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Saturday, 26 January 2019

A Very Tricky Problem for Spurs to Resolve

Person up people. I'm with this Greek guy. 
The JimmyG2 Column.
I feel like the old Music Hall warm-up turn. Nobody has come to see me and I am just getting in the way of the sob-fest main act we are all desperate to see. Some anyway, maybe most. Get your sponsored free tissues at the door.

The latest in a growing line of semi-final defeats and the third running under Mauricio. This must prove something, must have a cause and a reason. It must be down to a fault you can put your finger on. Somebody's got to take the rap.

Lack of investment comes to mind, apart from the billion spent on stadium and training facilities. The perennial lack of killer instinct, mental strength, not to say 'bottling' (I told you not to say 'bottling' tschk, boom).

If only we'd spent 3, 4, 5 hundred million. Chelsea having just sold their last but one International striker, played the other one and had another sitting in the stands. Only a late registration prevented his appearance.

They have cornered the market on loan players and have some 60 (sixty) players out on loan. The Wonga of the Football world, Loan Sharks Anonymous.We all hate Abramovich's Chelsea why would aim to emulate them.

I say it again: I am proud to be a Spurs supporter; I am delighted with our current approach;The two Carabao Cup finalists are two of the most seriously money addicted junkies in the Premiership and I don't want to be like them.

That's not winning trophies as I understand it. It's buying them and I want no part of it. Any day now FA will introduce 'Buy one, get one free'. 'You're supporting the right team then' I hear you say.

So be it. Losing in a penalty shoot-out in a Cup semi final is no disgrace after we had fought our way back from 2-0 down and a poor first half where we were second best in every way.

And it has nothing to do with mentality. This two legged tie was lost in the first leg when even with all our attacking 'stars' available we played poorly and took too small a margin to Chelsea for the second leg.

By then the squad was even more depleted. Dier bravely tried to re-enact the Battle of the Bridge but was clearly not fully fighting fit. He went awol during the game but unfortunately turned up for the shoot-out.

If you feel the tears drying up add Davies and Sissoko to the injury list, groin and knee respectively. Actually Davies did us a favour because it led to the introduction of Rose. He and Winks were prominent in the fight -back.

If history is your thing you might recall that in past years we would have won this tie on away goals. But they changed the rules for this competition. Now that's 'Spursy' but hardly Spur's fault.

Remember how we missed out on Champions' League one year because Chelsea won it. I seem to remember Messi hit the post from a penalty.. Clear anti-Spurs agenda. They changed the rules after.

And don't even mention pasta based pre-match  luncheons.
So if you came here for a wallow in self pity, a depression masterclass; a woe is me thrice woe  cry-in then you are in the wrong place. But you know that. You've come for comfort and re-enthusing. 

Perhaps Spurs fans would prefer us to go out earlier in the cups to avoid the heartbreak and hope. You know what they say about hope. Perhaps we could go back to languishing in mid table as we did for most of my Spurs supporting life.

Then all that tension and heartbreak wouldn't even come into the equation. No ambition, no disappointment, no anguish, no pain, just tedium and lack of hope.

But even if we had gone through and beat City in the final it wouldn't have counted from fans and pundits alike. The goal-posts would be quickly moved: Micky Mouse Cup and all that: it's the FA Cup that counts, or the Champions' League or the Premiership.

The moving goal-post problem is a tricky one and very difficult for Tottenham to resolve, especially if our own fans join in and give the oxygen of publicity to a pundit and media driven agenda.

Stop me if I've told you this before: the apocryphal moving the goalposts tale of  Jermaine Jenas. I've been telling this story for so long that I can't remember if I read it, was told it, or made it up myself . I wouldn't put it past me.

Anyway JJ had had a brilliant game: scored three; headed two off the line; replaced the injured goalkeeper and saved two penalties. Old Spurs fan to his mate as they left the ground. ''Ah yes, all very well..... but can he do it every week?'' You'll see.

Enjoy the moment, leave the future to itself, we are the victims of our own success and have raised premature expectations. We are ahead of the curve and trophies will come as a result of consistently playing well.

