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Friday, 14 October 2011

Greg Meyer: Scaling the Heights.

 Whatever you do lads, don't look down!

For those that haven't been and who won't be going on Sunday here's a Spurs eye view from the top of the Newcastle Stadium. Greg's making the trip so that you don't have to. At  A Kent Pub they are not as confident as last week: Mine Host must have watered down the beer. Only joking fella, only joking.
 Friday 14 October  2011 ... Mr. H. Webb's Birthday ... Not The One You Think.

The View Is Worth The Climb ... Mountaineering At St James Park.
 Essential equipment in the away Spurs fan's kitbag on an expedition to St James Park includes, climbing boots, a set of pitons, oxygen mask and 2 miles of rope. Quite a climb to the heady heights of the away section at Newcastle.

Oops sorry add a pair of binocculars to those mandatory items. Helps in confirming the match below has kicked off.
So once you are comfortably settled in at 30,000 feet then whats to expect this Sunday in the late show televised around the world.
Newcastle versus Spurs.
Sir Hilary Redknapp's team are flying high lately but still stand below the Barcodes in the table. Argueably Spurs have had the more difficult climbs lately , particularly Liverpool and that local clifface known as the NLD.

Fortunately the team have recovered from some early horrendous falls down those two Mancurian crevasses, United and City.
Some considerable "ifs" make forecasting with precision a lost science. Adebayour in, alls well. Sandro in, helps too. With Emmanuel A. out then we rely on the littlest Jermaine up top. Hmm says our lawyer.
 Our pub have gone off Pav markedly since the Togolese arrival shows what touch, control, hold up, and clinical finishing is all about.
 Midfield is interesting. Our plan A of Sandro and Parker away may not happen. Still as a certain obnoxious Arsenal midfielder( currently sidelined for 4 months) tweeted last week .. class is ... 

Our banker reckons Modric, VDV, Bale and Parker are quality plus class. Tiote , Cabaye and Gutierrez are not in the same er class albeit they have a great work ethic. Surely little Scotty can knock one in against his old side.
 Our pub are finding it hard to drum up the same anticipation and expectation that foreshadowed that last derby. Still a win here means if we sneak a look ahead at the upcoming fixtures then ...
The Climb Is Worth The View.

Yep if we keep climbing then Christmas could be scary.Top four and perhaps a realistic tilt at third.
Backburn (a),QPR (h),Fulham(a),Villa(h),Brom (a),Bolton(h),Stoke(a),Sunderland(h), Chelsea (h), and Norwich on 27 December is our run to the higher echelons. A lot of winnable games there. 
Our cabbie reckons if our main man up front stays fit as well as most of the others then very achievable. Mine host has promised "Oxygen Masks" cockeraltails all round for our New Years Eve at the pub. The recipe is secret at present but sounds explosive.
Wildly optimistic or just plain sensible ... one of many viewpoints doing the rounds this week ...
At A Kent Pub  ... Just Before I Grab My Hat.
Cliff Richard born Harry Webb turns 71 today. Not sure how old Howard Webb is and frankly we couldn't care less here. Thirty nine year old Lee Probert does the St James clash on Sunday. Our pub's jury is still out on him. It could be worse. Lee Mason is the fourth official.
 One man who is a cult hero here is of course Disco Benny. Great article in the Standard today. Yes a common thread here to a lot of our regulars who train home from work in part on the Tube.

Before you know it you could be sharing a seat with Benny or as he sometimes tells people, Benoit Assou-Ekottu's little brother. A regular on the Tube with his prized Oyster Card.
Cheers ... a breath of fresh air our Benny ... Greg Meyer.                       coys.

And here in case you've forgotten is the beginning
of the legend that is Benoit Assou- Ekotto

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Anonymous said...

Enjoy the trek to Toonland, Greg!
I will be watching it courtesy of SKY with my Toon mate over breakfast here in war-torn Monterrey Mexico at 10am; Tacos washed down with a early beer, and taunt my mate about his 4th place nosebleed for 90 minutes. I hope it stops when we knock then down to earth a little come 11:45am a la Mexicana!!

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