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Monday, 21 January 2019

Levy Takes Out The Cheque-book.

Spurs backroom staff.
The JimmyG2 Column.
Who'd be a sports-writer? Half time and 19th. placed Fulham leading contenders on 4 fronts 3rd. placed Tottenham by an own goal scored by Great White Hope and Harry Kane understudy Fernando Llorente.

Imagine a smoke filled Reporters' room; disheveled men licking stubby pencils, green eye shades;. Does 'Spursy' have an 'e' in it Geoff? Has 'bottlers' got two 't's'?  I know, I know I'm stuck in a 1940's B movie.

'Bloody Winks. I'll have to start all over again with my match report for 'The Fake News Agenda Weekly'. What we going with Sub: Tottenham struggle without Kane? Or 'More injury woe for Spurs'.

No. Lets stick with 'City, United, and Liverpool win again as Sterling, Rashford and Salah score'. Or  'Pochettino still favourite for United.Managership'.

Anyway as fine a team goal as I've seen all season. We left it a bit late for the winner and Fulham helped us  gifting the ball to Eriksen for a pin point cross and a blindside run by Dele for the equaliser.

But who cares? As Benjamin Franklin said after signing the American Declaration of Independence in 1776 'We must all hang together or assuredly we shall all hang separately.' I'm up for departing in good company.

Daniel Levy had the cheque-book out at half time but gratefully put it away again as an Academy Boy came up with the goods. Winks playing well, running non stop in Sissoko mode , playing his part in the winning goal and scoring it too.
Harry Winks v Fulham....Match Rank

Passes in opp. half........72......... .1st.
Possessions won........... 11......... 1st.
Shots on target.............. 2...........1st.
Goals..............................1....... = 1st 

and 62 of the 102 passes were positive. (Courtesy cider spurs (Spurs Community) and MOTD.)

 Damned lies, Fake News and statistics clearly. Can't think now why he isn't my MOM. Sorry Danny but he is OOOOwn.

The crucial takeaway from the game however was the hamstring injury to Dele with 5 minutes to go which could put him out for at a month. Make that two under Musings' Injury Guidelines.

We are going to miss him even with Dier,  probably Moura and possibly Sissoko back for Chelsea on Thursday. N'Koudou in a very brief  but effective cameo staked a claim too. Lucas and George could have a sprint off for a starting place.

A game of two halves again, but aren't they all. We were fortunate to be only a goal behind at half time even if we did score it. Hugo's early save from Babel ( yes that Babel) was crucial.

We controlled and played better in the second half. Sanchez who was all over the place early on responded well to the challenge of Mitrovich, the proverbial 'handful', and the back three dominated after the break.

We deserved to win in the end and playing last again on a weekend when all but Chelsea won we once more eschewed 'bottling', two 't's', and are for the moment safe in third with Chelsea now 4 points behind and Utd. and Arsenal 7.

What can possibly go wrong? The gap between 6th. and 7th. (Utd and Watford) is now 11 points so Europa League next year is virtually nailed on. Our goal difference is better than everyone except City and Liverpool.

Eriksen and Dele were quietly effective and Harry Winks more busily so. Llorente was awful and Lamela ineffective. Danny Rose a force of nature on the left was my MOM. Trippier  was careless and disappointing again.

So there you have it. We scored all three goals and gained all three points. My favourite Uncle, another ubiquitous Harry, a back street Fulham boy, was a huge Fulham fan. He died recently but he was a very nice man and I know he will forgive us.

Transfer Rumour (You couldn't make it up category)
Andy Carroll to Spurs for a mere 2 million. I know Llorente was bad but even an injured Kane would be better than either or both frankly.

Stadium. No news is not necessarily good news.

Jimmy's Video Spot

Best I could find. Doesn't actually show the superb build up to Winks' winner where virtually every member of the team touched the ball before N'Koudou's searching cross and Winks' second Premiership goal.

Fulham had chances,   but Ranieri thought them naive not to keep the ball and settle for a point at the end. He's not wrong, Uncle Harry probably agrees but thanks anyway. A good time for Pochettino's first ever victory over Ranieri.


Ashley Collie said...

Fun as always. Didn't we and Poch beat Catenaccio Ranieri in the Cup the season they won the league? Great to see us nip his thugs - Mitrovic the new Huth — and overcome his 1-0 philosophy! I'd like to see our fans get off Llorente's back (stop the piling on), it's like us miserable wretches have switched our poison pens from Sissoko (now that he's come good) to Nando. Personally, if he's wearing our shirt and doesn't have an attitude problem while going about his job the best he can (he did get us into the fourth round of FAC), we should support him, no? Otherwise, supporting one's team has sure changed since we left UK. COYMFS!

JimmyG2 said...

