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Monday, 16 April 2018

Spurs hit the buffers

 That's us: Thomas the Tank Engine.
 They were more Gordon.
The JimmyG2 Column.
Losing to Man. City is no disgrace. But it is not the fact of losing but the manner in which we exposed ourselves to defeat that hurts. It wasn't Spursy, we didn't bottle it, but knee jerkers pile in here if you must

City are one of the most expensively assembled teams in England but they have at least something to show for their outlay. Both expensive and excellent they are breaking more Premiership records than an elephant in HMV.

But on the day we needed everyone keyed up and on their game we were half an hour late to the party. We saved the worst 30 minutes of our season for the opening phase of the game  against the Premiership winners elect.

Actually thanks to United's humdrum performance against bottom of the league and relegation elect West Brom they actually became Premiership winners  with over a month to spare.

But what were we doing and what was Mauricio thinking, or not thinking as the case may be. He is doubly culpable for his tactics and for his failure to get the team up for this prestige fixture.

Ceding the midfield and playing a high line against some of the sharpest midfield and forward  tools in the Premiership knife box doesn't really add up to a plan.

 We were undone by a simple punt upfield by Kompany in the 21st. minute. Jesus was quicker than Sanchez, collected and beat Lloris with ease. Four minutes later Lloris conceded a penalty and City were two up and coasting.

On replay the foul on Sterling was outside the penalty area but Lloris was a little lucky to only be awarded a yellow card. His run of poor form continues.

Soon after that we turned up and Eriksen collected Kane's through ball and with a little good fortune put us back in the game theoretically with his fourth goal in four games. After half time we put in more a show.

But as Mauricio admits they were the better team and deserved the win. And so they should you might say with the resources at their disposal.No sour grapes here, I don't like the business model and don't want to follow it.

Our 14 unbeaten run ends You have to go back 50 years for a better one in the top flight. We look forward and not back and go again as City themselves did after the setbacks of last week.

In the Penthouse: Jan Vertonghen sits in isolated splendour. He moved in eventually.

In the doghouse:. Everybody else, except,

In the shithouse:, Kane and Hugo.

Moura gave a sparkling cameo, such speed skill and control. I'd start him against Brighton but that's not Mauricio's style.

Bringing on Sissoko with 7 minutes to go when 3-1 down seems odd to me. Taking off  Lamela rather than Kane, Golden Boot or not, is difficult to fathom too in terms of how they were contributing at the time.

Perhaps that's the disappointment talking but the real problem was that City started like an Express train, Sane hitting the post in the first few minutes, and we started like a Goods Train stuck in the marshaling yards.

Vertonghen is said to be doubtful for Brighton on Tuesday having limped off so some re-jigging is inevitable. Dier into the back and Wanyama in the midfield is the simplest solution. Although Toby has been mentioned for this one..

We need to win this one but have to bear in mind the semi final against Man. Utd. on Saturday. One game at a time boys. We have a day extra recovery time as they play on Wednesday

Jimmy's Video Spot.
New kid on the block well fairly new. Lucas Moura. Plenty of skill and an eye for a pass. What's not to like? Hints too from the Manager that he might be in line for more game time, maybe even a start
tomorrow night. 'Give pace a chance' as the Beatles almost sang.


Cheshuntboy said...

Well, actually it was almost John Lennon, but I'm not one to split hairs, as you well know. Is failing to turn up for the really big games not the very essence of 'Spursy'? Why Pochettino can't get his team to follow his instructions is surely a major indictment of his skills; he seems very ready to blame the players for slow starts (which seem to mark most defeats), but doesn't the buck ever stop with him?

JimmyG2 said...

Still a Beatle at the time and apparently accredited to Lennon and Mcartney originally but yes your split hair is technically correct.
You make a good point though he doesn't just blame the players ,like Mourinho.Takes some blame. Publicly anyway.
Slow starts are my pet bug.

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