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Monday, 17 May 2010

JimmyG2's season's round-up

What a season. Great opening and an even better final sequence which shattered the 'difficult run-in' theory. So much to consider and so little time, but here goes for an overview.

Best performance.
Plenty to choose from: Arsenal or Chelsea in the run in or the two games against Man.City which clinched the points and gave us the moral authority to claim top four. I go for Chelsea who were Champions in waiting but were forced to waita little longer. An excellent all round performance of style and grit.

Worst performance.
Again plenty of choice which gives a clue to the emotional roller coaster we have been on. Liverpool or Sunderland away or the semi final against Portsmouth. Oh and there was Burnley of course. I go for Liverpool away when we seem to have given up before we even arrived at Anfield. Technically knownas a 'failure to turn up'

Best player
Gomes or Bale, both players who have came back from the dead or the ever dependable Dawson. Modric King and Lennon missed too much of the season to qualify. In the end I go for Gomes whose performances probably earned us more points than even the boy Bale managed. His absence at Burnley gave a clue to the impact he has made. Helped us into 4th and himself into the Brazil

Best goal
Modric didn't score many but the two at Everton and Burnley were fine strikes Huddlestone doesn't do tap ins either. Danny Rose gets the vote though for the impact of his strike against Arsenal on our season and possibly his career. Imagine scoring the best goal of your life after only 10 minutes on your debut

Most improved player.
Bentley certainly bucked his ideas up but Kaboul was the big surprise at the
end of the season. Just a pity that Harry didn't trust him against Man.Utd.

Most Disappointing player
Wilson Palacios, who never quite fulfilled the expectation and hope placedupon him by those willing him to be the new Dave Mackay. But then who could? Perhaps the arrival of Sandro, or whoever, will enable him to re-focus his attention. At the moment barely an upgrade on the much maligned Zokora.
Wilson Palacios with pace.

Best Assist
This is a new award and goes to Jermain Defoe for his master-pass for Bale's winning goal against Arsenal. I make this award in the hope that it encourageshim to try it more often.

Absent friends award
Robbie Keane our Friend in the North; Jonathon Woodgate dragging his groin round the medical centres of the world; Carlo Cudicini head over handle-bars probably into football oblivion: our thoughts are with you all at this time.

Enigma Award
Now referred to as the 'JJ Trophy'. Peter Crouch is the clear winner this season. With his awkward style, few but often critical goals, his bad influence on our playing style he makes me eat my words every time I write him off, which is quite often.

JimmyG2 Special Award
This year goes to Roman Pavlyuchenko, a player I really like and who I petitioned Harry about for some months before he stopped doing whatever it was that upset Harry and got himself back into the team where he proceeded to make a fool of all his critics. Unfortunately he caught the same non scoring virus as all our other strikers and might well leave us rather than Crouch, this summer. There I go again.

Manager's Award
Goes to Harry Redknapp. Obvious really. We have improved considerably ever since Harry arrived. He inherited a good squad and by simple strategies has led us out of relegation to edge of the the Champions' League. Two from eight to the verge of great'. Blips and errors on the way but hey this is
Tottenham. Nobody's perfect, but I have changed from a doubter to a true believer in 18 months. As with all the best magicians I am not quite sure how he does it.

More thoughts later as they occur to me. Got to put in some brownie points work now as the World Cup and the Champions' League qualifiers eat into gardening, decorating, shopping, holidaying and generally pretending that there is actually another world out there beyond the pitch.

I will once again pledge to ignore transfer speculation though this promises to be more hyper than usual and just as irritating and frustrating as ever. Happy non Tottenham time to you all.


Anonymous said...

Didn't you mean Defoes pass to Bale for the goal against Arse rather than Chelsea?

Anonymous said...

Mate, you've made so many errors in there it's untrue

- Defoe's pass vs. Arsenal
- Modric's goal vs. Everton


Anonymous said...

Zokora is Palacios with pace?


TOY said...

Yep bit of a screw up there Mr JimmyG2 re Defoes pass and cant agree re Pavlova but the rest about right including Palacios who was slightly disappointing especially with his passing.

Rock_The_Kranjcar said...

Yeah, was going to point out the three points already raised above as errors.

But to focus on the good stuff... I agree Harry deserves to get our manager of the season award too.. I guess?

JimmyG2 said...

First two posters. You are quite correct and I have amended it. Thanks.

JimmyG2 said...

Is that really you? Good to meet up with you again.

Anonymous said...

Have a nice break Jimmy,and get yourself back refreshed for what promises to be a most enthralling attempt at the title next season.


TOY said...

Hi yes it is I. Thanks and nice blogs. Isnt life great at present, have to admit never truly thought we would make it and even when Crouch scored at Man City I had my doubts but I can put that down to following Spurs way too long. Just need to pray for a decent draw in August and a fantastic season awaits.