''We are such stuff as dreams are made on''  as little known Spurs fan Will the Bard once said. Keep dreaming my fellow fans.

Musings Mystery Corner (New Feature)
Why isn't Kevin Walker Peters getting more game time? Why replace Wild Bill Walker with Crazy as a Box of Snakes Serge Aurier when we have KWP?  He's been MOM in three of his four appearance.

Answers on a  postcard.

Transfer nonsense. Nothing new to report today. (Rabiot from PSG for 20 million is old news and in The Sun anyway) But like buses three will be along in a minute.

Next up: Crystal Palace, Sunday at 4pm. with or without Zaha. Blimey so soon I'd better get this posted. Another chance to raise or dash hopes.It's OK we got this.

Heung-min Son on his way back but knackered and jet-lagged so won't play this weekend. But welcome back anyway Sonny.

Stadium: Looking increasingly like next season. Expect an announcement any year soon

Jimmy's Video Spot.
'Vamos' Fernando. The High spot of the night: the goal that led to penalties, the low spot. Pleased for the boy and delighted that Mauricio played him.

Another delightful team goal. Lamela, Eriksen, Winks, Rose, Llorente: Goal!!


Cheshuntboy said...

Are you much older than I thought, Mr G2? Mid-table mediocrity hardly describes the '50s or '60s, and though the '70s were a bit of a curate's egg, mixing trophies with a minor case of relegation, the '80s found us back as London's top club, with some great players who really should have done more (not that two FA Cups and a UEFA Cup should be sneezed-at).
From Ardiles to Santini, mid-table mediocrity is probably an understatement, but we've been top six or better for most of the 21st Century to date, so please reel in the revisionism; the present is worrying, but the past is glorious, and seems more so with every passing season.
PS When we lost our 4th round FA Cup tie with Palace in 1970, Jimmy Greaves was dropped and never played a competitive first team game for Spurs again - if Lamela suffered the same fate, another loss tomorrow might be a price worth paying!

Adrian Bell (MVP) said...

Perfect Jimmy.

I suspect you've also hit the nail on the head by identifying the cause of the negativity in many Spurs fans :
"Then all that tension and heartbreak wouldn't even come into the equation. No ambition, no disappointment, no anguish, no pain, just tedium and lack of hope."

It takes courage to hope - especially after having seen them dashed so many times over the years. It takes the sort of courage that Mauricio is always talking about. It takes great courage from the players, but also a lot from the fans. Not all have that much. The Man Utd & Chelsea games hurt more when you watch them with hope and expectation. Knowing that you have to 'gird your loins', as they say, to continue to approach everything with hope and confidence.

All we can do is to continue to display it as example, and keep shining the light on the facts that are out there which indicate the differences between the Spurs of today and that of years gone by. Take the hits when they come and keep on keeping on. The signs are there but we're competing against clubs that have far more financial clout available than we do (Though that seems to be reducing when compared to The Arse at least, and other clubs to a lesser extent).

So, you'll understand why I have so much respect for what you're saying when you post positively. Standing out against the crowd takes courage. Maintaining a hopeful attitude with Spurs' history also takes courage. Finding others around who show that courage is greatly heartening I can tell you.

I think I may agree with you there too if I'm honest. But... Serge isn't perfect but he does have experience. I suspect though, that MP is wary of endangering KWP's development by overdoing it at this stage. I'm certainly looking forward to seeing more of him as I suspect another star is in the making there, but I'll happily leave his development to MP to oversee.


Little Boxy Bird said...

I agree with you on this, Jimmy: we should have scored more in the first leg. Yet I am still enjoying the season; I would prefer to have hopes dashed than no hopes at all. With so many players active in the world cup, and so deep into it, plus the home ground fiasco and the injury pile-up, I am proud of Poch and the boys. Even Lamela, Chester, you old curmudgeon.

Adrian Bell (MVP) said...


I must have missed your comment earlier. It probably came in as I was working on mine and mine was so long I didn't see yours after posting (blush).

I certainly remember the 80s with a great deal of pride. It's well to be reminded of that. Good for you. I was born just after the start of the double-winning season, so I 'saw' the fifties only in retrospect. Most of the sixties too if I'm honest, though only up until about 1965. After that it was all present, if somewhat immature at that stage.

