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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Sunday, Sunday.

Tottenham up next at White hart Lane.
And that's just the opposition tea lady.
The JimmyG2 Column.
Don't go near White Hart Lane if you've got a winning or even a not losing run to maintain. Everton like Chelsea before them found this out on Sunday.

They came, we saw, we conquered. They neither closed us down nor parked the bus and were caught like rabbits in our headlights. We controlled both the tempo and shape of the game.

On 20 minutes Harry showed his strength and belted a dipper into the corner of the net from 30 yds. Williams looked on with admiration.

Just after half time we implement the full press and Wiliams and Schneiderlin  join the Dispossessed, a brutal daylight robbery by Dembele, taken up by Dele who sets up Harry Kane for his second.

The final scoreline might therefor puzzle neutrals but it was a familiar story to the faithful. 2-0 up and coasting with ten minutes to go. It's in the script, we've seen this movie before.and against Everton too.

Lukaku scores following a slip by Vertonghen when no real danger threatened. But this is the remake. We score again delightfully. A real gem of a goal. Dele makes a run for a free kick taken by Winks.

The other Harry finds him in space  and Dele makes a difficult finish look easy and the two goal lead is re-established. Cue sighs of relief all round.

But wait, just as the curtain falls Valencia steals a second while literally nobody but the fans are  watching. The final 8 minutes plus 4 minutes extra time is played out uneventfully. No problem in this updated version of the old story.

On reflection I wouldn't take any of the Everton players. Lukaku is stong and effective but not  up to Harry's level. Ross Barkley is often linked to Spurs but neither would want to play back up to what we already have and  neither is better.

Baines and Coleman are decent too but at 32 and 28 respectively a little too old for Mauricio to work his magic on and once again our own and their back-up are arguably better.

This is to be honest a half-hearted piece because I missed the first half due to family commitments. Well, family preceded my love of Tottenham by several years. I managed to slip away after an hour and catch up.

It was not a problem in the (good?) old days. You went to your local game and listened to Sports Report at teatime for the rest.  All games were at 3pm on a Saturday.

Sunday lunchtime! What's that all about? That's when you read the Sunday papers to catch up on the stories behind the headlines.

Match of the Day didn't start until 1964 and has been recognised by Guinness World Records as the longest-running football TV programme in. I was in my early 20's by then. How the world changes.

Now you can watch every game,  up to half a dozen at the weekend and another on Mondays. Not to mention European competitions on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Anyway all's well that ends well and this certainly ended well with a composed team performance. Vertonghen has renewed his membership of the attacking defenders club and we are all the better for it. Ben Davies looks more comfortable by the game.

Dele is sneaking into the top scorers table which of course three season wonder Harry leads. His stats at his age are amazing and in  a few more seasons, injuries permitting, he will top all the charts: Spurs, England and possibly European.

Here's a couple to be going on with: (Courtesy Football 365)

Premier League goals since start of 2014/15:

Sergio Aguero 62
Diego Costa 49
Alexis Sanchez 46
Romelu Lukaku 46

Premier League goals for Englishmen since start of 2014/15:
Jamie Vardy 34
Jermain Defoe 33
Charlie Austin 24
Dele Alli 23

And there's plenty more where they came from. Musings have loved followed and backed him from the start. Oh yes we have.

Millwall in the cup on Sunday lunchtime. OK I've cleared the decks for this one. Expecting a strong team, performance and result. No surprises please Spurs. It's a day of rest after all

Sunday Sunday: A walk in the park (Blur's lyrics: certainly not mine. I've been a Spurs fan for too long to make that mistake.)

Jimmy's Video Spot.
12 seconds of magic. Harry Wink's first assist. Timing, movement skill and team work. Two young men getting it together. I give you the New Spurs. Admiration even from the Arsenal's Alan Smith.


Harvey The Hudd said...

Nice summary JimmyG2
Ironic that this week's squeaky bum period came courtesy of Jan, who was simply sublime all game.
Dele ghosting into the box like that has me immediately casting my mind back to Gilzean and Peters. If true (a big if), disappointing to read in the Guardian today that Bale wants Franco's outfit to buy Dele. It must never be allowed to happen. The whole point about the new stadium is that we can finally shed the "selling club" label for ever. Right?
I do feel we need silverware sooner rather than later if this group is to go on and achieve great things in the next five years.
If we dispatch Millwall, we're going to need to see off two of the big boys if we're to bring that cup back to the Lane after 26 long years. If the boys really believe I think they can do it this year. COYS.

JimmyG2 said...

Harvey The Hudd
Thanks.You're welcome. All agreed. We try to avoid transfer speculation, it's pure clickbait on most blogs.And we never make predictions, especially about the future.

Home Inspector Queens said...

I have been following you for a while now and I have really come to value your blog. Your posts are always great and look forward to them. Keep the good work up.

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