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Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Spurs Choose Their Moment.

  Six pairs, assorted sizes guaranteed football shooting boots.
Invoice to THFC.
The JimmyG2 Column.
How the Heaven's name did we lose that. That's me remembering just in time that this a Family Blog. Put another way: how in Heaven's name did we not win that. Such an important game to win or not to lose.

Not because it ultimately affects the top three but it gives succor to the Ole Gunnar Solskjaer myth; the Manchester United myths and our own sorry myths about our attitude and record in the crucial games.
Unlike Chelsea where we played poorly and won, this time we played well for most of the time and lost. When their keeper is MOM it tells a pretty accurate story. 11 shots on target saved in the 2nd. half.

But it was not so much brilliant goalkeeping as poor finishing from Dele and Kane in particular, chances that they would normally bury. 3 or 4 goals would have been fair and a draw the lowest of our expectations. But we don't do draws.

More worrying than the result were the injuries to Sissoko and Kane which at the time of writing is not clear how serious they are. Looks like Winks and Skipp in midfield then, or a major rejig of the entire defence.

A win would have more or less cemented the Top Four and opened up gaps with the rest. With Arsenal and Chelsea losing the damage to our top three hopes was not so severe but Utd are now level on points with Arsenal and rampant.

The post Mourinho Joy-Fest continues and we could have been in instrumental in raining on their parade and curbing their enthusiasm. At least it puts Ole in pole position in the next Utd.  Manager stakes.

No of course we we didn't throw the game to achieve this outcome. That's far too deep into conspiracy theory for me. He's not going: end of.

An unnecessary, poor, cross-field pass by Trippier cut out by Lingard led to the only goal of the match. A fine sweeping ball by Pogba to Rashford and a great finish. Not the first error by Trippier in the current campaign.

Lloris might have done better by advancing a step or two towards Rashford to narrow the angle a little more. He got a hand to it but could not keep it out. De Gea on the other foot got something to every one of our efforts.

Let's not dwell on it. We played well for the second half with Dele, Eriksen and later Lamela setting up chances We dominated shots and possession but came away empty handed. I was angry at the end and grumpy now, but it happens.

We certainly chose our moment to mislay our shooting boots.That new kit-man will have to go.

I wouldn't go as far as Mauricio to say it was our best football in his time at Spurs but to go down a minute before half time and then come out with some spirited and creative football you can see where he is coming from.

Darren Fletcher puts it all down to Ole's 'Master Plan'. Employing a keeper with big feet presumably.

The next few  Premiership games are eminently winnable (Fulham, Watford, Newcastle, Leicester) if we can find a dozen or so fit men and/or boys to take to the field. I hope Mauricio has kept his boots well dubbined.

With a whole week before the next game I am keeping to my blogging rule of not posting when I am  angry, tired, depressed, hungry, disappointed or drunk or any or all of the above. It's a wonder under the circumstances that I ever post at all.

I am much better today, thank you. Even the cat made a cautious re-appearance and I of course apologised to Mrs.JimmyG2 for the language. She said she hardly noticed. She's a real trouper.

Good News: It's only Fulham.

Bad News: Where to start. Son away for at least 3 games. Harry out for a minimum of a month. Sissoko not fully assessed yet but probably a couple of weeks.

Musings Rule of Thumb: Always double the original prediction.

Update on Bad News 
Harry out for two months now. I'm going to post this today before it gets any worse. We coped before but this time Son is missing. Step up chaps.

Especially you Senor Fernando.
'Can you hear the drums Fernando
I could hear the distant drums
And sounds of bugle calls were coming from afar'
Drums and Bugle calls just for you.

Unless we buy or loan someone of course. Some misfit from Barcelona is in the frame (Malcolm 21) Musings Likelihood Rating 3/10

Stadium. Nothing new to see here, move on.
Transfer Window. Open. But see 'Stadium'. Unless we short term panic buy. Not advised but remember Sissoko was a last minute panic buy.

Jimmy's Video Spot. 
Let's change the focus. David De Gea v Spurs.  One man wall. Are you watching Donald? He's still got the same gloves he had when he first started because he doesn't bloody well use his hands very often.



Unknown said...

I was waiting for my Jimmy G2 fix for two days fearing that the well had run dry, and now realize that the source was just as pissed off with the result as I was. Surprised that neither Aurier or Rose were in the team, but we have to watch constant exposure at the back with the full backs too far forward. Forward pressing is one thing, but all it takes from the opposition is one ball over the top.

JimmyG2 said...

You mean like we did against Chelsea.Sorry for letting you down. I don't mind being beaten by a better team as long as we play well. But to lose to Man.Utd when we should have won by two or three goals is: disappointing,lame, disheartening, dispiriting, discouraging, upsetting, dismaying, depressing, distressing; disenchanting, disillusioning, dissatisfying;
regrettable, unfortunate, unsatisfactory, inadequate, insufficient, unworthy, poor substandard, not good enough; inferior, deficient, second-rate, pathetic and pitiful.
3 at the back might be the way to go with a five man midfield while we are short handed.

Adrian Bell (MVP) said...

