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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Spurs have problems.

Now that was just silly Hull.
 The JimmyG2 Column.
So anyway in this dream I had we won the league, Hugo got the Golden Gauntlets, Arsenal were relegated and we beat W. Ham easily. I woke up just before the Champions' League final finished but we were 3 up with minutes to go.

And you know what?  We have achieved almost everything else. Harry Kane 7 goals and two hat-tricks in the last two games won the Golden Boot.  Three players on 20 goals or more.

86 points which would have assured us of the title in 13 of the 20 years of the Premiership. Highest scoring  attack; meanest defence; team spirit; good football and lessons learned from last year.

And all achieved without stellar marquee signings and eye watering wages. Just some of our own, youth and experience bought in under the radar and for peanuts. Except Sissoko but he's the exception that tests the rule.

And without key players for parts of the season. Harry Kane, Harry Winks and Danny Rose for a couple of months; Erik Lamela for most of the season.

 But you know all this. However progress with the youngest squad in the Premiership deserves saluting. Third last year after an end of season meltdown; second this with ruthless determination, flair and skill. Next? Who knows.

The last two games showed how we have moved on under Mauricio's steely eye. Thirteen goals from all over the squad: Son and Dele, Toby, Victor, and Ben all getting in on the Kane act.

In the final game last year we lost 5-1 to a Newcastle already relegated. This year we cruelly knocked seven past newly relegated Hull when they had the temerity to score at 3-0 and rob Hugo of the Golden Gloves.

It's a shame in a way because I lived in Hull and the surrounding area for more than a decade and they have bought quite a few of our surplus players. They are my third favourite team after Spurs and Real Madrid. 

But poking a wasp's nests with a stick is not advised. Their goal followed slack play by Jan. Dele and Davies had already guilty of some dithering but we cleared our heads and came back fighting.

Our home form this season is better than the Double year, but it's the away form that has let us down. The last time we only lost four games in a season was over a hundred years ago.

Harry Kane, our talisman, and three season wonder, scored as many goals in the League as Sunderland and two more than Middlesbrough and that was with 2 months out. But you know all this.

What I'm trying to say is that we have had a fantastic season, playing generally the right Spurs way, you know passing and moving, and improving under Mauricio as he himself has improved.

He has been a credit to the club, a gentleman at all times, a class act in every way and performed with dignity both pre-match, post-match and during the match. Long may it last.

The Tottenham Dictionary has been revised. Out go 'Spursy' along with 'bottlers', 'soft centre' and 'lack of mental toughness'. In come a lot of words meaning very good to watch. Suggestions welcome

 Dele remains a delight; Harry a phenomenon; Eriksen pure poetry; Son a human pin ball; Wanyama a revelation and Sissoko currently a disappointment.

No I know we haven't won anything yet except for the respect of the footballing world which is a good solid basis on which to build. Not on Sky and in the papers naturally but that's only to be expected.

We have made WHL a fortress and must now turn to Wembley and make it work for us against visiting sides. It's not pitch size that will be the problem but unfamiliarity and atmosphere.

It's more a matter of perception and we have just the Manager to impose some clear thinking. Most of our team will embrace the extra yards available and Dele, Erikson,  Harry and Son will be even harder to pin down.

 I have a dream. Spurs have problems no doubt; keeping the team together; squaring the Wembley circle; Carefully exanding the squad; sorting out our priorities and probably more more. But we can do this.

 That rumbling sound is either WHL being torn down or me snoring.

Jimmy's Video Spot. 
Hat-trick for Harry, goals from all over the team. Lovely ball from Dier to Trippier. A fitting end to a superb season. Pity about their goal but let's not be greedy.


Anonymous said...

Somewhere I read we can redraw the Wembley pitch to the dimensions of the Lane, thus eliminating that potential problem. Is that true? Perhaps the slower turf is a bigger issue for our pass-and-run game.

Howard Sanders said...

I don't think it's the pitch size thats the problem i think it's the wide open spases round the pitch, same as at West Ham a few weeks ago. We have just got to get used to it.coys.

Howard Sanders said...

I don't think it's the pitch size thats the problem i think it's the wide open spases round the pitch, same as at West Ham a few weeks ago. We have just got to get used to it.coys.

EGAITCH said...

Instead of 'bottlers', let's have, 'throttlers' place of lack of 'mental toughness', let's use 'gentle roughness' and in place of 'St Totteringham's Day', we have 'Woolwich Wobblers' Day'. 'Mauriccio's Marvels' - a brilliant season!

Anonymous said...

How can you both support THFC and possibly have any time for the club who introduced in 1955 and led the world in financial cheating with football and have always used the money lever and a lesser league to dominate CL football far beyond their worth. Barca for all of their faults do not cheat anywhere near the level of RM although PSG and BM (and CFC & MC/MU) are going that way thanks to RM? I have absolute contempt for cheats like RM

captsharp1 said...

No, you can't resize the pitch, it goes against FA regulations. But it shouldn't make any difference, we have the whole closed season to work on our game using said pitch. These are professional sportsman and it shouldn't be something as simple as moving to a new temporary home that brings our house crashing down around our ears. We were very good on the pitch during the FA cup semi final in terms of possession but wasted our chances. We've done that on other grounds too so not just Wembley, even at WHL. So, all things being equal, there is no reason that we should fail next season.

JimmyG2 said...

First anon.
Yes and our ground staff could probably have a hand in cutting it shorter.

Like your style friend.

Howard Sanders.

It's the only way of keeping tabs on our best ex players players. When I'm in Spain it's my local team.

The Hull pitch is the same size or even slightly bigger.

Anonymous said...

To captsharp1:
You're mistaken, I believe. As long as the reduced Wembley pitch complies with FA regs, Spurs may do so with permission. See:

Little Boxy Bird said...

Love your work, Jimmy G2. Thanks for your amusing musings all year. Onwards and upwards!

JimmyG2 said...

Little Boxy Bird
Well thankyou. 'Spurs Amusings' Like it

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