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Friday, 11 May 2018

Critics confounded,again.

Who writes Mauricio's stuff?
(See video 14:47)
The JimmyG2 Column.
Like Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's Jemima 'when we are good we are very, very good, but when we are bad we are horrid'. Against Newcastle we were horrid for at least the first half and only slightly less after.

We've been horrid to poor for a month or more but have still managed to qualify for the third time running for the Champions' League with a game to spare. A win on Sunday against Leicester at Wembley secures third.

Harry Kane's cool strike in the 50th. minute, his 28th.of the season in the Premiership and 4th. in 6 games wrapped it up. Not bad for a striker out of form and sorts and a team not playing at their best with injury problems in midfield.

Winks, Dier and Dembele were all out so Wanyama, himself not 100% match fit or n form and Sissoko formed the midfield. Not the most incisive or creative pairing. Sissoko starting designed to show his old team what they are missing no doubt.

Mauricio praised Sissoko's professionalism but essentially that only means that he gets paid. He wouldn't have much chance of getting good money for him in the post season sales if he described him as 'awful'.

He played OK but people are so pleased when he does anything resembling a Premiership player he tends to get overpraised. His technique and game awareness are awful. Strong boy though and purposeful to no apparent purpose.

In the end Eriksen despaired of anyone stepping up and took over the whole shebang dropping back into deep midfield, picking up the ball and the game.The real Vertonghen eventually showed up too.

The only creative incisive move of the game, involving Dele, Sonny and Harry (that well known 80's Disco trio)  produced the goal which perked up the whole team and performance a little.

Once again like Watford a game we could have lost but squeaked a vital win.We didn't quite pull of the trick three times running. But unlike Chelsea we didn't 'bottle' it. Top of the London teams for the first time in over 20 years..

In the end April 2018 will be a mere footnote in our history and performance in the light of our achievement in punching well above our weight once again. We made it despite the odds.We go into the final game on Sunday with serious targets remaining.

Mauricio is not above criticism, team selection, substitutions and formations are sometimes contentious but in a results business he has ultimately produced the goods and confounded the critics again.

I think that Harry Kane was brought back too early but he scored the qualifying winner so what do I know.  I think I'll leave it to Mauricio Pochettino who by whatever means has done us proud . 

I would still to see Kyle Walker Peters and Foyth given a run at some stage even if they don't start. Dier should be back. All mentioned as possibilities in Mauricio's press conference.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
His English is better than mine. Mauricio's impressive press conference. 19 minutes of good sense and good humour. I'm searching for the alleged non-existent dancing video for next week.

Key phrases for me: problems need solutions not excuses; future bright; real home; celebrate achievements but it is never enough; spending is one way to succeed but we have chosen another way; not about money; winning titles is not the only thing but we deserve to win a trophy for everybody.

What a lovely inspirational man.


Charles Crawford said...

Once one looks at this as a six or seven-year project it all makes sense.

Build a strong technical base and team discipline (lacking for decades).

Build and move into the new stadium.

Watch as the incomes grow fast.

Then *sustained* success (ie competing right at the top for 20 years or so) towards the top of European football will be far closer.

Is a League Cup or other trivial 'silverware' important in all this? No. Poch is dead right not to worry about them.

Little Boxy Bird said...

Because we have massively overachieved in the last three seasons, fans' expectations are similarly inflated. Based on our net spend, squad and income, we could easily have had three Everton-ish seasons, sacked a few more coaches and watched our brightest skip off down the gold-brick road after Berba, Luka and Gareth. I am aware of Poch's in-game management issues, but like Jimmy, I wouldn't swap him.

Roll on the next season.

Ashley Collie said...

"Rather than put excuse, find a solution...everyone needs to be congratulated for our achievement, despite many things against we are very close, because we are competing with the big sides...we need to have the belief, work very hard to win titles, it's a massive challenge...we need to work even more if it's way is to spend money, another is to develop players like Kane and develop our resources...Daniel deserves big credit that we can finish top-4 and yet spend the same money as some teams going to play in Championship next season...we want to win titles...the fans and people here deserve to win something..." COYMFS! Love this guy, staff and our club!

Ashley Collie said...

I also think that CL qualification, done and dusted, has brought some back from the brink and made us all think a little bit more clearly about what has been achieved. Yes, we could've had three Everton-ish type nowhere seasons. 16 teams would like to be where we are. COYS!

Ashley Collie said...

PS Great blog, thanks for posting them this season, mate!

JimmyG2 said...

Thanks all.
It's been an exhausting season for fans and players alike.But we got there in the end as I hoped and forecast.
Keep the faith, believe and importantly enjoy.As A famous PM once said 'we've never had it so good' and it might just get better.
Forgot to mention the reception for Toby. Hope he stays.

Ashley Collie said...

Toby reception...I thought so, too, until the broadcaster noted that our fans had just noted the Cheatski result at the same time, and were also cheering that, perhaps even more loudly. COYMFS

Cheshuntboy said...

Yes, we got there, and that's the most important thing, but I don't see 'sunlit uplands' coming into view just yet (another prime ministerial quote for the uninitiated). The odds are that Alderweireld, Rose and possibly more will be off in the summer (hopefully with Dembele as makeweight), and another rebuilding exercise is probably on the cards - is the 'project' never going to end? Oh, and look how McMillan's 'never had it so good' era ended - I often think that 'he would say that, wouldn't he?' at the end of a typical Pochettino press conference!

JimmyG2 said...

It was good while it lasted.
''But I feel the hand of history upon our shoulders. I really do'' Next season.

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