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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Not quite as dead as a parrot

Takover rumour;
Well rumours have to start somewhere
and with our history this is more likely than an Arab sheik 

What a disaster and divisive distraction the Olympic Stadium land grab has been. Now with the accusations about surveillance of the Olympic Committee and the revelations about Karen Brady's phone calls the stinking pit gets deeper and smellier.

We seem to have slipped off the moral high ground into a swamp of intrigue and manoeuvring worthy of FIFA at its most devious. Only Seb Blatter's latest racist idiocy has kept us from the front pages but when the case comes up again next week unless the Euro collapses or Sir Alec Ferguson retires we may find ourselves in the full glare of of some unwelcome publicity.

Let me say firstly that the team are doing really well; that I wish Harry a speedy return to the dugout and full health; that Levy and ENIC have done a decent job for Spurs and that I wish to see no man's head on a platter unless of course they are found guilty of wrongdoing and then I want their head with  a Cox's Orange Pippin in their mouth on a bed of finely shredded Iceberg lettuce.

But with Harry in court one week and Levy the next it doesn't look good for our Lily-white image does it? I'm sure we will adopt the James Murdoch defence: 'I wasn't there; I don't remember; it wasn't me and what was the question again? But to lose a Manager would look like misfortune: to lose a Manager and a Chief Executive would look like carelessness.

I am pretty sure that we are in the clear on all these matters. As shrewd an operator as Daniel Levy will have thought to wear at least two pairs of gloves on this occasion. Everything will have been done on need to know basis, on the basis of deniability and that no tapes exist or smoking e-mails. .

It looks as if the phone records were 'blagged' not hacked so it's not quite a hanging offence. It was probably not by PKR Forensic Accountants themselves either. Perhaps the tapes were bought in a job lot when the News of the World had a closing down sale. At least two distances removed from THFC anyway.

Everything that could go wrong in the pursuit of the OS has gone wrong. How much it has cost in legal fees and in terms of delay with the NPD is anyone's guess. At least it exposes the overdone myth of the Machiavellian Genius that masquerades as Daniel Levy. If this was a horse-race we would have fallen at the first fence broke a fetlock and been shot.

Forensic Accountants, arrests, a continuing vendetta with W.Ham, it's not so much how it will end up but how it looks in the meantime. What is the likely effect on the team and its current members; on prospective players; on Boris and Haringey Council in pursuit of funds for the once again almost viable NPD; on Jan Brewer, Harry Hawkins and co? All unknowable at this stage.

Something smells and the dustbin needs not only emptying but thoroughly cleaning. It's more about appearances at this stage and to me it doesn't look good.

Jimmy's lightning round up.

Racism. The new corruption in the case of Mr. Seb Blatter who doesn't understand his own rules and principles. Racism on the pitch doesn't exist apparently and where it does it can be settled by a handshake. Easy for a rich, old, foolish,white man to say.

Modric is to be out first £100k player subject to two provisos. (1) That we make the Champion's League. (2) That he's still with us at the end of the season.
Two very much intertwined provisos by the look of it.

Scott Parker and Kyle Walker were each made MOM's in their appearances for the full England squad against Spain and Sweden. Sincere congratulations to both. Will Walker make the squad? Johnson, Richards, Smalling? Less than a 50/50 chance I would say. Will Scotty? I doubt any bookie will give you odds against that happening.

THFC decouple from Stock Exchange AIM market.
Apparently this gives us more flexibility to raise funds ( it says here).
So imminent takeover by Arabs or MOSSAD whichever seem the likeliest or it opens the way for Uncle Joe in the Bahamas (edit) to put a wedge in and finance the NPD and sell the club once the new Stadium is built.

Aston Villa. Oh yes I nearly forgot about the football.
We beat them 2-1 twice last season and Van scored them all. We just might do better on Monday. We are at home; King and Parker our current talisman are likely to play, and Van Der Vaart could be fit enough to start at least.
If they don't Gallas, Sandro and Defoe are rarin' to step up. In addition Lawrenson tips us to win which he has done for the last 8 games and wasn't far wrong.

So Spurs 3-1 it is then.

And now by way of light relief the 'Dead Parrot' sketch from Monty Python.
I only wish that the Olympic Stadium was as dead as the Norwegian Blue but I fear not.
Unlike the parrot this may run and run.


Anonymous said...

we could end up winning the league with Levey and Harry celebrating on D wing of her majesty's Hotel.Coylags. davspurs

TMWNN said...

In the unlikely event that Levy were to be found guilty of wrong doing it would be a case of Karma catching up with him.

Getting involved in the Stratford debacle has done nothing but reveal the baser nature of those who have been squabbling over it.

As for our current consistency, finally replacing that spineless toad Jenas and the technically gifted but dozy Huddlestone with the much more combative and 'switched on' pairing of Modric and Parker, has seen us play with dogged gusto. We've been lucky at times, granted, and the time to pat ourselves on the back will be when the season's over and we're back in the top 4. But Sandro must be deployed more frequently, and earlier, if we're to realise the full potential of this squad, and to not push our luck too far.

PS 'Uncle Joe' lives in the Bahamas not Barbados.

JimmyG2 said...

'coylags' like it.
But we all sincerely hope not, dont we.

Thanks, will edit.
Agree about Sandro.
Show some repect, he's still our 'spineless toad'.

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