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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

New challenge tipped for Spur's enforcers.

Stardom calls for Moussa and Victor
 in the remake of the Kray twins life story.
The Jimmy G2 Column.
Only at Spurs. Win 4-0 including a Harry Kane hat-trick and lovely assist for Dele and still be disappointed we didn't win by more or at least ring some changes. Expect more as they say.

It was the same score at half time. What what were they playing at for the last 45 minutes: trying not to get injured? Verts and Toby went off anyway with hopefully minor knocks.

We not only took our foot of the gas but parked the car and threw the keys out of the window. I hope we can locate them in time for Everton, unbeaten in nine, next Sunday.

So a satisfying performance all round really, even Ben Davies had a better game. Eriksen buzzed, Walker ran about a lot and Wanyama and Dembele  did their 1950's Kray twins impersonation.

Stoke were aggressively awful  and we were phlegmatically good.

Wimmer finally got a chance but Janssen did not. He must have done something truly evil off the pitch to be so studiously ignored even when on the bench. Winks gave his usual competent 20 minute cameo.

Son was the preferred Harry sub but why keep Kane on for an unnecessary 45 minutes at 4-0 and a hat-rick up? Obviously all this is way beyond my pay-grade.

So all good in terms of performance, attitude and result; European blues firmly shaken off; Stoke's spoiling tactics largely ignored even by Dele though Wanyama picked up a silly yellow in the final minutes.

More twists up ahead I have no doubt but good housekeeping now in terms of resting players and getting squad players up to speed might just make the difference in the final dozen games.

Failure to rest Harry and accumulated yellows may come back to haunt us as the last phase of the season looms. Liverpool coming unstuck against a rejuvenated Leicester was an unexpected help.

We are second to Chelsea on points and goal difference though City could overtake us again if they win their fixture in hand. We can't possibly implode like last year, can we? So second is definitely on.

Good News.
Dan Levy shares The Musings Academy dream  and to do things differently. Not for the same reasons though.

The Academy has paid for itself a hundred fold with the players produced and sold and the current value of Harry Kane. Shrewd investment all round. But Musings loves our own even if they don't quite make it.

They give their all for the club and while they are in the squad bring that commitment, spirit,  loyalty. and the extra effort that mitigates their possible lack of quality.

Bad News.
Danny Rose is still a month away and it doesn't look as if Lamela will make another appearance until pre-season if he's still with us by then. One rumour is as good as another where Erik is concerned.

This weeks puzzler. 
 When did Spurs last have a goal difference of over 30 and top the least conceded league. (19 in 26 games).

Jimmy's Video spot.
Ronald and Reggie. Couple of softies compared to our terrible twins. The names have been changed to protect the innocent. West Ham's major offensive seems to have petered out. Only joking lads. Rule London today tomorrow.........

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