that is not the point when things are tight in the Runners-up to Chelsea Stakes.

One point covers four teams but we are top of that particular pile. It could have been much worse. Four of the top six drew and Arsenal lost. We can take a little comfort from that I suppose.

But we can't rely on our rivals to mess up to maintain our position. We need to take a firm grip on our own destiny and be bolder and more assertive, both manager and players.

We are second with a superior goal difference to everyone but Chelsea and that might just be crucial in the end. A win would have put us clear in second but let's not dwell on missed opportunities.

Against Wycombe we endured a win that felt like a draw. Against Sunderland a draw that felt like a loss. Next up Middlesbrough and I'm guessing that 3 points will be essential this time.

Danny Rose probably out for a month.
Vertonghen probably another 3 weeks.
Lamela. Any day; probably 'manana' in the Spanish and S.American sense.
Transfer window. What transfer window? But that suits me. Slow build and own grown is the new 'flashing the cash'.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
Anyway whatever happens on the pitch this season here's a virtual tour of the new Stadium. If we can survive a year of Wembley and playing all our games away from home it will be a fitting venue for Champions' League
We've put in a 100 quid bid for the Naming Rights so expect the Spurs Musings Stadium at White Hart Lane to be announced quite soon.

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