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Thursday, 3 January 2019

Spurs Disruption Over.

Normal service resumed at Cardiff.
The JimmyG2 Column. 
3 points, clean sheet, Boxing Day woes banished, fine start to 2019 and a terrible game after the first 26 minutes in which Cardiff played their full part. 3-0 game over but the regulations prevented us from leaving the pitch.

So we stayed and 'managed' the game. This consists of a slow motion motion loop: Hugo to Kierran; Kierran to Davison; Davison to Toby; Toby to Davison; Davison to probably Hugo or back to Toby; pass forward only if you have to.

Medical attention was required by several spectators from both clubs struck down by clinical boredom and several others remembered they had to be urgently elsewhere at half time.

But I hear you cry 'three points is three points' and this is undoubtedly true. Moreover nowhere on the tickets does it say or even imply that there is any obligation to entertain for a specific period.

So no injuries, very little energy expended; a fine performance from Christian Eriksen; three goals from three of the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse; another assist from Harry Kane and Mauricio's team selection vindicated.

As it says in the Gospel according to Saint Poch: 'Them as letteth us down shall be charged with getting us back up again'' and they did. Rose for Davies was the only change from the last team of last year.

The only real disappointment for me was Dele who played again as if he had other things on his mind and seemed angry with himself when subbed late on. He was a crucial half a second late at everything.

Fittingly they contributed our first goal, off Harry's knee after a goalmouth mix-up within two minutes of the start. They had no time to park the bus and the visitors, team, management and fans breathed a collective sigh of relief.

2019 started well and threatens to be a very good year. Ten minutes later Erikson scored delightfully from the edge of the area and within half an hour. Son, with his 8th goal in 9 games put matters beyond doubt.

The last hour was tedium personified, Toby and Davison controlled the pace; Skipp got another 15 minutes; Llorente got a farewell, allegedly, 5 minutes and Sissoko, showing all his recent strengths and weaknesses, had another good game.

Opinions vary on Winks who I thought played well, always showing for the ball and busying himself in the engine room, polishing the copper fittings, swabbing the floor and oiling the moving parts. But I'm biased as he is one OOOO.

I believe though that being schooled at our Academy gives our own an extra dimension in terms of loyalty and application, they kiss the badge with genuine pride. He's not as good as Modric or Carrick but nor were they at 22.

Rose was a marked improvement on Davies and made a couple of saving headers at the back post ahead of Paterson. He often ignores the 'keep it tight' message and sets off downfield regardless. God bless you Tiny Dan.

Trippier didn't overly impress going forward or back. KWP, Foyth, Gazzaniga and Skipp might get the nod against Tranmere on Friday. Lamela might return from wherever he is currently; Dele might find his form and Harry Kane might hit the net thrice to go ahead in the Golden Boot stakes.

None of the players currently injured are available for Friday though Mousa Dembele, Jan Vertonghen and Erik Lamela are all back in training.Victor Wanyama is still recovering.

We continued the trend of having fewer shots but more on target though Sissoko obviously missed the intensive shooting practice sessions. The low card (1 Bamba) and foul count (12: 6 each) indicates the lack of intensity on this occasion.

But a stroll down the docks and an easy win was just what Spurs needed and as you all say, 'A win, is a win' and is worth 3 points whether it was an exciting game or not. It wasn't.

Top of the Table
After yesterday's games the table looks like this

..... team........... P.....GD....Points
1) Liverpool.....20....40......54
2) Tottenham....21....25......48
3) Man.City......20....38......47
5) Arsenal........21.....15.....41 
6) Man.Utd.... .21.....11.....38

Liverpool and City play tonight: 

A) If Liverpool win they are out of sight but we stay second.
B) If City win we go third but keep in touch with both.
C) If  they draw we go third but keep in touch with both.
Hmm. Anything but a Liverpool win obviously, I think.

Glenn is recovering after leaving hospital. HNY and GWS.

 Clickbait Watch.....Spurs to make move for Hazard.(Various sites)

Neil Warnock is obviously not familiar with the Brer Rabbit stories or our record at Wembley.. When captured by Mr Fox Brer Rabbit says  that he can punish him in any way he likes except throwing him in the terrible Briar Patch.

So of ourse Mr Fox decides to do just that and throws him in the Briar Patch....where Brer Rabbit was born.
'Oh no anywhere but Wembley Brother Warnock'.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
It's in foreign because the spoilsports at the FA or Sky or wherever don't take them down after 24hrs.
Harry Kane does brilliantly  in the build-up for the first though the actual 'strike' is a bit fortunate.

He has 6 assists for the season so far. He's never got more than 7 in a full season.

All over 25 minutes in. I'm old school and like us to play positively for the full 90 minutes + extra time. Bring the subs on early if we need to rest  someone.


Adrian Bell (MVP) said...

I record both halves separately on my PC. The second half was deleted without anyone being inflicted with the requirement to view.

On the other hand, and as you rightly say, a win is a win. In the current situation with games continuing to be played every 3 or 4 days for a while yet, a relaxed second half won't hurt our chances going forward.


JimmyG2 said...

Adrian Bell
I usually watch it live so I don't have that luxury.Fixture schedule is ridiculous for everyone.

Adrian Bell (MVP) said...

