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Thursday, 10 January 2019

January Signing a Sop to Disgruntled Fans.

 Don't shoot the Messenger.
What did I say?
The JimmyG2 Column.
Never in the field of football conflict have so many played so poorly and won with fewer chances. Bad as we were though Chelsea  hardly laid a glove on us. This was our third successive win over them.

Let's hear it then for Harry Kane (MBE) an old fashioned warrior playing to the whistle and for VAR overruling correctly what would have been normally an offside decision. Harry's sixth goal in as many games.

Kepa Arrizabalaga had obviously not done his homework. Harry nearly always puts it to the keeper's right.  He seemed to anticipate a shot down the middle. and failed to put right the results of his wild tackle.

Chelsea won on all of the statistics: Possession 58%; shots 17/6; shots on target 5/4; corners 7/2, hit the woodwork twice and had the best player, Hazard. But we won on the only statistic that matters: goals scored.

A worrying watch with the outcome not at all certain. A game we would have lost in the not so distant past. The defense turned up especially Paolo, Danny and Toby but the attack seemed to have taken the night off.

Son (head already in Asia); Eriksen (head already in Madrid) and Dele (playing deeper) hardly threatened; the midfield were firefighting as the match went on but Toby's precise ball over the top and Harry's astute movement won the day. And VAR of course.

That's 'one season wonder' Harry's 20th for the season and he has now scored in all four competitions. Sissoko put himself about to good effect, Rose gave us another dimension on the left.

But there was little co-ordination between the midfield and the attacking players. Their high press disrupted and hurried our play but fortunately left them vulnerable on that one occasion.

Erik Lamela came on and was booked almost immediately. Amazingly he has never been sent off for us unlike his Manager who was sent off often in his career. Skipp replaced Winks and was trusted to see us out safely.

If Hazard was more of a team player rather than just individually brilliant; if Giroud had been on from the start or Harry Kane (MBE) had changed sides the result might have been different.

I think that Hazard would be of more interest to Real Madrid than Eriksen as a replacement for Isco. They like a bit of flash and show at Real. Eriksen is more Modric, unfussy and efficient but with the same vision thing.

My feeling is that Eriksen will sign a new contract and stay, as will Pochettino. If either leave the project stalls for at least a season or two, new stadium or not. I'm betting on Toby staying with us too though this could all be wishful thinking.

Wishful thinking? Who me?

Another giant step for Spurs towards a trophy which might help keep any malcontents in order. Next up liddle old Man.Utd.on Sunday. It falls to us the task of popping Solskjaer's bubble. We can do this.

Stadium update:
More apologies from DL, more rumours and reports about prototype fire alarm panels  all point to a mid March opening. Maybe. But I told you that weeks ago. Don't Shoot the Messenger. No news can be good news but some news is just plain bad news.

I wouldn't be surprised to see at least one in January as a sop to 'compensate' fans for the Stadium 'disappointment' and to convince Eriksen and Alderweireld to stay Rabiot is back on the radar.

Jimmy's Video spot:
Here's my compensation. Makes your collies wobble. Lovely 3 minute gem from TommyW on Spurs Community. Thanks. It will open you know. Trust me. All this will be forgiven if not forgotten.


Ben Webber said...

I don't think Pochettino will sign another one yet. He has 4.5 years left. I don't think it's about money, more transfer money. If we want to do players on the cheap forever he won't want to stay. He works with some fine players, but he can't compete with teams able to spend £200m on 4 players. I agree Eriksen should stay. Again, it's ambition for me, not all about money. Toby probably wants more than we will pay and we worry Jan will want the same probably. He is on £100k a week (Jan) and Toby probably wants nearer Van Dijk's £180k. I don't think he is quite as good as Van Dijk, but surely worth £150k in today's market. I think he will go for £25m in the summer. Maybe the highest bidder, Barca, Madrid, PSG, even China.

JimmyG2 said...

