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Thursday, 8 November 2018

Rethink Causes New Delay.

Spurs fan getting into good habits early.
The JimmyG2 Column.
The most recent delay in the completion and opening of NWHL is an alteration to the seating arrangements. Single seats are being replaced with 2 and 3 bench seats with space to crouch behind  to view the match in safety.

The latest Champions' league outing against PSV was another nerve jangler. But was it a cunning game plan by Mauricio? Dele and Toby were certainly in on it and eventually it worked. Eventually

Concede very, very early and prey on their defensive fallabilities as PSV eased off and tried to see the game out. This was why Sissoko didn't feature and why we played without a defensive midfielder from the start.

I don't usually do tactical analysis and the preceding paragraph probably shows why. In the end it was a Tale of Two Harrys. The 'One of our Owns' duo: Winks who controlled and enlivened the midfield and Kane who scored the goals.

You could say that this game encompassed the Best of Times and the Worst of Times. The first minute was the worst; the last ten the Best.“It was a far, far better thing that we did, than we have done so far in this years CL.

We left it late but that was mainly down to the corpulent solidity of keeper Zoet and the failure of a succession of Spurs players to connect cleanly and/or not to shoot straight at the keeper. Dele might have had a hat-trick.

We had 21 shots, 9 of them on target; 70% possession and 16 corners. Unlike our defence they repelled all 16. I have lost count of the set piece headers we have conceded this season. Actually I'm trying to forget.

We just need to beat Inter Milan and Barcelona now and we make the next round. Well nobody said it would be easy especially the way we go about it. But given the injuries and frequency of matches we're not doing badly at all.

Four games in 8/9 days, three wins and the only loss to Premiership favourites Man. City by the odd goal in one. This with half a dozen key players out, Dele and Eriksen returning from injury and a couple running on empty.

Next months calendar is pretty hectic too with 9 games in the month. I doubt we will see Dembele back ( confirmed) but Wanyama, Dier, Vertonghen Rose and others may return for some or all of these. Skipp could even feature.

Whether by default or design Tuesday's team was positive in the extreme: Son, Dele, Moura, Eriksen and Harry K. starting,  Lamela coming on and Llorente getting the vital assist in his brief cameo.

Moura being subbed rather than Son was not well received and understandably as he was our most threatening player at the time but Mauricio has many things to consider, the next game against Crystal Palace on Saturday for a start.

And, as he says, ''We won''. Apart from the first minute lapse we were able to play pretty well although except for one cross by Davies which Harry converted for the winner, via two deflections, the crossing was very wasteful.

Glenn Hoddle. 
Nothing new in the last week since he came out of intensive care. Advice and warnings from David Ginola about not returning to work too soon.

Stadium Opening:
 Probably in the New Year. February rumored but next season still possible. The current atmosphere, attendance and state of the pitch at Wembley means it can't come too soon.The Wembley 'magic' has definitely worn off.

Transfer Rumours:
Don't be silly we don't do transfer rumours. Since Pochettino arrived it is estimated that over two hundred players have been linked.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
The Man himself. Class. Nothing to add


Cheshuntboy said...

Why can't I buy into the 'class act', cuddly likeable 'Poch' thing? Is it just the absence of trophies on his CV? Would I share the adoration if we'd picked up something more than lavish (in my view excessive) praise in the past four years? It's partly the hyperbole - SAF's 'best manager in the PL' comment was ridiculous, while the media have given him such an easy ride, notwithstanding our chronic failure to win the games that matter - Wenger won more cups in his last three seasons than we've managed in thirty but still took a regular kicking from fans and media alike, but our man remains largely immune from criticism, notwithstanding evident stubbornness, both in tactics and team selection, and personal arrogance - cross him and you're frozen out, regardless of the cost to the club, as Walker, Rose, Alderweireld and Janssen have discovered. A good coach? Certainly. A good manager? Yes, with some reservations. The Messiah? Walking on water or raising the dead are nothing compared to winning a trophy with Spurs, so I'm saying no (until it actually happens, of course).

JimmyG2 said...

You don't count the Imternational Champions' Cup then that we won in the Summer?.
Plenty of stats to show that Mauricio is the best manager we've had for many years.It's coming,a bauble will be with us soon.

Cheshuntboy said...

You won't be even slightly surprised to hear that I'm a bit of a snob where trophies (and most other things) are concerned - the Freight Rover Trophy, Southern Junior Floodlight Cup, Japan Cup (won by Spurs with a Gordon Smith goal, if memory serves me) and Sherpa Van Trophy don't count with me, and as for the International Champions' Cup - well for pomposity and hollowness, I reckon it's modern football personified (or embodied - it isn't a person and it hasn't got a body, so I'm stumped for the correct word) - even the League Cup (or is it the Caribou Cup now?) is a step-up, and that's a sad admission, given that we didn't deign to enter it until 1966!

JimmyG2 said...

Well you're consistent, I'll give you that.

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