I was surprised to find that Spurs have been top six more often than not in this century, albeit there were a good few much less impressive finishes in that time. Looking at those results though (, it does seem clear that we have kicked on considerably from the time before Mauricio Pochettino took charge. Yes, we should show respect for what was achieved before. Yes also, we have improved considerably since.

As for Lamela, I hear a lot of complaints about him - not just from you. For me though, I love his attitude. I always expect great things from him but, like so many others, he doesn't always deliver when first getting back into the side after an absence. At Chelsea he fizzed but rarely sparked. Another recent returnee Moura missed what could have been one of the best goals this season after Eriksen's superlative cross from the right landed perfectly for him. Both still show great potential still for me.

So, I'm still hoping for a win tomorrow ;-)


JimmyG2 said...

I first went to Spurs (Reserves)in the Boys enclosure when I was 8 in 1950.

I have always loved supporting Spurs something about WHL and the parade of 'glamorous' stars
We were once one of the big spenders, but at least it was our own money.

My blogging name is a tribute to JG1, my hero. I was shocked to find out that he was only 2 yrs. older than me and that he shared my birthday (Or the other way round I suppose)

I reveled in the accolades and afterglow that followed the Glory Glory years. I would love us to win things again but everything has changed and I am proud we are doing things differently and succeeding.

My pride in the Academy boys development and the other youngsters, Dele, Foythand so on is almost boundless.

In my nearly 70 years following Spurs I have
never felt such an affinity with the club.

Some of the current 'stars' will move on but that's life. It won't make any difference to
Christian or Toby if we win anything this year
they have different career paths mapped out. We have done well to keep them for as long as we have.

The two Harry's won't go and I hope Dele stays a bit longer.

3rd. in the Prem and in knockout stage of the CL. FA Cup Sunday.What's not to like?

KWP? This boy is ready.
Cheers all.

Lamela hasn't played well recently but I like the boy.

Cheshuntboy said...

As usual, Mr G2, I was over-egging my pudding; I recall some dire matches as far back as my own earliest visits to WHL (which began in 1969, long after the truly great years of the push-and-run and 'double' sides), and frustration with teams that were less than the sum of their parts seemed to be a widely-shared feeling in Bill Nick's last few years - why couldn't a team with Chivers, Peters, Jennings, Mullery et al do better against donkeys like Mee's Arsenal or Clough's Derby?
Anyway, we seemed to abandon any plans to win the league after Shreeves and Pleat's '80s campaigns, and the past thirty years have been blighted by a succession of deluded chairmen/owners, from the fantasist Scholar and the barrow-boy Sugar, to the 'maximise our modest investment' Levy/Lewis, who clearly have no interest in football as a sport, and have concentrated on infrastructure while the team is neglected. Will it all come good in the end? I have my doubts (quelle surprise!), but I'm not ALWAYS right, just mostly.

JimmyG2 said...

Love an over-egged pudding friend. Made one or two myself. But we are fans and you can't make an omelette without breaking eggs.

Enough already of the Great Spurs Bake-off.

Nobody is always right. Just that some are more right oftener than others.

I'm not one of those Old Codgers who berate youth and claim that everything was better in the good old days.

Three teenage grand-children keeps me grounded,but I try to look forward with optimism and I see nothing currently that prevents me.

As the Anglo Saxons poets said.
'Life is but the passage of a bird through a lighted hal. Out of the Darkness and back into to it on the other side'.

Puts not buying anyone in the Summer or losing to Chelsea into perspective.

JimmyG2 said...

Lighted 'hall' that is

Adrian Bell (MVP) said...

Keep it coming boys. I love it :-)

Poor showing today, and we deserved to lose IMHO. Not that we were shamefull by any means. Just that we didn't manage to put it together on the day, and were frankly short of any sort of luck.

I imagine that's down to that stupid Saxon bird (Not the little boxy one you understand.) flying the wrong way down the hall, but who can know ;-)

Like you though Jimmy, I'm continuing to enjoy the ride :-)


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