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Thursday, 19 April 2018

Not Quite Done and Dusted

 Ok Mauricio that's the Pier, the Aquarium and the Royal Pavilion
any other 'must do's' while we're here?
The JimmyG2 Column. 
 I love Brighton. As a kid we went on day trips frequently from London. Southend is closer but Brighton was always classier and an easy drive down in those days. I like Chris Hughton too. Who doesn't?

A neat and tidy player for Spurs, who has created a neat and tidy team in his own image. Inevitably 'you cut your coat according to  your cloth'. and it looks likely that they will maintain their Premiership status..

For those unacquainted with the idioms of 'yor' ( A bygone age) this translates as 'to plan one's aims and activities in line with one's resources and circumstances. He has certainly done that and it is no mean achievement.

All three newly promoted teams this season, Huddersfield, Newcastle and Brighton look likely to survive. Although, in 25 years of the Premier League there have only been two seasons in which all three promoted clubs have stayed up.

(Fulham, Bolton and Blackburn survived in 2001-02 and, a decade later, QPR, Norwich and Swansea stayed up in 2011/2012.) A clear indication of the gap between the 'haves' and the 'have nots'.

Spurs seem just as likely to join the Champions' League 'haves' once again although there are manifestations of what Sir Alec called 'squeaky bum' time over our recent performances against Stoke, Man City and Brighton.

Just as you were wondering when I would get to the point we are magically there. Away to Brighton and Hove Albion was not one our more glorious Tuesday nights. They parked the bus and once again we couldn't find the keys.

Dele gets some stick but when he's not there you don't half notice it. Where was the flair and movement? Where was the speed of thought and anticipation of things that might just happen?

The rule of thumb that when Eriksen has an off day then so do Spurs was again demonstrated. It was the worst game I have seen him play in a Spurs shirt. Even his control went to pieces. Nothing came off.

A possible positive was the re-appearance of Toby who was probable our best player but hardly the Man of the Match. Whether this was a stop gap to rest Sanchez for Saturday I know not. Possibly a good sign though.

Harry got his 26th. Premier ship goal following smart work from Son and was better when he dropped deeper. Neither was consistently good, although Son was denied just before half time by a smart stop by Ryan.

Free kicks and corners were wasted and Moura claiming his first start was uncharacteristically hesitant in possession. A midfield of Sissoko and Wanyama didn't and probably couldn't create enough to make a difference.

Lucas had a speculative shot well saved by Ryan. But neither he nor Son took their full back on effectively. It would be unfair to condemn him on his first start as few apart from Verts and Toby played well.

Aurier is usually an accident waiting to happen and it did conceding a clumsy penalty within 2 minutes of Harry's opener straight after half time. Lloris was edgy, he fumbled once but wasn't punished.

Overall a lukewarm, lackluster, limpid, lackadaisical, loose showing (That's an 'l' of an analysis Jim (editor)  at the moment when we need courage, energy and skill especially in the final third.

Brighton fulfilled their limited ambitions and carried out their game plan. We did not, and played as if we had our collective minds on other things.

With Chelsea beating Burnley tonight our lead over them is cut to five points with four games to play. It was not a given because Burnley are on a winning streak at the moment and looking to get into European football.

But we are in a strong position given the fixture list though it's not quite done and dusted. Three of our final four matches are at Wembley against Watford, Newcastle and Leicester – and the other one is a trip to West Brom. Don't panic just yet.

For the Semi Final, Manchester, not very, United will be a little less depressed after beating Bournemouth than they were after W.Brom but are extremely beatable, as we have shown. 

I hope Toby and Rose play, not sure about Harry but he almost certainly will, Vorm should play on principle as well as current form. With Wanyama not up to speed it looks like Dier and Dembele which is bit turgid.

Midfield three with Eriksen might work better. At least we've got that poor performance out of our system. Fast start, the press, early goal or three. OK Mauricio its all yours. COYS.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
Four minutes of goals thrills and excitement. Two minutes would have done. Harry gets another  but he won't overtake Salah I'm afraid. We missed Dele but let's hope he runs riot against United. If he's not fouled off the park first.



Harvey The Hudd said...

Hi Jimmy G2

We seem to have lost form at the wrong moment - not for the first time. We always seem to peak too early - big wins against our rivals, often back-to-back, and then, when it comes to the crunch, we fail to get over the line.

I love Poch but I do wish he wouldn't go on an on and on about how winning a cup is not the be all and end all and won't take us to the next level. I simply don't agree with him - winning something would be massive for the squad and show that we have the mentality to win trophies.

In terms of the semi-final, I think we should look for the early ball forward, which caught them out when we beat them at the Lane and which unsettled them at home to West Brom.

Fingers crossed - I said that our name was on the cup when we equalised at Newport with 7 minutes left, as we had done in the 1981 first game v Man C.
Best wishes.

JimmyG2 said...

Harvey the Hudd.
Welcome back. I'm with Poch on this one. I see where you ae coming from but he is taking the heat off himself and the players. My priority these days is Champions' League.

Anonymous said...

First may I say your writings are always a great read, well balanced and humerous. As I have said to you before I would like to see the stats of how many points we have got in games when Sissoko has started, I somehow think they will not look good. We we just poor in all departments on Tuesday night, slow, poor control, little idea of creating. I do hope we can do better in the last four games as Chelsea seem to be coming good at the right time. Fingers (legs and everything else) crossed. COYS

Anonymous said...

Poch is covering his arse for his tactical ineptitude to win Trophies thus far.
It's great he sets the bar at CL and League title but let's face it he blew his best 2 chances at the League and barring a miracle only a select few of Europe's biggest and biggest spenders win the CL.
Fans want to see their team win Trophies for a Manager to continually bang the drum that he's not bothered by them is akin to saying we'll charge you to watch but don't expect much.
It's completely the wrong attitude to have

JimmyG2 said...

First Anon
Thanks. Sissoko is not good enough at this level. Honest workhorse at best.As I said not quite done and dusted but the force is with us.Spurs rarely sort team additions, results whatever early. We wouldn't want it any other way would we?

Second Anon
Disagree but then that's what blogs and replies are about.It's a slow build but it's coming. Keep the faith.

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