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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Turning Point?

 Millwall binned.
The JimmyG2 Column.
Plenty of encouraging statistics from the weekend, 75% possession and six goals from 15 shots on target. Millwall failed to manage one and so Michel Vorm clocks up another clean sheet.

Son got the regulation hat-trick in the enforced absence of Harry Kane and Janssen's first goal in open play since joining us  both auger well however long he is out.

(From 2 weeks until the end of the season according to the fan-site doctors).We await official news
No scan yet, the ankle is too swollen. Doesn't sound too good but Pochettino might reveal all on Friday.

Free Sweep-stake entry for correct guess on how long he's out. Usual free subscription to the Musings prizes. I'm going for 5 weeks but your guess is as good as mine.

Dele's third goal in as many matches at Fortress White Hart Lane, Eriksen's continuing form, a goal and two assists and Wanyama's and Davies steady development are all super positives.

But there are positives beyond all these. The midfield pairing of Victor and Harry Winks is the future at Spurs. Harry's 98% passing accuracy three quarters of them positive tells a story, but it is the style and confidence of the boy at 20 that is telling.

He does not always choose the easy option, he can mix it when necessary and both he and Victor turn quickly and usually pass forward.Winks and Eriksen together on the pitch is a joy.

Of course it was only Millwall but like Chelsea and Everton they came on good form (17 Games unbeaten) but like the Zen concept of one hand clapping the sound of our cage being rattled was a deafening silence.

There were noises offstage though, mainly racist chanting at Son who gave the perfect reply. Unfortunately we are not above a little racist chanting ourselves and so cannot claim the moral high ground.

I'm told we did the same to our own Lee Young-pyo a decade ago. 'DVD: three for a fiver'. People seem to think that football gives them a free pass on racism despite the high level campaigns.

The anonymity of a large crowd is I suppose like the facelessness of the internet. Anyway it's not funny except to those limited few and certainly not clever.

A composed team performance, we picked up the banana skin and dropped it in the recycling bin. Trippier's ball for Son's second was beautiful to behold.

His first goal was pure Sonism, miscontrol and then recovery and a beautiful strike. His second was poetry and his third a complete gift from the Millwall keeper King.

The shadow of Kane's injury clearly casts a shadow over everything but let's not panic just yet.

So on to the semi-final against Chelsea, a fixture that they will relish less than us. We've lost our last six semi's the last one to Chelsea ( 5-1, Bale got the goal). This one is ours and then City in the final.

And that one's ours too.

As Frankie Laine once sang. (Ask your grandfather.)
I believe for everyone that goes astray (Kane)
Someone will come to show the way (Janssen)
I believe
I believe.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
Everybody's happy. Vincent looks round, holds his position, Son finds him and a neat finish. Nice team response. As Mauricio says it could be the turning point in the Spurs family season. Pleased for the boy.

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