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Thursday, 27 December 2018

Just the New Blood Tranfusion Spurs Needed.

Spurs Player resting after training.
Were-Wolves up next.*
The JimmyG2 Column.
I could get used to this. What a way to almost end a very good year. Two mid-table teams with good reputations crushed. 11 goals; one clean sheet; youngsters and our own on full display and central to the performances.

Into second behind Liverpool and only Wolves at home between us and a Xmas clean sweep. We weren't lucky but we did have the odd piece of luck which all teams need for success.

But 'Fortune favours the brave' they say and 'to dare is to do' and all that. Mauricio with the aid of a sprinkling of youth is managing the twin problems of a hectic time-table and extensive injuries, very well.

Currently Wanyama, Vertonghen, Dier and Dembele are all unavailable but Foyth, Sissoko, KWP and Skipp have stepped up in style. Lamela, Dele, Rose, Trippier, Eriksen and Aurier have all been sidelined recently too.

The Doomsday Merchants decrying our lack of transfer activity in the summer have so far been proved wrong but the the tsunami from this earthquake may still be yet to make landfall. We will see.

The wayward finishing of our opponents in both games and their haphazard defending under pressure has certainly contributed to our success but we have played with control and patience until pace and movement by our forwards, especially Son, have created chances.

In midfield Winks continues to build on his earlier promise, Eriksen has been our creative motor, Harry Kane playing deeper from time to time has impressed as a provider, Dele has been a Quixotic presence again from deeper positions.

In defence Toby and Vertonghen have marshaled a rotating back four, or three with authority and Sissoko has been a revelation for some weeks. Behind all of this Lloris has been consistently good. Davies in a back three has shone.

So the lack of new players has been augmented by youngsters, Skipp, KWP and Foyth, and more recent signings Moura and Sissoko playing their full part. New signings have to be integrated into a tight knit squad which is not always easy.

On Boxing Day thanks to 3 assists by KWP it was all over by half time but a couple more was the cherry, sorry, on the cake. We are beginning at last to be counted among the contenders but of course it is Liverpool's Trophy to lose.

But they were saying that about City a month ago. We seem to have been hiding in plain sight until very recently like vampires appearing only to drink the blood of our fellow Premiership rivals and avoiding the daily light of publicity.

A deflected Eriksen shot opened the rout. Moura swept in the second and Son found the corner of the net for the third. All three from outside the area from passes inside by a rampant KWP.

In the second half Harry Kane converted a brilliant chip from Eriksen, and Son cleaned up after a fascinating goal-line scramble. The ball should have been cleared at least four times. but they all count.

We might have have conceded a penalty for Forth's challenge against Bournemouth but should have had one for Zouma's challenge on Harry Kane against Everton. Not so much the Roller Coaster more Swings and Roundabouts.

Son will be a loss in January but Lamela and Moura and perhaps Llorente can fill the gaps. Harry Kane is increasingly flexible and a lot of hopes will be resting on Dele to find the holes in opposition defences.

Some of the strain on resources will be eased by the expected return of Vertonghen, Dier and hopefully Wanyama to give the perpetual motion midfield of Sissoko and Winks a breather.

It is unusual recently for Spurs to score so freely but chances have increasingly been made and taken.
This may reflect a new attitude by Mauricio and the team. A more ruthless 'kicking a man when he's down' attitude.

*Sorry: over excited Marketing Dept.

Next week: Half Season Awards.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
Man of the Moment (and match). Talks and plays lovely. Another 30 million saved. Kyle Walker-Peters he's one of our own you know. Local boy from a footballing family.


Cheshuntboy said...

Down to earth with a bang - as so often, we seem to believe our own publicity, and I reckon it goes a long way to explaining why we're still pretenders instead of contenders, at least where the big prizes are concerned.
I've long harboured the suspicion that many of our players prefer it that way - why else are supposedly sought-after stars like Eriksen, Vertonghen and Lloris apparently happy to stay at Spurs on much less than they'd make elsewhere if it wasn't that they prefer a comfortable life at a 'nearly' club like Spurs to the pressured existence they'd no doubt face at one of the big boys - maybe it applies to Pochettino as well?
I daresay we'll go on another run of good results pretty soon, but why can't we just get our heads down and do the business, Leicester 2016-style?

JimmyG2 said...

Fair enough although most of that is conjectural nonsense.
I am just writing the Wolves blog.
More of a whimper than a bang
Happy New Year

Cheshuntboy said...

I have to accept that it's conjecture, but not necessarily nonsense; we've ultimately fallen short every year since 2008, with supposedly 'over-achieving' teams who can manage top four, but not silverware. Our genuine world-class players (Bale and Modric) gave us a few years before moving on for glory and lucre, and left us with a batch of lesser talents, most of whom have now been at Spurs for several years without a winner's medal of any sort to show for it. Players like Dembele, Lamela and Wanyama have spent huge chunks of their well-paid careers in the injury room, and it's hard to imagine any of the big boys allowing their squads to be as clogged with crocks as ours invariably is - the pay at Spurs might not be great by current PL standards, but the forbearance shown to the injured or the under-performing (Soldado, anyone?) surely makes it a pretty cushy berth - you're in London, playing for a high profile club that regards top four as the pinnacle of its aspirations - what's not to like?

Adrian Bell (MVP) said...

It's always going to be a mountain to climb - beating clubs that have more money by a country-mile. That said we are showing the boll*cks to go for it in spite of that. Only a naieve adolescent would expect that to occur without mishaps along the way. Changing the mentality of the club is an enormous undertaking, yet there are very clear signs that we are very different from the club that MP was brought into those few years ago.

I suggest we all muck in and ensure that we, as supporters, are prepared to go the same route. Show the same approach. Grab our nuts hard to remind ourselves why we have them.

No. It's not an easy ride. No. We have little right to expect others (Our team and management.) to show that approach and mental courage if the best we can do when they trip up is moan and jump on their backs. Yes. They certainly get paid the big bucks. Yes. We can expect them to do their damnedest to reach that level.

I'd rather be behind them giving them all the support we can though, than carping because they haven't yet reached a target that would seem impossible if MP hadn't already shown that we're actually likely to achieve it.


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