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Monday, 3 October 2011

More than just a victory

'Two Bob' and The Great handshake Scandal

There’s nothing better than going into the two week International break with a win . Actually there is: going into a two week International break with a win over Arsenal.

Of course the opposite is also true but doesn't apply on this occasion. Two weeks to savor our 4th win in a row. To enjoy it; roll it round your mouth and suck out the juice; relish not only the importance of the win in terms of bragging rights but in maintaining our upward journey, our confidence and momentum.

This wasn't just a win. As Marks and Spencers would say; this is not just a victory. This is nourishment, nurturing, wholesome and sustaining. Another happy occasion to file carefully away in the memory bank to be drawn upon when times are hard.

The fact that we didn't play that well somehow makes it even better. It's a measure of how far Arsenal have fallen. Even Lee Dixon predicts that they will struggle to make the Europa this season. But then if you sell your best players what do you expect?

Harry has been criticised for playing 442 but a manager has to play the percentages. Is it more risky to concede the centre of the pitch and trust that they don't make the most of their chances, if any? This allows us to play an extra striker who might make the difference but in the event it meant that Modric was crowded out.

Or would have been safer to play Sandro, if fit, with Parker, square up the midfield as we did for the last 20 minutes and take a chance on Van or Bale supporting Adebayor?

Harry chose the first option: we were at home and Arsenal's defence is suspect so a viable option. But there is no way a manager can anticipate that Adebayor and Defoe were not as sharp as they might have been. Or that Gervinho would miss a chance to score and probably alter the course of the match?

In my view Harry chose the wrong option: the percentages favoured playing Sandro with Parker. But we won anyway; Van Der Vaart scored and neither of the strikers did though both were essential in the build up to the goal.

That probably explains why Harry is the manager and the most successful one in a long time, arguably the best in living memory even for me, and I am just a Spurs blogger.

But see it from Arsene's Wenger's viewpoint: Van Der Vaart handled before scoring and Walker got lucky. Actually the more I watch Van Der Vaart's opener the more I agree. Fortunately the referree has only one look. It's funny the things that Arsene sees and the things he misses. He didn't see Clive Allen's hand after the match for which he was dubbed 'two bob'.

For the benefit our our International following this is Cockney Rhyming slang for two bob bit...shit. Two bob is old money for two shillings or 10p. Poor old Clive a Spurs legend who has obviously never recovered from being transferred to us from Arsenal without ever playing a match for them. Don't take it out on Arsene mate, he's got plenty of problems of his own.

Don't ask; it's a long story with rumours of intrigue; double dealing; white slavers; drug smuggling and gun running. Well it's a long story anyway.

Curiously we feel victim for the third game running to the curse of the 50th minute goal.  Actually in this game it was the 51st but allow me to stretch a point. It must be something to do with Harry's wise words or the beverages served at half time.

A word on Ledley King. Four consecutive matches, (anybody know when that last happened?) But more: four consecutive wins and his pairing with Kaboul looks as solid as anything we have seen since he was last paired with someone else. And two weeks to recover so it might just get longer and better.

Goals here.
Oddly reversed. Try looking at it through a mirror.


James147 said...

I've heard it said that if the video is mirrored like this, there are no copyright issues. Whether or not that's a steaming pile of horse cak is open to debate.

Anonymous said...

I like that we saw a wounded Arsenal and wanted to rip out their throats... and did.



JimmyG2 said...

Never come across that but its bizarre enough
to be true.

Ist Anon.
Steady Tiger!

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

It seems to be a recurring calculated gamble of Harry's to cede the midfield and be overrun at times for the first 30-45 mins when playing Arsenal. It worked again in terms of the result, but,I think we got a bit lucky.

Only when we matched their 3 in central midfield did we have control over the game. If Gervinho or Walcott could shoot straight...

We made much harder work of beating this pale arsenal side than we needed to imo.

Anonymous said...

Those poor gooners are going into complete meltdown all over the interweb since we beat em.

Have a look at over 700 tear stained gooner comments here:

JimmyG2 said...

Tend to agree with you but hey let's not beat ourselves over it.

Anon 15:36
Thanks for that, it's bringing out my compassionate side, sort of.
Not a totally unfair report mind.

galvin was god said...

jimmy. I was surprised to see caravan in a 4-4-2 and I am fairly convinced it was a first. as the game progressed I became more convinced it was a mistake. at newcastle I would like to see sandro and parker working together with modders - with VDV back in his usual predatory locality. the big tall lanky bloke will have to cope up there on his own. its a no brainer. defoe can come on and score the winner if we are firing blanks. this guarantees us 3 points and more happiness

alwyn said...

funny thing, i **can** in fact remember the last time we won 4 EPL matches in a row; it was 2 seasons back, probably our best start in a while, we beat Liverpool, Birmingham, West Ham and another team b4 Man U took us 3-1 at WHL.

my response to the VDV hand-ball? screw it. we've had our share of being victims (esp by United), so i don't feel a shred of 'guilt' at a '50-50' handball which, IMO, hit VDV's bicep (grin).

elwehbi@ibleedhotspur said...

Seeing Arsenal's keeper caught off guard by Walker's goal was the pivotal moment for me. He was so concerned with Adebayor, as he blabbed all over the media, only to be taken out by our RB.

As for Harry, he may have called it wrong but I just can't help but be grateful that he's at the helm of this squad. We're a very different team than what we were a few years back.


Anonymous said...

Arsenal flooded the midfield and controlled it but as a consequence RVP was isolated and had no effect on the game....that could have been Ade if we had gone 4451/433/4411.

I am not even sure that Sandro in 4411 would have helped much because Defoe worked his socks off and we effectively were 4411. He worked much harder than VDV, and 4411 would have forced Modric wide right. 4411 would still be a compromise and would still see us out numbered centrally. Only 433 would match them and that required VDV playing wide right attacker and he would, as he did, neglect his defensive duties leaving us exposed.

If you look at Arsenal's 2 chances, Gervinho had 3 players right in front of him and would have done well to beat them all and score. He beat them, but he missed the goal.

Walcotts was a left foot swinger, so not even a half chance.

And that was it for them.

We took our 2 hardest chances (Walkers wasn't even a chance) and it could have easily been 5-2 on another day.

I think in years gone by Arsenal would have walked all over us. We didn;t have to be at our best to comfortably beat them, which must be a worry for Gooners. It is clear to me that RVP is now surrounded by far inferior players than he has been in the past.

Arsenal will still be very good on their day and with Wlishire & Vermaelen back they will be much stronger.

We need to build a cushion between now & Jan because they will no doubt reinforce. We also need to improve our options up front. Pav out for someone we can rely on.

JimmyG2 said...

Last poster.
Difficult isn't it.
Harry chooses his formation and tactics but cannot control the performance of the individual players.
I would always play Van,as starter and sub him later for say Defoe as the situation demands.
I think he will outscore Defoe again this season if he stays fit.

Pav. looks uninspiring but for the past two seasons has been our most effective striker in terms of goals/minutes on pitch.
We need to sign another quality striker before we even think of letting him go.

We know that Van needs cover as does Walker but the benefits of these two outweigh the disadvantages for me.
We should be able to put some distance between ourselves and the chasing pack, including Arsenal by Xmas.

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