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Monday, 7 May 2018

The Easy way or the Spurs Way.

Sorry I don't do Predictions for Tottenham Hotspur
Especially about the future.
The Jimmy G2 Column.
Last week we played poorly and won and I drew positive conclusions about our fate. This week we played poorly and lost and I draw the same conclusions. 

Blame me and Bob if you must, if you desperately want a scapegoat for the defeat to W. Brom. I did say it might be choppy going but I affirmed we would do it and still believe we will.

It's the easy way or the Spurs way again. We should be used to that by now.

Blame me, blame Mauricio, blame the players, injuries, the disappointments over Champions' League and the FA Cup but don't abandon ship at this point on our voyage. Safe haven is within our grasp

Not with performances like Saturday though. If we had nothing to play for then, fine stroll about on deck, study the Holiday Brochures and plan for the World Cup. But with so much at stake it doesn't make any sense.

Credit W.Brom, once again the opposition had a plan and stuck to it and broke out late to win it in the 92nd. minute. Ex-Spur Jake Livermore twisted the knife and was the scorer after a goalmouth scramble following a corner.

W. Brom beat Man.Utd and drew with Liverpool recently but their fate now is not entirely in their own hands unlike ours. Get out there and win the final two home games and all will be forgiven and probably forgotten, eventually

The defeat of Liverpool by Chelsea actually offers us a path to third. Two wins at home and 3rd is ours. A win and a draw ensures 4th. in any normal, sane goal difference scenario.

Newcastle and Leicester our final opponents are mid table teams with little to play for although our recent history against them is full of storm warnings. Newcastle were already relegated when they thrashed us last season.

Leicester and Jamie Vardy seem to have a particularly negative attitude to our good fortune and hopes for the future. It's not as nailed on as it should be after our last month's performances.

It's been a long voyage but we cannot drift onto the rocks now. Neither of our opponents have a good recent record and we know exactly the bearing required to reach landfall.

Against W: Brom it was the first time in 24 games that we have failed to score and only Forster's head stood between us and a Harry  Kane goal following a neat ball down the side in the area by Trippier.

Harry and Lamela both had clear cut chances and a shot by Wanyama brought out the best of Forster. They defended very well and we lacked cutting edge urgency and the necessary desire from the start.

Mauricio's changes in formation were greeted with tentative approval by fans but some puzzlement as to why we would adopt such an approach against a team that have been bottom of the league for most of the season.

Lamela's start was warmly welcomed by his dogged supporters but he failed to inspire. Rose was again a welcomed sight but he too did little to justify such optimism. His petulance and poor crossing were disturbing.

Wanyama is not up to speed, nor is Harry. Trippier gave us width but opted not to cross when he had several opportunities. The appearance of Llorente is always a storm warning sign of desperation and so it proved.

Jan on his 250th. performance was solid again along with Toby but Dele and Eriksen struggled to influence the game. Jan's ankle injury is not thought to be too serious. Let's hope not.

We played as if expectation and a sense of entitlement would produce the required result without too much effort from ourselves. This attitude must be purged. 'Slops overboard'. 

Will the Good Ship Hotspur sail majestically into port with the Captain on the bridge and the proud crew lined up on deck? Or will it founder on the reef just outside the harbour?

Well at least we don't have long to wait to find out. I'm booking my place on the quayside. I can always cancel it on Thursday if we hit the harbour wall.and sink with all fans.

Of course Huddersfield could hole Chelsea below the waterline on Wednesday and save us all a heap of trouble. No, nor do I.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
And it was all going so well. What could possibly go wrong? See you all after Wednesday.



Anonymous said...

I think I will place £25 to win on NEWCASTLE and the same on LEICESTER, that way I cannot lose as I will have some cash to drown my sorrows if we end up 5th. COYS.

Anonymous said...

It's actually quite depressing to end the season like this ..and yet top four would always have been a massive achievement, considering we've had no games at 'home'. But it's still depressing, because we've shown no form since the Chelsea result. And that's what worries me. We've resembled a side in the bottom half of the table for the past 5 weeks, in terms of cutting edge and imagination, eking out results against Stoke and Watford (although both matches could have gone either way) and falling worryingly short against the rest. This is why I worry so much now against Newcastle and Leicester ..two sides with nothing really to play for (oh, apart from wanting to perform well on a day out for them and their fans at the home of football!). And they WILL be up for these 'clone' FA Cup Finals, and there WE'LL be (on the same sort of form as them) trying nervously to get the positive results needed, desperate results, while they'll be relaxed and probably enjoying themselves in the face of our desperation. So what's happened to us? Will it be the agony or the ecstasy in this final week? Are we building up to the climax of a horrible but perfect storm consisting of Poch's stubbornness in what he recently has considered his best team and formation are, mixed in with Kane's, Dembele's, Son's, Lamela's, Dier's loss of form etc., and with question marks too over the performances of Eriksen, Lloris and other mainstays recently? I shudder to think of the worse scenario, but we sure ain't the team that performed well and managed those great results in Turin, and against Man U, Arsenal and Liverpool (over a few short weeks) a few months back! It can't surely be like 2012, can it?, when we surrendered a nailed on 3rd, finished 4th, and yet lost a CL place because of Chelsea (if it ain't Arsenal it's bloody them) winning the damn thing while finishing 6th that season. Right now I'd take 4 points and bite the hand that offered it. I haven't been so nervous since we became a decent side again not even when we finished appallingly and capitulated 2nd to finish 3rd behind Arsenal two seasons back. We were a team then still suffering the hump from the 2-2 draw at the Bridge. Right now, we're a good team simply playing badly for no known reason.

JimmyG2 said...

Use some of your winnings to donate to the Samaritans to help your fellow fans.

2nd. Anon.
'good team simply playing badly'. Yep.
Congratulations you didn't mention 'bottling' or 'mental strength' once.Relax friends the boys got this.
Its a scam to make the end of the season more interesting and sell more tickets.

Cheshuntboy said...

Your '2nd Anon' reads a bit like me, apart from more style and intelligence of course! On another site I dredged-up the mouldering corpse of our eventually successful campaign to get out of the old Division Two in 1978 (well within your time frame, surely), and specifically the two final games, at home to Hull and away to Southampton, from which we stole the points needed to pip Brighton to promotion on goal difference. Both games were agonising; we threw the kitchen sink, dishwasher, oven and hob at already relegated Hull, won thirty corners (probably an all-time record for a first class game) but only won via a single 'goal', courtesy of a blatant foul on the keeper and a kind referee. The point at Southampton was a stitch-up since both teams only needed one point to ensure promotion, and the good ship Hotspur limped into harbour with its rigging shot away and its rudder barely attached, but we got there.
Unlike today, none of our 1978 team were looking to jump ship, and we had a proper skipper in Steve Perryman, so I don't share your apparent confidence (or is it bravado?) that all will be well - if we play the way we've done for the last few weeks, two points, one point or none are quite likely, and fifth place awaits. Let's see what our team and manager are REALLY made of!

JimmyG2 said...

History repeating itself first as tragedy and then as farce. Gonna be a hell of a watch though innit.

Anonymous said...

First anon says " Well, that was £25 well spent". COYS

JimmyG2 said...

First Anon.
Told ya. Stick with Uncle Jimmy yu won't go far wrong.
And.... breathe.
Now for third.

Anonymous said...

Will do, cheers Jim

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