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Monday, 24 December 2018

Anybody else want stuffing ?

It's certainly beginning to look that way.

The Jimmy G2 Column.
A couple of weeks ago when all our rivals had played and won we went into the game against Leicester which we had to win to keep up and we didn't even think to blink.

Yesterday when two of our rivals had already played and lost we went into the last game of the weekend against Everton looking to open the gap and once again we stared them all down.

I got that same warm feeling at the six goal hammering of Everton  which I had as a kid when Xmas week was the occasion of the trip to Santa's Grotto at the Co-op.

At 1-0 down the second before Calvert's Lewin's header was disallowed for the push on Sanchez all my disappointing Xmases flashed before me. One year there was a mix-up and I got a set of hair slides and some false eyelashes.

But all was well and I changed it later for a balsa wood glider. Spurs changed their losing start for a super charged performance and a six goal romp.Everton were well and truly seasonally stuffed.

Are we contenders? Is Mauricio going to reject the offers from Manchester. or Madrid? Will Trump be Impeached? These are questions for another day and probably for someone above my pay grade. Enjoy the moment people.

Harry Kane scored his fourth consecutive brace against Everton and could have had four,  but it was Son that initiated the comeback with a tricky finish after Pickford had collided on the edge of the area with Zouma.

Son was exuberant and unstoppable and scored twice. Eriksen was outstanding and scored on the volley from 25yds  which he made look easy.  Dele ever alert was on the scoresheet too.

 For half an hour it was an open and exciting game but eventually the Spurs attack were irresistible.

Dele didn't appear for the second half nursing a hamstring as a result of a nasty tackle by Pickford after the whistle had blown for an offside. It was all that saved him from a red card, though I don't see why.

Lamela got an assist but tended to overplay. Skipp made another appearance and may get another start before the New Year. Another team performance and apart from the Dele injury all is well. 'Only precautionary' says Mauricio.

Sanchez returned from a nine game absence and was rusty but effective alongside Toby. Walcott scored their opener which made all his Xmases come at once. Siggy got their second after a mazy run along the edge of the penalty area.

Four defenders tracked him and Hugo might well have saved the shot anyway. But let's not be greedy. After Harry Kane put us 3-1 ahead before half time the game was over to all intents and purposes.

Everton never quite recovered from the disallowed goal at 1-0 up and a relentless Spurs concentrated on improving their goal difference for the battles to come. 5 points up on Chelsea and Arsenal and a mere 2 behind City.

Last month City were nailed on for the title. This month it's Liverpool. Next month it might well be Spurs but chicken enumeration prior to hatching is a tricky business and Musings rarely makes predictions especially about the future.

So tuck into the turkey and stuffing with abandon  fans, not the boys though they have another eminently winnable fixture against Bournemouth on Boxing Day and will have to do it without the help of Santa. His job is done .More stuffing anyone?

It's OK man, we got this.

Happy Xmas Everyone.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
Full ten minutes, well what else have you got to do? Relax it's Christmas.
Everton showed early but Spurs were slicker. quicker and more alert. 


Adrian Bell (MVP) said...

I always enjoy these musings.


JimmyG2 said...

Adrian Bell.

You're welcome. COYS.
Isn't it great to be a Spurs fan at the moment.

Adrian Bell (MVP) said...

I like easy questions JimmyG2.

I have to say that Jimmy is my all-time favourite too. Hoddle and Harry Kane push him as close contenders but that guy was a genius that was all too often overlooked.

Shame that he suffered from alcoholism during very difficult times but he came back with Saint & Greavesie with such humour. Football genius and all round lovely guy.


JimmyG2 said...

Adrian Bell
Tougher question is would he have been as good under modern conditions.
In some ways better, pitches balls boots and protective rulings for creative players but he wouldm't have prospered under modern training regimes.Poch would have crucified him.
But when you videos of him and George Best being hacked by such as 'Chopper' Harris of Chelsea you wonder how they survived.

Re doing his defensive bit.
Nicholson tore his hair out over his attitude.
'All he's done today is score four goals'
I sometimes think of Dele in these terms but Poch just won't allow it.
Dele is my favourite Spur though Eriksen and Kane are our best at what they do.

Happy New Tottenham Year to you.

Adrian Bell (MVP) said...

Certainly a much tougher question. Would he have worked back as much as generally expected today - especially by Poch? Clearly no. Would Poch have asked him to? Possibly no to that too. Very unusual for Poch, but he's also not stupid. When Glenda played he wasn't famous for tackling back, even though some of his tackles even were pure poetry. If you have a Hoddle or a Greaves though, I suspect you'd use them in more dedicated creative/attacking roles.

Harris and other similar players (and I remember more than their fair share from Tommy D's Liverpool back in the day.) were always going for his shins. Remember how often he left them scrambling in the mud though. Looking up from the floor with bewildered expressions wondering how they failed to make contact as he strolled leisurely past.

As good now as then? No. Would he still have shown as a class apart, like Kane? Yes. I believe so.

You have to be much fitter for the modern game, but don't forget even kicking those old leather (pig-bladder?) balls was heavy going - especially when wet.

Adrian Bell (MVP) said...

And I shouldn't forget to add :
A very Merry Tottenham Christmas to you too :-)


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