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Monday, 8 May 2017

Spurs cancel contract.

Mauricio sold our shares in that place months ago.
The JimmyG2 Column.
And so we quickly return to the land of lack of mental strength, Spursy and putting things in glass receptacles after our visit to the London Stadium and the defeat by W.Ham. Don't mention the 'B' word

Well that didn't take long did it. We played poorly agreed but in the light of our recent form and progress over two years  it's clutching at straws as an explanation.

Captain Hugo does us a disservice after 9 straight wins and the usurping of Arsenal after 22 years
by pouring petrol on the old 'mental strength' diversion.

Spurs comfort blanket; the Management, Manager, player all purpose cop out over many decades to excuse failure to invest at the appropriate time and excuse poor performances.

Recently this has morphed into the feeble 'Spursy' joke. Somehow this fatal flaw seeps into the bloodstream all players signing at The Lane and gets into their DNA.

For once very few of our team played well. But our record stands any scrutiny over the last two seasons. We cut the Chelsea lead from 13 points in mid March and a win would have taken us to within one.

Not the sign of a team which lacks 'mentality'. We have kept Chelsea honest and if they lose on Monday as some predict it will be because the pressure we have exerted has relaxed with the W.Ham defeat.

Winning the league was never on after Xmas and 'Musings' said so some games ago. Not coming second is just as unlikely. We would have to lose our three remaining games and the chasing pack win all theirs.

With Arsenal beating Man.Utd and Liverpool drawing against Southampton only Man.City can overtake us so third is a given even if we lose our remaining three games.

At West Ham we got our tactics wrong, the Dier Wanyama midfield axis lacks creative dynamism Three at the back seems to free up our midfielders more and Mauricio got his substitutions wrong.

Dembele is not a sound choice at 1-0 down. N'koudou might have threatened more than Janssen. Swapping Trippier for Walker seemed like a waste at the time.

Vertoghen was one of the better players on the night and his substitution I assume was down to injury. This has been another crucial factor over the season for us coming up just short.

The build up was too slow. They cancelled out our attack with blanket defence and grabbed a goal.
Nothing to do with complacency and what's in our heads.

Blame the W.Ham curse, the big pitch, Friday night, the weather, the ref, tiredness or whatever and I am gutted that it was W:Ham that did for us on this one.

But we are going to come second to a moneybags team, doing it 'our way' and this was a blip. If it were 'mentality' then we wouldn't be where we are.

We have failed to build teams in the past and lacked any kind of vision which Pochettino has brought. We have chopped and changed Managers and when we have bought good players sold them carelessly.

The lack of 'mentality' if anywhere has been at the very top of the club not in the heads of the Manager and players. Now we have a settled 'project' with a  clear aims and affordable strategies and a young Manager still learning on the job.

At W.Ham we were sluggish, Erikson and Dele flickered from time to time and the full backs got forward but to no appreciable effect. Harry Kane and Son will have to read the match reports to see if they did anything.

Lloris kept it respectable after Toby, not quite at his best again, decided to go on a run starting from his own penalty spot.We were desperate for a point Toby but not that desperate.

Now we have to resolve important matters before next season. Wage structure; our attitude and approach to Europe; how to make Wembley and the New White Hart Lane a fortress or at the very least a lockable gun cabinet..

Not losing The Last Game At The  Lane next weekend will preserve our proud home record and secure second. But anything Arsenal can do we can do better. Let's go on our way to Wembley in style.

No longer available at the Spurs Shop.
The cosy comfort blanket bearing the 'Spursy' legend available in blue and white. Slow sales over the past season have rendered this item out of stock. The supply contract has been cancelled. Sorry.

To be replaced by
'Essence de Pochettino' parfum. The Spurs Shop could make a fortune selling bottles of that.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
You want bottling? Here is a fully automated water bottling plant in action. Not to be confused with a rare poor performance by Tottenham Hotspur.


Ashley Collie said...

A tad harsh...Anyway, time to sweetly serenade the old lady WHL with a game for the ages (like we did in our last NLD at the Lane) — before they begin her demolition on Monday. One of our LA Spurs founders and certifiable crazy, Rudgey, is over your way now, so if you see him with his hooped shirt, make sure he doesn't get lost in the rubble! COYMFS!

JimmyG2 said...

Ashley Collie
'Tough love' mate 'tough love' He doesn't have to do our critics work for them. COYMFS Could catch on!

Martin Hawkins said...

I don't think this is at all harsh.
The transformation from near bankruptcy in the early 90s to the taut ship sailed by Cap'n Levy should be lauded, not vilified as it is by so many. Don't forget that Levy has learned on the job too.
The current rumours of mass desertions by first team players should be treated with contempt. Yes, MP will have to pick them up again for another tilt next season but the squad has been amazingly successful against a team who have been flying. We had a poor October and drew too many.
This squad is not 'Spursy'. They have a great future if they sticj together.

Anonymous said...

Tactics wrong, substitutions wrong, Dembele not a sound choice,Kane and Son did not do anything, Trippier for Walker a waste of time. Hindsight guru, but you must have managerial ambitions with such knowledge on how to win matshes!

JimmyG2 said...

'Hindsight guru' like it.
Aren't we all.
Nope content to be a long term fan of Spurs who tells it as he sees it.
How did you see it?

Anonymous said...

Square passing at the back and at times apparently playing into our own goal which allowed the clock to run down. We must have set a Premier record for back and sideways passing. So not up for it for some reason!Anyway we were never going to win the league, just media froth.

Lbanu said...

It's likely going to be much more difficult next season for Tottenham to stay with the big boys. They need to strengthen and bite the bullet if necessary with some players. Otherwise, I can see damage. I've great admiration for the manager and the way eh sets his teams out to play a certain way. Leaving Dembele on the bench was a mystery. Dier and Davies are both weak links. Alderweirld won't sing an extension to stay as he wants to go back to the continent. Eriksen is inconsistent and Kane can be weak too often. Both need real live challengers to push them and nobody should doubt what will be required from now on. I accept the point of view given in the article.

Feenix 555 said...

If it was any other team nobody would hardly have said anything. One slip up and everybody pounces. You may remember Pochettino saying not so long ago "this team if way ahead of progress". Progress doesn't equal experience yet everybody's talking about they need to win something yet hardly ever saying how well Spurs are doing. Last season It was all we heard how well Leicester are doing and gave all the accolades to their manager. Besides Leicester Spurs have achieved their turnaround with a 36,000 seat stadium and don't have pots of money to spend. I would have thought it should be West Ham that should be in Spurs position especially as it's all of us that's paying for their ground and they reap all the benefits of that. Being a Spurs fan I can say I'm very happy with my team and why shouldn't I be just look at the stats. Except for the WH game and the draws at the beginning of the season all the matches were fabulous to watch. So go look at the stats people go on I dare you...

JimmyG2 said...

lbanu and feenix 555.
Thanks. We seem alarmingly close to complete agreement.

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