I also tend to watch it live whenever possible JG2, but I expect you mean in the stadium - rather than live on your PC ;-)

I get to three or four games of a season but haven't been a regular at The Lane since the 80s, during Hoddle's time.

I record so others can watch if they miss it at the time, and also so I can watch again later if it's worth it.

When I do go to the games I like to record it too. I find you pick up so much more when seeing from the camera's perspective.


JimmyG2 said...

Adrian Bell
You're an addict mate.
When I was younger and had the money, I didn't have the time to attend live.
Now I'm retired I have the time but not the money and live too far away.Though I did see Real Madrid v Spurs in Madrid more recently.
Yes you get a wider view at the game and are not reliant on the camera view.
The inter-web thingy is a godsend.Not missed a game for several seasons.Camera angle was very low last night.

Anirvan said...

Jimmy, do you think u (and those such as self who 💖 ur musings) are hopeless optimists rather than objective realists ? I look at the memory men and register this is one of the best Spurs sides in a long long time. But we airbrush a win in Wales to hide the hard bitterness of not going 2nd by game managing out Wolves. We miss signing the Jaden Sancho and Maddison talents, at affordable rates, and rationalise lack of transfer actions. We have failed to sew up our finest AM and CD in long term contracts and pretending we are competing against clubs paying huge money to sign up difference making talents (like Pulisic). Love the humour and sunshine, but the sacked Mourinho had more silverware. Will await your light touch response.

JimmyG2 said...

Life is much too short to be a miserable fan and not enjoy what's happening at Spurs. Love the new approach, and so does Levy and yes I am an eternal optimist in a Spurs context. So enjoy
whatever things you or I would do differently
couldn't have improved things much. Fighting on four fronts and a team with youth, some of our own included.Love it.Silverware will come as a result of playing well and not because we target them. Relax and enjoy.Unless we spend 50/ 60 million we won't improve the side and even if we do they will take time to settle and don't always work anyway.

Adrian Bell (MVP) said...

I can take it or leave it. It's not got a hold over me. I'm in charge. Anyway, I don't WANT to stop!

With my eyes I find the TV easier to watch than the live games now but I do envy you getting to the RM v Spurs game. Some really classic/classy games recently.


Adrian Bell (MVP) said...


It's very difficult in the current climate to get a good understanding of what's going on at Spurs under MP. There are so many frankly ludicrous stories in the press and so little understanding of why things are changing.

We do not go after new players in a way that's like a battle with other clubs. That's a complete fallacy. The club that offers the most money to another club is by no means guaranteed of getting the player. Nor even the one that offers the best financial package to the player. Certainly, in this country we come easily behind the other top five clubs in financial muscle. Nevertheless we do get some quite decent players sometimes - I think you'll agree.

Pochettino understands that players have their own careers to manage and we're seeing so many quality youngsters who opt for Spurs because they can see what's going on here. It's why he wants them to focus on their love of the club over their love of, and reliance on, himself. There's a pattern there. Spurs didn't * fail * to sign players (Well they did some, but only those they really wanted and who simply weren't available at that time.), they simply chose not to invest time and money where they didn't see any real benefit. How many players are there out there who could really prove to be an improvement over what we already have and are developing further? When you get to this stage they're really quite hard to find. Not just the skill but also the mentality and attitude. Spurs chose not to waste their time and money on what was available.

That's why all the rubbish talked in the press about failure to make signings is just that. He was clear before, and has the courage to follow the philosophy, that he's interested in only those players whom he feels are worth the effort of bringing on. He's thinking long-term and he's thinking mentality. If he sees either failing to work out he doesn't want to invest time and money in them.

As for the defeat to Wolves. Pochettino is clever like a parent is clever that knows better than to chastise their child whenever they make a mistake. Mourinho seems always to blame his players when they slip up, whereas Pochettino is very much more careful about when he criticises his players. I certainly appreciate that Mourinho is (one of?) the most successful manager(s) as far as silverware goes, but look at the patterns of the teams he takes there. Well-established and very expensive players who do well one year then break apart the next. This is no accident. For me Pochettino is immensely clever and wise. He understands how imposible it is to go through a whole season without ever putting in a bad game. What to do when it happens? You've seen how he handles it. You've seen how Mourinho handles it. Which of these two is the real genius?

Don't be fooled by ignorant journalists. Follow some of the Spurs blogs (such as this excellent one) and pick up some of the many points the journalists don't even get close to understanding.

This is such a great time to be a Spurs supporter.


JimmyG2 said...

Sdrian Bell.
Thanks for the time and effort. Last comment sums it up.Not just in the Press about failure to make signings many spurs fans don't buy into the grow your own approach or the sign 'em young and bring them up properly attitude.
I love it.4 own grown on the pitch on Friday
and Winks absent, rested.

JimmyG2 said...

Sorry typo Adrian.

Adrian Bell (MVP) said...


Winksie's too important nowadays to overuse him ;-)

I think your comment describes it perfectly :
"The grow your own approach or the sign 'em young and bring them up properly attitude".

So many journos, and other ill-educated, commentators, miss what it is that Pochettino's trying to do, so obviously their comments on what is going on can always be expected to make no sense and lead people away from an accurate understanding of what's really happening.

An actual scientific approach will never lead you astray though. What are the results? What do we all see is happening? Forget what we or others expect - what's in front of our eyes?

That tells you what a great time it is to be a Spurs supporter ;-)


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