Ben Webber
No I mean't Poch. will stay. As you say he doesn't need to sign a new contract yet. Signs are hopeful for both Eriksen and Toby I think.Winning the Carabao would be handy
in this game.Agree with your figures. Toby's agent moved the goalposts and DL won't be messed around.
All this off-field excitement is doing my head in.Thank God we don't have to worry about HK.

Anonymous said...

Your knowledge of football is very limited from what you have written. The problem with spurs during the Chelsea match was defensive midfield not the attack. The role of the defensive midfield is to win the ball when the opposition attacks you and then to pass the ball. Our defensive midfielders did not win the ball when Chelsea attacked but when they had the ball the ball was just lobbed in the air. What was lacking from the defensive midfielders were incisive passing. Incisive passing means playing balls forward to the attacking players not just ineffective sideways passes which enables the opposition to regroup. This is the problem with Spurs when the opposite attacks Spurs. This is where Eric Dier is so important in that he quickly passes the ball forward to the attacking players without wasting time playing the ball sideways.

Anirvan said...

On the positive side, the win showed grit in winning ugly - something we did not do as well earlier but seem to be doing more consistently this year. Agree DM is a problem - but any side will have that if Dier, Dembele, Wanyama are unavailable. Defence covered itself in glory. Would have liked to see Skipp come on earlier - my sense is he can control games - one for the future. Winks, Son and Eriksen - were simply tired (which worries me for us against ManU tomorrow) - unfair to question Son and Sen commitments - their heads are very much in doing their best for Spurs - a couple of levelheaded guys.

JimmyG2 said...

'But there was little co-ordination between the midfield and the attacking players'.
Lack of incisive passing is an ongoing problem at Spurs. Sissoko rarely does it, Dier and Winks try but Eriksen is the most effective, and Dele when he plays deeper which is why they both drop in. Dembele or Wanyama rarely do it either.
We stress strength and applaud 'beastliness' but it is passing skills that we lack and which the very best players have. (Modric),
Not sure that Dier does it that often.
But respect anyway for your contribution.

Man.Utd is on Sunday so a day extra rest! Like Skipp and agree he should have come on earlier but not sure he can control games yet. Not really questioning commitment of Son and Eriksen but tiredness can do serious damage to your focus.

Little Boxy Bird said...

Funnily enough, I enjoyed the game, and didn't feel particularly nervy about Chelsea shooting from range, albeit Hazard can hit a rocket if he gets half an inch. I agree with you, Jimmy, about the lack of incisive passing in midfield, but am flummoxed as to why you are not interested in us buying a player who can provide this. Waiting for an academy graduate to provide this means DESK will likely be in their dotage before he arrives.

JimmyG2 said...

Little Boxy Bird.
You must have nerves of steel LBB. Don't want an overpriced 'star' who will cost a fortune and take a year to settle.Eriksen, Lamela, Dele and hopefully Winks and Skipp can provide this incisive passing. See Skipps ball for Llorente's second.Don't mind as long as they are young and talented. Maddison and Grealish were possibles.
We need to find the next rising star not the one after the one before at silly money and wages. not that DL will sanction it anyway.
Don't change horses....

Adrian Bell (MVP) said...

Because of our style of play everyone takes a while to settle down and to be ready to perform at the required level.

I agree that marquee signings are more risky than developing those who are seen to show the right attributes. They can be many times more costly (One off as well as ongoing.) and often marginally more likely to perform. Not to mention the disruptive effect this can have on existing members of the group unless handled with extreme care.

Luckily enough we have management that understands all this and all we have to do is trust that they know what they're doing and to support them in what they do.

Or, more succinctly, "Relax. It's Pochettino".


JimmyG2 said...

Adrian Bell(MPV?)
Yep. Exactly.

Adrian Bell (MVP) said...

Hi JG2.

Should we call you Jimmy?

MVP is a Microsoft thingy. I use that account for posting elsewhere where it can help to know.