Hope all is well in SC land - with a few notable exceptions :o)

Ronnie Burgess's pot boy said...

I wouldn't quibble with any of this. Palacios lost his brother and needed to be on compassionate leave, didn't get it and played as honestly as a pre-occupied and devastated person could [when what we wanted was thunder]. Crouch isn't JJ because no-one is; I can't bear that young man and the sooner he goes the happier I'll be. Crouch can actually play the ball on the ground and will continue to look crap as long as the ball is hoofed to him[he'll never be great though]. We were saved by the resurrection men, Bale, Bentley, Pav and Kaboul [why oh why were the two Kyles bought, anyone know?]. Defoe has to go, he simply isn't good enough [and I used to think he was the second Greavsie]. In fact I'd keep Gudj and let the three others go. Modric may end up at West London Spartak but something tells me we have the makings of a great midfield without him. It's a pity about no place for O'Hara. Cover's needed for Gomes and there still has to be back-up for Dawson because King and WoodG will be crocked again next season. I wonder when we got the Chines curse [may you live in interesting times] and how much longer it's going to last.

Anonymous said...

I don't half bleat on about it, but Wolves away was positively shocking. Thing was, that was a game we needed to win (I know, I know). I just am unable to fathom out how we can play like that and then play how we did against City and Chelsea : (

Anonymous said...

I would say that 9-1 vs wigan should be a contender for best performance, although i would probably agree that the chelsea takes this award. I would also argue that Wolves away was the worst performance of the season imo... at least we scored a perfectly good goal at anfield

Anonymous said...

Mostly good points but I can't agree about Palacios. Just how disappointing could he have been considering he played in almost every game of our best season for a generation. The other one would be Pav who aside from a short streak of scoring he has played like a donkey and for £14m I expect better.

JimmyG2 said...

Sorry for the sloppy errors guys. End of season exhaustion. My Burnley moment if you like.

Wolves away performance was poor partly through Harry's selection errors but it did look as if this was a game we needed to win, but in the end we didn't.

We lose the games we should win and win the games you'd think we'd lose because we're Tottenham the most exciting and infuriating team bar none.

Ronnie Burgess's pot boy
What happened to stability? Letting all the strikers but Gudjohnsen go is extreme to say the least.
I would be very unhappy if Modric left and we might struggle without his creative flair. Huddlestone can't do it all on his own.

All much the same in SC land.Still my favourite posting forum. Where do you hang out now?
You even had doubts when we were 1-0 up at Man.City?
You sir are a true Tottenham fan.
Recognised you by your trademark 'Pavlova' tag.

Tottenham On My Mind said...

Oh I love a game...

Having thought it about it carefully, I agree..

Best goal has to be Rose but I kinda like the sweet passing rather than the vulgar long- rangers, so Modric and Everton was a gem, and Hud's pass in another move sticks in the mind, as much as anything does these days. This exercise has reminded me how much I've forgotten, but I read about those goals in a blog somewhere.

Chelsea was the best performance, Wolves away the worst, appalling. We also played superbly away to Hull, right at the start of the season.

Good call for Gomes as best player. I was pleased for Daws when he won the fans' award but Gomes shaded it for me. No one really disappointed or was an enigma, although Bentley has more to give, I feel - so unusual for Spurs, we must be doing something something right.

Great blog jimmy,I really like it, congrats and here's to next season.

Regards, Al

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Enjoyed that summing up Jimmy and agree with much of it.

Re: Palacios: I am looking around and wonder if the day of the Makele-type holding midfield destroyer is on the way out across Europe. Hudd and Modric showed the possibilities of somthing a little more sophisticated and quality-drive, esp in home games.

Palacios sometimes surprises me by going on progressive runs, though not often and his passing is mediocre at best. I like him and he fulfilled a role that needed doing at the time. But I wonder if his type of player has had his day, for a while at least.

LemonadeMoney said...

JimmyG2 said...

LemonadeMoney & IKnowAlanGilzean

Very interesting article and thanks for drawing my attention to it
Zonal Marking is a fascinating site.

Things are always much more complicated than you think. I have always instinctively rejected the 'midfield destroyer' model as being too negative a concept especially at Tottenham.
I think this is Palacios weakness and limitation and the strength of Huddlestone, as you say.

I tend to agree about the sweet passing which is why Modric's goal was more 'Spurs'.
But the context of the Danny Rose goal, in our season and his career makes it special in every way including the purity of the strike.

Anonymous said...

I cannot agree that the worst performance was Liverpool away.
At the time when we were clearly in the ascendant we had a perfectly good goal disallowed by a shocking and bizarre ref's decision. Had that been allowed I think we would have went on to win it, and up to that point I felt the game was more or less even overall.

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