Reading this has cheered me up no end :-)

So many similarities between my own perspective and what you've written. Do we give up? Times look hard ahead but of course not. Are we dis... all the words you used? No denying that either. Have our respective missuses forgiven us yet? Yours possibly more forgiving than mine. My language possibly worse than yours ;-)

At the end of the day, this may give us serious problems with HK being away for so long at exactly the same time Sonny is away again in Dubai. This changes little. I'm still thanking the universe regularly for what I'm seeing continue at Spurs. I'm still loving it - even if Sunday was a 'down' moment in the season - for all the reasons you very cleverly stated in your piece.

I suspect my expectations have dropped a little considering the situation, but even so we're clearly progressing year on year. The outlook is still very good.


JimmyG2 said...

Adrian Bell
Long term perspective irons out the highs and lows.
I'm like one of those kids' toys with sand in the base. Knock me over and I spring back up. Well 'spring' is pushing it a bit.Betting on Llorente to step up and for us to adapt to his strength on the ground and in the air.Unless Poch. goes his own way with Moura up front.Hope not.

Cheshuntboy said...

When the severity of Kane's injury was confirmed, I recalled Jimmy Greaves's hepatitis from 1965, which saw Spurs fall away from a promising start to their lowest league finish since Bill Nick's first season in 1959 - is Kane as crucial to Spurs under Pochettino as Greaves was to Nicholson's team? Yes, without question, and the supporting cast of under-performers (of whom Moura, Llorente and Alli are the most prominent) have certainly got to rise to the occasion if a similar fade, possibly out of the top four entirely, is to be avoided. Unless Levy signs a top-class, finished article world-class striker (or two) of course - always leave them laughing!

JimmyG2 said...

Welcome to the Wake.It's not losing that upsets me but how we lose.Anyway testing the non buying scenario to destruction here.Another hat-trick from Llorente will silence the doubters.Just beating Fulham will
cover up the cracks for now whomsoever scores., but some big games to come in the various cups.

Adrian Bell (MVP) said...

Hi CB :-)
Same old same old I see.
Let me see if I can throw a little difference of perspective to cheer you up.

I can only assume you're right about the one and only original JG in 1965. That was about the time I first started supporting Spurs, although if I'm honest it was probably not till a couple of years later in my primary school. I was only 5 in 1965 (Not often I have to claim youth nowadays so thank you for that at least). My football master was a Mr Jones back then. The uncle of a young lad you may have heard of that played in the double winning team of the early sixties.

Anyway, to move on.
I have hopes that the drop in performances will be less severe at this point because of MP's philosophy and approach to handling a squad of players, all of whom are expected to perform to their top level in all circumstances. Attitude is a massive factor for him. I can only agree that HK is massive (figuratively speaking). Losing him is something we'd never want in a million years. I also accept that with Sonny away we are considerably handicapped in that department at the moment. Moura being injured just adds further salt to the wounds.

All that said, we have an approach that is almost organic in it's capabilities to adapt and recover. This is by design and no simple accident. Also, I know Tranmere are Tranmere, but Llorente will have gained a lot of confidence from that hattrick. Put him straight up against Liverpool or Shitty and that would be at risk, but we have a couple of less stressful games to hit first and, with a following wind and everyone playing to their best, the outlook needn't be disasterous. At the worst it will be an opportunity for some younger players to be blooded that otherwise wouldn't have had the opportunity. I'm not sure the team of the sixties was set up to be as versatile in its approach. It was a supremely well oiled machine, but exposed when one of its cogs goes missing - especially one so pivotal.

Time has a habit of making liars of anyone foolish enough to make predictions, but my guess is that we will struggle more than we would had Harry been available, but will get through without any real disaster. The ECL legs against Dortmund go from probably getting through to maintaining some chance, albeit much slimmer.

In the circumstances I can't be too bullish. That would smack somewhat of BS of course, but I would say we're still in a much better position than we would have been without the MP years. We're still making progress overall. We still have matches to look forward to with strong hopes of playing well and taking wins.

Also, don't forget that HK has had similar issues in both our previous campaigns. Campaigns we went on to qualify for the ECL from. Top three. Not too shabby.

It's interesting to remember that HK, in the last two seasons with extended injury lay-offs, manage one Golden Boot and one runner-up. Not a bad player when all is said and done ;-)


Cheshuntboy said...

Mr Bell
If you're happy to devote your time and effort to countering my abhorrent opinions, that's clearly your prerogative, but you're not going to convince me that your narrative of the past five years as steady progress towards inevitable success is any more credible than mine of missed opportunities set against a determined effort on ENIC's part to complete the package and make the killing - can't you just accept that I don't agree with you? Are you a Jehovah's Witness by any chance? Every time I post on here these days, I find your foot in my door and 'The Watchtower' under my nose before my typing finger has recovered some feeling! It's still possible that Pochettino might succeed in changing my opinion, but your words won't, please be assured.

JimmyG2 said...

Thanks fellas.
Musings advises never making predictions especially about the future.History always has the last word.

Adrian Bell (MVP) said...

I'm sorry you don't like my comments. I offer them only for your perusal, and of course you can always choose to take or leave.
I absolutely accept we disagree, but the foot in the door syndrome works both ways.

That said, you're a Spurs supporter and I'm happy to have you and many others as fellow travellers. I'd be stupid to expect everyone to agree with me all the time, and many of them any of the time, but we seem to be on similar paths as far as the club goes so I'll continue to enjoy the journey - with all my fellow travellers.

I particularly enjoy what I read here and recognise the sense in every blog post I see.


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