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Friday, 7 April 2017

New Era Announced at Spurs

 Mohammad? No Christian!
The JimmyG2 Column. 
Can you remember where you were you when Spurs scored 2 extra time goals to win a game and maintain their challenge for the Premiership?

Or how you felt on 88 minutes with Chelsea beating City, Arsenal and Liverpool winning and us 1-0 down to Swansea?

Was much blood spilled? Yours? The cat's? Innocent bystanders'? What odds for our fifth consecutive win?  Or were you all calm and philosophical, if ever so slightly depressed, like me.

There can't be many, if any, in the  'Never doubted the boys for a moment ' camp. Most of us were in in the 'Oh well we gave it a good go. What do you expect away from home without Kane, Rose, Wanyama, Lamela and Winks?

Arsenal person Fabiansky feigned serious injury, waved away the stretcher when it arrived, refused to go off even though his number was up and then conceded three.

 'Poetic Justice' hardly does it... well 'justice' though it was pure poetry.

He had played well and thwarted us several times before the collision with Janssen, on in good time on this occasion for Sissoko. It was Vincent who put in Son for our second with a neat flick.

Eriksen had set up Dele, in the right place at the right time again, via a deflection for the first and he returned the compliment with a ball that took out five players for Eriken's delightful third.

 Like Mohammad Ali, Christian floating like a butterfly, stinging like a bee.

We had huffed and puffed for 80 minutes after Routledge's early opener without a breakthrough. If they were going to score it was likely to be by an ex-Spur as they had several on the pitch from the start. 

We had over 70% possession,and once again more shots (18/4) and shots on target (8/1) than the opposition.They scored with their only chance following some sloppy defending by Davies.

We have scored more points in 2017 than any other team and gained more points from losing positions this season (17) and since Mauricio's arrival (53) than any other team.

Never say die team spirit and fitness rule OK? I do love a good  statistic. Well occasionally.

 The top of the table looks like this with 8 to go.

(1) Chelsea..........30...........38.........72
(2) Tottenham.....30...........38.........65
(3) Liverpool.......31...........27........60
(4) Man.City.......30...........23.........58
(5) Arsenal..........29...........25.........54
(6) Man.Utd........29...........19.........54

Of course good players, an excellent manager and a bit of luck always help. But as Tina Turner almost sang 'What's luck got to do with it? Do with it?

We left it late but better late......... Did their early goal upset their game plan? With a goal to defend were they perhaps more negative than they might have been.

But 'To do is to dare' or some such nonsense and we dared and definitely did. The Dier, Dembele axis is not the most imaginative but Mauricio eventually sorted things out and the creatives were released to do their thing.

Even Georges-Kevin got a run out and had a hand in one of the goals. We were good but wasteful for much of the game but got it together as they tired in an exhilarating final ten minutes.

Only Chelsea stand between us and The Double. I'll say that again. Only Chelsea stand between us and the Double. Has a certain eerie ring about it don't you think.

With several returning players the future is looking very bright indeed: Wanyama and Hugo at the weekend; Kane next weekor sooner; but Winks, Lamela and possibly Danny out for the season.

But don't shoot the messenger love. Good news in the short run on returning players and better news in the long run on the attitude and outlook for the club.

This victory will stand us in good stead for the run-in. We proved to ourselves that nothing is ever a lost cause and that knowledge will keep us honest and focused.

So farewell to the 'Spursy' period then, a phrase more used by our supporters than our rivals. It was our get out of jail card; our self mocking comfort blanket. Our 'what can go wrong, will go wrong' put down.

It developed out of our so called soft centred, lack of 'mental strength' period; the 'it's only Tottenham' era; the 'Spurs will always let you down' phase.

It briefly re-appeared for the last four games of last season. But let's not go there again just now. A page has been turned and a new  chapter begun.

We could still catch Chelsea but I don't think we will. They would have to lose too many points even if we win all our games and there is a tough period looming; neither is likely.

But 'Spursy' has been stuffed firmly into the back of a drawer and although it cannot be destroyed and could return to haunt us I don't think it will for some time and certainly not under Mauricio Pochettino.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
 Christian Eriksen
My 'first name on the team sheet' player. Five minutes of magic. 11goals and 16 assists so far this season.. His return to form after Xmas is the key to our progress. Love this boy. Finds space and has time on the ball, always the mark of a top top player.


Cheshuntboy said...

No more 'Spursy'? You really are tempting providence, mate!

JimmyG2 said...

You read it here first!

Anonymous said...

You really shouldn't be saying stuff like that, because Brexitboy's having enough trouble eating humble pie watching Pochettino haul this club out of a Sherwood-shaped hole.

JimmyG2 said...

Who? What? Eh?
But thanks anyway.

Borodin said...

The Swansea game sent a loud and clear message to Conte and all the other Premiership managers. Spurs are not the side that 'bottled' their title challenge last season. The squad has matured from the petulant and unprofessional one that exploded at Chelsea and ended up finishing third. This was clearly illustrated by three incidents and they were all goals. One..the team never ever gave up the fight and continued to pound away at the Swansea defence even in the dying minutes when all seemed lost, and were rewarded with an equaliser....Two...that wasn't enough..instead of falling back and defending a hard won draw the side wanted the win and duly went for it. They realised their opponent was reeling and 'on the ropes' so the attacks continued with Son scoring a second and securing all the points....Three...even then they continued to go forward, determined to remain true to the 'high press' philosophy and not simply wait for the final whistle...Eriksen providing the icing on the cake with a superb finish for 3-1.

That told everyone not to wait for the bubble to burst...this team has learnt from past mistakes and is strong enough to cope with absences and injuries. There is a purpose and a drive that urges them forward...there is a self confidence in their abilities as both a team and individuals that allows them to play freely and with imagination...but more than all of this there is a belief....a belief in what the manager is trying to build and in what they are capable of achieving. I was impressed and proud by this performance. It was not the 0-2 easy win I had was a hard fought victory against a stubborn opponent who only fell apart at the heartbreak of conceding a late equaliser.

So we move on and whilst not closing the gap with Chelsea we did succeed in letting them know they will have to fight tooth and nail for this championship. Bournemouth will hopefully prove a tougher game than they imagined, particularly after the 2-2 draw with Liverpool. The fat lady certainly isn't singing yet and I'm sure there are quite a few more twists and turns before this league title is settled.

Ken Langfield said...

Great article, though I would question the "Only Cheatski stand between us and the Double" statement, as we will have to play Man Citeh in the Cup Final once the West London Oligarch's hobby have been disposed of.

JimmyG2 said...

Exactly. I never argue with anyone that agrees with me.

Ken Langfield.
Thanks. Yes I got a little ahead of myself there.
But if we beat Chelsea we should be able to beat whoever trolls up at our new temporary home surely.

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