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Thursday, 3 May 2018

Yes we can.

With Bob on our side...
The JimmyG2 Column.
Played poorly and won. 'Nuff' said. Five point gap between us and Chelski restored; one game less to play; good chance of third; what can possibly go wrong? Spurs fans will wobble even if the team does not.

I'll admit that a little relieved to see Dele's early goal go in but that was because it shortened the tension of waiting rather than any doubts that we would win.

Fortunately unlike ice dancing, high diving or floor gymnastics there are no points for artistic interpretation, or anything fancy: three points are awarded for scoring more goals than the opposition however you play.

Which as just as well against Watford who on clear cut chances could have won at a canter. We controlled but did not dominate. Dier, Dembele, Davies, and Son did not impress but the rest were good enough, often enough. 

Fortunately Lloris found some form and kept a clean sheet without too many alarms.The Watford attack tried to drill the ball through him rather than round him with predictable results. Nil point as they say.

Trippier had a hand in both goals, providing the cross that Karnezis dropped, which Eriksen squared  to Dele who drove it home. For the second Harry fell over for Son's cross but got up in time to divert Trippier's return ball.

That was two minutes after half time. From then on we played for time; brought on as many defensive players as we were allowed and saw a less than inspiring game and performance out safely.
Job done.

As they say in elections vote early, vote often: in football terms score early, score often. Twice was enough

Verts was solid again and everyone had their moments; too few and rarely at the same time as anyone else unfortunately. We might have to go through the same procedure in the remaining three games.

As Skiffle King Lonnie Donegan once sang 'Putting on the agony, putting on the style'. More agony than style to come I'm afraid.

How does the eight consecutive losing semi's work though as evidence of Spurs bottling it? Incidentally we have also won eight FA Cups but that doesn't seem to count. The losses cover  a period of 25 years and involve several different managers.

These have been different squads against different opponents (Arsenal and Chelsea twice) and different venues. Can a football club over this period have a faulty DNA? Or is it something in the water supply?

Our non fans are happy to use any mythical nonsense against us but don't for goodness sake join in. It's a statistic and interesting as such but it proves absolutely nothing. We won't lay it to bed this season but sometime soon.

With Dembele injured he may have played his last game for Spurs.. Josh Onomah has been playing well for Villa recently and will return for pre-season and could help fill the void. 

So one down and three to go. Will we secure 3rd. or 4th early and put it to bed before the last game. Probably not. But can we do it? Oh yes we can.

Jimmy's Video Spot. Christian Eriksen
To PSG for 100 million is the rumour de jour.
Worth every penny and more but worth much more to keep.
His first fifty goals for Spurs and here's to his second fifty..


Cheshuntboy said...

When you look at the trophies we HAVE won (all but three within my lifetime, and probably yours too, Mr G2), it's clear that we were almost always the favourites - even in 1901 the gap between the Southern League and the Football League was nothing like as wide as it might appear from a century on.
It seems that other clubs can snaffle trophies almost as an afterthought (e.g. Arsenal's 1971 Double or Chelsea's 2012 CL, when both were clearly not the best team in the competition, but both won nevertheless), while Spurs have to be in a prolonged purple patch to win anything - winning IS a habit which we haven't acquired (or rather which we've lost since Brian Glanville's Sunday Times report on our League Cup final victory in 1973 described Spurs as 'that relentless devourer of trophies'- it was our seventh in twelve years,but we've only managed six in the subsequent forty-five!).
Whether it's the water, the DNA, or the toxic combination of Scholar, Sugar and Levy, the sad facts speak for themselves, and the 'winner takes all' state of the PL certainly hasn't helped; I truthfully can't remember how many 'doubles' or even 'trebles' Arsenal, Chelsea and United have racked-up in the last twenty years - sparing the odd crumb for a poor old club down on its luck would be a kind gesture, don't you think?

Cheshuntboy said...

I'd forgotten the Cup-Winners Cup 5-1 victory over Atletico Madrid in 1963 - make that EIGHT trophies in twelve years!

JimmyG2 said...

I'm no Crick or even Watson but can your DNA just alter itself. or is it as you say we have just lost the habit.
Anyway it's in our hands. Two wins at home and 3rd. is ours.
A win and a draw secures any normal goal difference scenario.
1901 is just a little too far back for me. I assume you cherish the telegram from Her Maj.

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