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Thursday, 31 January 2019

Spurs Cutting It Fine.

The JimmyG2 Column

Your Correspondent with 11 minutes to go.

My whole life flashed before me when Fernando missed a sitter with his knee. But all was not lost as Son leveled the score with a sort of assist from the man himself.

Your correspondent with three minutes to go.

Fernando Llorente once again who wins it with a
header from a Danny Rose cross.

Mauricio says it is 'important to smile again' and Musings agrees.
One of the many reasons to like Heung-min Son.

We definitely deserved it but it was a damned close run thing. But you can do a lot in ten minutes: even rescue a reputation.

Son not exactly fresh but back from the Asia games was the key here showing a surprising energy and class to pose an intermittent threat and score the vital equaliser late in the game.

Llorente played the full match and justified Mauricio's faith in him by converting the first really accurate cross by Danny Rose into the far corner of Ben Fosters' goal with seconds, well minutes, to go.

It looked at one point as if Spurs despite a storming second half would fail to capitalise on the failures of City and Chelsea. Pundits and the media need once again revise their agendas and bottle factories amend their forward orders.

Top of the Table looks like this after 24 games ( only14 to go)

Position................Goal difference...........Points.
(1) Liverpool..................41........................61
(2) Man. City................  44........................56.
(3) The Mighty Spurs.....26........................54

(4) Chelsea.....................17........................47
(6) Man.Utd...................13.........................45.

Ten points to Wolves in 7th. the best of the rest.

On the last day of the Transfer Window Daniel Levy may have toyed with a token signing but looking at that chart you question why he would bother. The worst of the injury crisis is probably over, only Dele and Kane fully missing.

I say 'only' but why sign permanent, expensive replacements for a temporary crisis at this time of year? We play first and if  we beat Newcastle on Saturday we will be 2nd. (second) for at least 24hrs and possibly more Not too shabby all things considered.

Cathcart reprised his 'Lets all make Tottenham suffer' agenda bundling in a goal following an error of judgement by Lloris and weak defending again by Sanchez. Other than this the defence was solid, The substitution at half time of Moura for Aurier was astute.

Moura's direct running unsettled the Watford defence and he was fouled frequently. Aurier brings little to the attacking wing back role and first Sissoko filled in for him and then Trippier.

We dominated the second half with wave after wave of attacks and I was remarkably calm as it seemed likely that we would eventually score at least once. Winks was busy again especially in the second half.

I have written to the FA requesting that we be allowed to play our second halves first. I will pass on any reply that I receive. We have been behind at half-time five times recently so it would certainly be helpful.

Only Eriksen whose dead ball kicking was poor looked under par although with him it is difficult to tell as his style is so understated and his best work is done usually undercover.

 Alderweireld and Vertonghen were mainly untroubled especially as we increasingly pushed them back. Jan got a rest for Lamela but he failed to impose himself on the game. In the end it didn't matter and I mean the end.

A vital win and a show of spirit and resilience by the boys and good judgement by Mauricio.  Rose was prominent, getting forward well, drawing double cover and crossing poorly except for the one that counted.

Signings. Don't be silly.

Stadium. See Signings.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
Time-wasting in extra time with Spurs 2-1 up. Not Time Waster-in -Chief, Ben Foster, obviously but our very own ball-boy who has been watching and learning. He upsets Success and tips the wink to Rose.

If he gets suspended Musings will initiate a petition to the Queen for his reinstatement. The ball-boy not Success who should have been booked.

Edin Hazard was once sent off for kicking a  Swansea ball-boy. Just saying.


Ashley Collie said...

Whisper it quietly — trukke, trukke!

JimmyG2 said...

Ashley Collie
You've got me there. I've googled it and come up with a make of winter boots.

Ashley Collie said...

The parable of trukke, trukke, no? We whisper it quietly among the cognoscenti, LMFAO -

JimmyG2 said...

Thanks AC
That one passed me by. Up to speed now.
You Guardian readers. What are you like.

Ashley Collie said...

Mate (is is Greg?), I'm a long time Spurs fan, writer, and an ex-pat (from Newport) in LA, so I read NYTimes and Guardian for that cross-Atlantic flavour. Guardian's sport coverage is pretty fine. 13 games to go, and Poch has previously said, let's see where we're at with 10 games to go. If it's on, then trukke, trukke! COYMFS!

Adrian Bell (MVP) said...

Trukke trukke!


Cheshuntboy said...

There used to be a football blog over there.

Ashley Collie said...

Adrian Bell, don't even say it, brother, just trukke trukke if it's on with 10G to go...COYMFS!

Adrian Bell (MVP) said...

My lips are sealed brother.


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