Ashley Collie.
It's the tension, the palpable nearness of 'success' that drives normally relaxed fans to hate their own. Many do not accept the new austerity and deny that it has put us where we are.They still want trophies to prove that we are a big club and many still want big signings and a Sugar Daddy to level the playing field with Chelsea, Utd and City.Winks not good enough? Oh yes he is as Sunday proved, again.These are fanatics not supporters.

Adrian Bell (MVP) said...

I like your attitude and your comments about Llorente. I believe he had a very unfortunate game but we should support him as much as possible.

No criticism for the blog. It has to be told as it is, but more criticism only addds to the weight of stress that inhibits him from performing at his best.

Every great striker there's ever been has talked about patches when they just didn't score - OK with HK that only ever lasts a month in August - but getting that monkey off your back is the target. We should help where we can by being as supportive as we know how.

Interesting times at ... not The Lane I guess, but Wembley. We'll get home soon people.


Adrian Bell (MVP) said...

Before I miss the opportunity may I just add how much I enjoy reading these musings. An interesting and amusing style as well as the honesty to tell it like it is. That's a rare talent, so thank you for sharing it with us.


JimmyG2 said...

Thnks both.
I have never said any player is shit. Only that on a described occasion they played badly or poorly or whatever. In fact I have been a big admirer of Llorente and you don't get to be a Spanish International by being rubbish
or scoring two hat-tricks for us.
Winks and Dele spared his blushes and I hope he starts against Chelsea.Do you think he will?
Injuries have added to the pressure of not buying in some ready-mades but lests not pretend that buying in a Higuan is the only answer, or a Carroll.I bet Giroud another discarded International is well pleased.

Ashley Collie said...

"Jimmy" - "These are fanatics not supporters." Well said, yiddo. And Adrian, "OK with HK that only ever lasts a month in August" - now that was amusing. But even Harry has recently gone through games, where he scores one but misses 3. Actually, I've noted that one issue (hey, we're in third behind the top-2 and two of biggest spenders) this season has been lack of clinical finishing at the sharp end, good enough for third, but not good enough to challenge the top-2. Yet. The injuries and MIA with all four top scorers hurt (here's to Moura returning and I was hoping Sonny's team would go out but they won in ET today), is a real test. Ryan Mason elsewhere says Sterling is ready to be played. Perhaps in FAC? And yes, I do think Llorente will start. We saw him and Moura work well together in pre-season over here in USA. Pressure is a privilege, said Billy Jean King. And every problem is an opportunity, I'm sure that's how Poch and staff think. After Dele went down clutching his hammy, he let out a deep visible sigh. Then immediately, reacted, and got his sub on. Take the hit, then be proactive, immediately, no? COYMFS! Let's do the Chavs!

JimmyG2 said...

Ashley Collie.
Amen to all that. Happy Clapper that I am Cheshuntboy will have noticed that I am only clapping with one hand at the moment.But I was raised through the 60's on 'telling it like it is' and will strive to do so.As Poch says our current situation is both a challenge and an opportunity.

Adrian Bell (MVP) said...

Thanks to Ashley for your comments, and JG2 I wasn't trying to imply you were moaning about Llorente. I always find you fair and I can't deny he had a bad game. I simply want to encourage anyone reading to consider supporting him as best we can regardless.

I must say I do like both of your comments (The comments of both of you).

I would say though that it seems to me that all great strikers miss a hatful regularly. The great ones continue to push for the opportunities and work on increasing their conversion averages, but I don't think missing opportunities is a bad sign unless you miss all of them. Sonny scored a brace in a game earlier in the season (I forget which one.), after missing a hatful of chances in the first half. The difference was that he didn't let misses put him off his game. To me that seems a very important difference. HK has a similar approach and I believe that's part of what makes him such a great player. Sure, sometimes he puts them all away, but when he doesn't manage that at least he keeps going and generally gets one or two even after missing some.


Cheshuntboy said...

Even a dead-hearted miserablist like me has to feel a twist of pity at the current state of our decimated club - what more can go wrong? A broken leg for Sonny at the Tiger Balm Tournament? Eriksen to rick his back, Mullery-style, while brushing his teeth too vigorously? Presumably Levy has no plans to fly to Nantes this week, but anything else catastrophic, cataclysmic or painful seems to be awaiting our lads, and finishing the season with a reasonably intact football club is all we can reasonably hope, given that the Fates clearly hate us. It's being so cheerful wot keeps me going, as you may have noticed.

JimmyG2 said...

Mona Lot.
You know who you are.At least Chelsea haven't managed to sign Higuan in time. So it's not all bad news.

Adrian Bell (MVP) said...

Hi CB.

I actually know exactly what you mean. It's hard to imagine that it's possible for anything further to hit us, but that was also true weeks ago and look what happened then!!

As Jimmy says though, at least Chelsea are still faffing around without a striker. Hard to imagine it could be worse but there it is.

You just keep on being cheerful and we'll see how it goes :-)


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