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Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Spurs play part in the Fall of Roman's Empire.

Brave Horatius at The Bridge.
One of the few they haven't signed
 but even he wouldn't have stopped the Mighty Spurs.
 I´ve waited a long time to write this particular blog. Since before I even started writing one if you can see what I mean. 28 long years but you all know the stats so let´s not get distracted.

The wait was not quite as long as the Roman Empire; it just seemed like it.  However we may have made a major contribution to the fall of Roman's Empire as we used know it.

This was a timely revolt against Roman's stronghold but unlike Horatius they failed to hold The Bridge succumbing to an Eriksen strike just before the half time whistle and a double whammy from Dele Alli around the hour.

´Venimus,Vidimus, Vicimus' We came we saw we conquered. Hail Caesar, Mighty Head Praefecti Christian  throwing the lions to the spectators and Premiership Centurion Delius Allius  and the others of the Maurician Guard.

 Enough already with the Roman Empire stuff Jimmy. Just get on with it.( Editor).

 Oh OK. But some people come on here for the educational literary, historical stuff as well as the football and some instead of the football. But you're the boss. (JimmyG2)

This was the second game in a row that we have gone behind and recovered to win the game and we haven't lost since Man. City. in December. We are King of the London Derbies and top of the London teams.

Unfortunately there are no trophies for this but another landmark win is clocked up and our critics have only the trophyless whinge left and we have a good chance of putting that right by winning the FA Cup this season.

The strike by Eriksen his 16th. from outside the area which makes him the leader in this Premiership field, was a thing of power and beauty but most importantly it changed the game and not just the scoreline at a crucial moment.

Second half and game on. It was clear that they had been psychologically damaged by the strike so close to half time and had the break to muse on things. They came out deflated; we came out recharged and rejigged in attack.

They are soon to be in Manager turmoil again, they have had ten since Abramovich arrived with his looted rubles in 2003, and are a team without  heart. We are not and it showed. They have some talented players but like Hazard they were going through the motions.

We were too narrow in the first half and neither Davies nor Trippier could make the impact we needed. I expected to see Moura for the second half but Mauricio used the break to move Son out wide to pin Alonso.

Eriksen played deeper and Dele was given licence to move forward and across the line. Lamela who was lucky not to get at least one red continued his rampaging performance and clocked up some important strikes in his personal vendetta with Fabregas.

Unlike two years ago we let our football do the talking although we out-fouled them 3 to1. A measure of our commitment you might say and their half-heartedness. In fact apart from the goals it was not an overly dramatic encounter.

Possession and shots were pretty even but we were clinical when it mattered. Lloris made several top class saves and more than atoned for his flap that distracted Sanchez and gifted Morata his 7th. headed goal.

Dele made the perfect reply to his recent critics at every level with two moments of genuine class: calm in a crowded area keeping his head when all about him others were losing theirs mainly the Chelsea defence and Son.

 And movement and control and touch and everything good about football for his first, including effort and work-rate which when wedded to brilliance makes a world class package 

'A Thing of Beauty is a Joy for Ever'. Keats said that before football was invented and he'd never even seen Dele and Christian. Whatever did they do at the weekends when they weren't roaming the Lake District and writing poetry.

Let's pretend for a moment that Gareth was on a wind-up when he said that Dele was not a shoo-in for England. Well it worked, genuine or not, because he certainly is now. Dier's pass was worthy of a place too.

Good to see Eriksen taking responsibility too not just for the delightful pass that set up Son for the third but berating Son for his lack of awareness of the possibilities after his first shot was saved.

We can argue forever which goal was the best, but Dele's first gets my vote even if Christian made my MOM, for his timely goal, overall contribution and for taking ownership of the team rather than playing like an invited guest.

 Harry got on for a token run though I'm not sure why. Wanyama could have come on earlier but the defence was sound, the midfield strong if careless at times and the forwards floated like butterflies and stung like bees.

If you had said at the start of the season that this victory would be achieved without Kane, Rose Elderweireld or Wanyama in the starting line-up eyebrows would have been raised.

With 4th more or less assured we must continue to focus on finishing even higher. Champions' League at the New White Hart Lane is a dream come true. All this achieved playing all our games away from home.

Once again it was a team performance and we were more than the sum of our parts: Chelsea were not. I will always remember where I was when Spurs undid 28 years of frustration to beat Chelsea at the Bridge.

 Jimmy's Video Spot.

History in the making and a ten minute special to record the occasion.  We defended stoutly apart from the Morata goal when we were exposed by a wing back Moses with too much space after a surging run by Rudiger straight through the middle.


Little Boxy Bird said...

Another season of advancement by Poch and his men, as evidenced by the vastly improved Champions League form and our results against the Sky 5. Apparently we have just announced record profits... maybe the bald midget with the short arms and deep pockets (and fat paycheque) will dip into his purse somewhat and try to keep the revolution moving forward. Saw a chart the other day, Jimmy, that says Our Delboy has more goals and assists after 100 games than Scholes, Beckham, Gerrard, Lambert etc.

Little Boxy Bird said...

Frank Lambert, naturally.

JimmyG2 said...

'Making his figures all the more impressive, 10 of Alli's goals have come against the division's big six. He has scored five against Chelsea, two against Manchester City and one against each of Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester United'
The article in The Mail ends with the proviso that he will challenge all these if we can keep him.
And they were doing so well!

spursnomad said...

we've got Alli, Dele Alli

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