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Sunday, 6 January 2019

Spurs Pass Another Milestone.

The Tranmere squad leave the ground
 after FA 3rd. Round Cup-tie against Spurs.
The JimmyG2 Column.
Well we made a game of it, for them, with the early misses by Moura and Son but sympathy ran out at half time and we employed The Crusher for the second half.

It was the kind of result you always expect in these unequal contests but rarely achieve. Our biggest away win in the Whole Glorious History of Tottenham Hotspur.

The Crusher was probably a bit of overkill  but it was the second team 'Wot won it'. Milestones fly by every half mile at the moment: best start; most Academy on pitch simultaneously; fewest draws; most away wins; least spent; most away goals........

Harry Kane MBE came on for a guest appearance, smiled, waved to the crowd, showed his medal, scored and generally stole the show. On that pitch with some of the Tranmere 'heavies' it could have been a risk too far.

Mauricio explained that it was to give the opposition and their fans the opportunity to witness a football 'icon' and was simply the right thing to do. Don't you just love that man.

Dele (22) captain for the night, showing the utmost respect for the pitch which was even worse than Wembley, played at a studied half pace and under Eriksen's strict gaze from the support bench ran the show from start to finish.

Definitely the proverbial game of two halves with everyone except Moura shaping up for the second half, but his kind of skitterng speed-skating style was probably the biggest casualty of the conditions.

Skipp, without his mentor Winks who as a senior now was given the night off, eventually showed a much broader range of passing including an incisive through ball to set up Llorente for his second goal.

Aurier was a little wild as usual but doubled his Tottenham goal tally with a couple. The first which sent us in at half time ahead was a super-strike the second more mundane but he was well placed in a very attacking position to score.

At the end we had several of our own on display, too numerous to count. If some of them make it as well as Skipp that's another 100 million saved. And both central defenders 22 or under. Love it. Youth and our own.

Tranmere's old pro's tried to rough us up occasionally but their promise talked up by pundits and media failed to materialise. Too old, too slow too fat and too respectful a lot of the time to make much impression on the night.

In among Llorente's second hat trick in the cup, Aurier got a second and Son always a lively threat scored a nicely taken goal. Two assists and his 7th. goal in six games. Spurs have scored 33 goals in the last 34 days.

Once again our ratio of shots on target was better. (17 shots/12 on target) and allowed us to make better use of our possession advantage (72%) Credit to Tranmere they didn't park the bus but were penned in anyway.

Neithe of the two new, newcomers (Eyoma and Marsh) looked phased in the short cameos. Taking their cue from WKP and Skipp no doubt and their inspiration from Winks and 'icon' Harry Kane they all have high hopes.

I forget sometimes that these Academy graduates have had 10 years or more of intensive coaching at the club, have played 100's of competitive games and sometimes made dozens of foreign trips and appearances in International matches.

Good luck to them and all who sail with them. If we can produce one successful graduate every couple of years for ourselves or any other professional club the Academy runs for free.  

Our next match is the Carabao Cup semi-final first leg against Chelsea on Tuesday night. Get some rest boys and then go again. Lovin' it all.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
All the goals and both the misses. A goal fest: enjoy.


Little Boxy Bird said...

I quite like Lorente. I know he doesn't score when he comes off the bench in the last 10 minutes but he often gets an assist, or half of one anyway. Seems like a good pro to me, so if we ship him out this month I feel we will be less, with seemingly no young strikers tearing up the academy.

JimmyG2 said...

Little Boxy Bird
Tricky one. He's a lot batter now than when he first came. Trained on as they say about horses. Lots of press speculation about a return to Athletic Club Bilbao or to Leeds.
Don't think Poch. will cash in in January window without a youth replacement.
Loved him before he came to Spurs!. Did very well at Swansea.Understudy to Harry is a dog's life though.

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