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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

No Place Like Home Sweet Home.

Cheer up lads. It might never happen.
Oh it just did.
The JimmyG2 Column.
Spurs have at last aligned themselves with the Stars, Destiny and the March of Time. I'm not one for cliches but I feel the Hand of History on my shoulder today.

 Let it be recorded that on the last day of April 2017 Tottenham Hotspur beat Arsenal in the last NLD at the Old White Hart Lane to ensure that we will finish above them for the first time in over two decades.

We still have a desperate gamblers outside chance of catching Chelsea to win the Premiership but I'm not that desperate or a gambler and for the moment content with second. Progress is all. Next season is another country.

We played like a team built and developed over time by an inspirational Manager. They did not. If Dele and Eriksen had put away their chances we would have gone in at half-time 2-0 up.

If Cech hadn't been on top form it could have been 6-0 at the end. As it was Dele surrounded by red shirts who showed greater alertness and desire to score the opener after neat footwork by Cristian Eriksen.

Within minutes Harry Kane had won and scored a penalty to finish the job. The rest is truly history. St.Totteringham day cancelled for this and hopefully many more seasons. For ever? Never say For ever.

Our ninth consecutive win on a day that Arsenal, who are currently on their longest non-winning run against us (6), never came close or looked likely to halt. We were a team: they were a loose collection of individuals.

Wanyama and Verts were outstanding. Jan stepping up and out of Toby's considerable shadow once again. Eriksen went under the radar but his influence was telling.

All this excitement should have happened a year ago. But as we have reached the four games to go mark let's not dwell on it. We have learned, improved, got the t-shirt and moved on.

I am proud of the team, the squad,the manager, the club for their achievements and attitude. Inspired by the thought that they can only get better if they stay together. Every one of them with no exceptions.

Most of them could double their wages at another club next season but take one brick out of a wall and the whole thing might collapse. It's not the moment to even think about this.

Champions' League again; the New White Hart Lane to come after a year at Wembley should fulfill most of their ambitions. It's not always about the money.

Spurs rank first in the Premier League this season for:
shots per home game (19.94); shots on target per home game (7.78); chances created (15.0) and fewest goals conceded per home game.

Oh yes and best goal difference, highest goals scored and least conceded overall in the Premiership.
What's not to stay for ?

This proud record and achievement must be taken into our new temporary home. Whether the move to Wembley will prove a disaster or an inspiration remains to be seen. But attitude is everything.

I suspect the former but the truth will hopefully be somewhere in between. Pochettino needs to get into their heads on this one. No other team will have played at Wembley as often as us after all.

The game itself was a disappointment. Not exactly a fight to the death of rutting stags in season now was it. More like a formal changing of the guard. Arsenal seemed to know their place.

Apparently Ozil showed more passion in leaving his stud marks on a door in the changing rooms over a drug test than he did in the whole of the game. Sanchez body language seemed to suggest, ' Adios amigos'.

The sight of Giroud's tongue and embarrassed grin after another miscontrol or failed attempt said it all. Only Ramsey really seemed to want it and had their best attempt well saved by Hugo.

So the baton is passed. A win here may just have saved Arsene's bacon so we might unfortunately have done them a favour but their final position will tell all. Europa looks much more likely than the CL.

Arsenal's move to their new stadium hovered over them financially for a decade but we have found a new way after much experimentation over several decades. 

Youth and emerging talent under a Manager that will give it a chance; investment in the Academy and the training ground sets us up for Lilywhite future.

We have struck gold in Dele, both Harrys, Eriksen, Wanyama, Dier, Toby, Dembele, Rose, Walker and Jan. And made silk purses out of others.
We need to mine the same vein again. The balance and spirit of the current squad must not be threatened by careless transfers at ridiculous fees and disruptive wages. And I know Daniel agrees.

W.Ham on Friday will tell us more. Draw and CL qualification is assured; the dreaded four games to go banana  skin will have been side-stepped, Kyle Walker's situation will be clearer. If he plays he stays in my view.

All our players will come under pressure and some re-adjustment of our wage scales might be necessary but so far nearly all of them have signed new contracts. Keeping Mauricio is crucial.

Thanks for the Memories White Hart Lane. This one will stay in the mind for a long time.We are going away next week after Man.Utd but we'll be back quite soon and just next door, close to home sweet home.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
Had to have it on the blog for the sake of the archives. Not that you'll mind. Dele and Harry scoring; great shots of  White Hart Lane as a backdrop to the start of The New Gap. Happy Days.


Royalspur said...

Has Toby signed then , missed that one, we need him, as does every other top team

Royalspur said...

Has Toby signed then , missed that one, we need him, as does every other top team

JimmyG2 said...

I said 'nearly all', Toby crucial as you say.Reportedly on 50.000 (a week).Needs doubling. Think it's just money.

minesadouble said...

Good read Jimmy. I bookmarked you a while back and have lurked here but never commented (I'm not too good at all the log-in stuff!).
Farewell to the Lane. Sad but uplifting at the same time. One of the last old great grounds with an atmosphere that glossy new stadia cannot match. But I have a feeling 'WHL2' will be a rather special place soon enough.
As for the NLD, you summed it up nicely. It was a surprisingly low key changing of the guard, passing of the baton. Team versus individuals, hungry versus content, forward looking versus obsessed with the last 20 years.

JimmyG2 said...

Come on in it's cold outside.
Low key is the words. The Future's bright or some such.Hope you're right about atmosphere after the Arsenal experience at the Library. In the ten years since then we seem to have learned some lessons.

alwyn said...

amazing. absolutely amazing. i couldn't even bear to watch the match, esp after the Alli and Ericksen miss. really 2 bad Malaysia's Tottenham fans are so sparse.

so glad for the team - gotta look and think bigger now, e.g. improving our Champs league form - even during Redknapp's time we only beat AC Milan by parking the bus and then got thrashed by Real.

and is there some truth to some Arsenal fans' sneer that we suck each time we play at Wembley?

still, take nothing away from last week. brilliant and full congratulations to Poch and Gang.

JimmyG2 said...

Hi friend.
Yes we need to sort out our priorities next season.
Wembley is a challenge certainly.
More worrying for me are the reports of players leaving.
This week Rose and Walker. Last week
Toby. next week?

Little Boxy Bird said...

Love your work JimmyG2. I share your fears that pulling at one seam (eg, Eriksen to Barca) and the whole thing could fall apart, but it has been a lovely ride the last 2 years. Yet I feel that if we don't win it this year, the footballing gods really are taking the piss at our expense, and another chance may be some distance away, although hopefully not 50 more years.

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