I think we see things pretty similarly if I'm honest. That's probably why I enjoy reading your musings so much. That, and your humour always makes it worth the time.


JimmyG2 said...

Adrian bell.
As they used to say in the movies. 'Call me whatever you like, but call me'.

Cheshuntboy said...

Far too much sweetness and light on here at the moment, so I thought I'd lower the tone just a little. With the United game imminent, it's obvious that Pochettino's potential switch to Old Trafford will be a hot topic, but it seems to me that our sainted boss is being just a trifle disingenuous in his oblique references to the club that stole our song - 'SAF is the greatest manager of all time', 'I cheered United's winner in the 1999 European Cup final' - how long before he slips in that he wore United pyjamas back home in Murphy as a kid (or still wears them today in whichever millionaire's suburb he currently calls home)?
Paul Merson reportedly said that Pochettino speaks in riddles, and I have to agree - what was last summer's 'bravery' talk really about, and does anyone honestly believe that he plans to spend the next twenty years at Spurs? Whatever his shortcomings as a club manager (and he DOES have some!), he's undoubtedly a very smart cookie who's managed his own career very cleverly, and I wouldn't put much of my pocket money on him still at Tottenham in one year, let alone twenty. Any thoughts, Mr G2?

JimmyG2 said...

I can always rely on you for 'balance'.I'm gonna watch this one with the sound off.
I'll take that bet. Mauricio will still be with us at the start on next season. Loser pays 10 pounds to the charity chosen by the winner.Did they have Man.Utd pajamas in the
80's? More like Newell Old Boys.

Adrian Bell (MVP) said...

I'm sorry to say that your outlook seems to be one of fear. You don't even allow straightforward facts and observations to impinge on that. It's certainly an easier way to live one's life, but not as satisfying I find. Anyone can knock. It takes courage to believe.

It's certainly true to say MP talks in riddles. He talks in Spanish as translated into English. He's confused by the fact that we find his statements as obscure as we generally do. However, if you listen to what he says when he says it, and that's hard because those recordings always leave the questions from the journos barely heard, then you can generally get an understanding of what he's trying to say. Or not. I have some linguistic ability so maybe that helps me. I often notice though, that when he's said things, I read him misquoted (or at least misinterpreted) in reports later on.

I wouldn't guarantee that he'll be here in twenty years but I'd be happy to put a tenner on him being in charge of Spurs next season at the NWL. There are so many indicators of the way he thinks and the sorts of things he would and wouldn't do. I believe he'd die of shame before making such a move. No. Scratch that. One of his more fundamental attributes is the courage not to do anything that would make him feel shameful. It simply wouldn't happen as far as I can see.

One thing that does confuse me from your post. Considering that we all know him to be a very effective manager wherever he's gone (Albeit with some undoubted shortcomings.), where do you get the idea he's played his career cannily? I don't know if he's had many great offers before coming to Spurs but I don't see the clubs he's chosen so far as anything but strugglers. Nowhere until Spurs that gave him any real opportunity to do anything news-worthy except for what he generally did - and that's perform better than others previously in those roles. I would say he's shown the exact opposite of what you suggest, but I'm open to hearing something to indicate otherwise.


Cheshuntboy said...

Perhaps I'm crediting Pochettino with more talent for looking after Number One than he deserves, and he just stumbled out of the Southampton job and into WHL with no more forethought than a washer-upper applying for a kitchen job at the Ritz; I've always maintained that he's a lucky manager (and yesterday wasn't bad luck, it was bad finishing), so perhaps there's less to him than meets the eye, and anyone would have got a three mill pay rise last summer, just for not rocking the ENIC boat. Got to go now, pesky pigs flying overhead again.

Adrian Bell (MVP) said...

Well, it seems our points of view are too far apart for any sort of agreement that I can see.

I think maybe we can agree on wishing the best for Spurs at the very least.


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