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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Bolton .. A Bale Bullseye and Modric Magic.

Some Pub lunch!
No idea who the guy in the middle is,
but the one on the far right is Greg Meyer.

Greg tucks in at  A  Kent Pub with a fork in one hand and a lap-top in the other to celebrate both the anniversary of the birth of General George Custer who died at the Battle of the Little Bighorn as well as yet another famous Spurs victory over Bolton at White Hart Lane. This marked the high water mark of the Indian Tribes' power but not,we hope, hope the high water mark of Spurs ambitions.
 History, Gourmet Dining, Homage to Luka all in one column. How does he do it?

                  The Greg Meyer Column 
Sunday 4 December ... A Famous Last Lunch At Little Bighorn.
 Bolting Past Bolton ... Into Second Gear and Back To Third ... Roll On Stoke.
 This column comes via a laptop perched precariously on a table replete with culinary delights galore. Sunday lunch at our pub is fast getting out of hand.Our Romanian chef's favourite player is Luka. Who else. Still, seems he is determined to match the little water carriers' genius onfield with his own kitchen creativity.
So while we tuck in to a selection of field mushrooms stuffed with welsh rarebit balsamic drizzle ( congrats on the first goal Gareth) for starters, followed by herb crusted rack of lamb or fondant potatoes and a star anis jus ... the list is endless ... what a time to enjoy the feast that is Spurs football at the moment. Welcome to another meeting of ...
 The Royal Kent Pub Football Gastronomical Society 
 Really just an excuse for our regulars to gather at the round table and glory in fine food, fine ale and even finer, the exploits of our Spurs team.Here is some of the conversation and moments discussed after a football display worthy of Heston Blumenthal.
So thats another dragon slain.
                                            Not Bolton but Spurs winning only with Ledley. Our superstitious plumber feared the worst with news of no Ledley but Gallas was on point duty with Kevin Davies. Coped well with Davies retiring as a spent force at the 62 minute mark. Next up the Adebayor and Parker myths. Mind rather they played every game herein.
Back to Ledley and seems he was withdrawn because of a knock suffered in training on Friday. Our pub are somewhat bemused given he doesn't train unless you count regular laps in the Chairman's private pool. Just who else jumped into the pool on Friday should be the subject of a Royal Commission. Surely swimming is supposed to be a non contact sport. Flippers crossed.
 The Cahill incident.
                            Jogging not running led to waving not drowning.
Yes a cynical professional foul which might be a goal scoring opportunity if it was say Gareth Bale. But our little Scotty is a jogger rather than a sprinter. The waving of the comedic red card certainly drowned all hopes Bolton may have had. Still our lawyer suggests the game, bird and ball had already migrated to North London. That Stuart Atwell is certainly making an impression. Probably better suited at ... piano playing anyone.
Jussi Jaaskelainen was hardly man of the match.
                                                                        The secret to his stopping abilities lay in his choice of clothing.
An attempt at irridescent orange helped. Some suspiciously magnetic qualities may have also been a factor. But surely the large bullseye adorning his orange kit was the most likely explanation.
Sure Spurs had 46,000 shots on goal but almost all of those on target were struck precisely at Jussi. Yes he stayed between the goals and most of the time that was a direct invitation to propel the ball straight at him. Gleefully and continually accepted particularly by Ade and Jermain. Les Ferdinand will perhaps point this simple fact out later in the week. Perhaps our little sports car could also add a word. Nicely placed in the top corner. No Jussi. Great to see Aaron's improvement really catching fire.
Lots of other moments being hotly discussed here at an increasingly ebullient lunch ...
 At A Kent Pub.
 Our philosophy is enjoy it while it lasts. Second on Saturday really for a while. Second currently some might argue technically. We have that game in hand.
Next week we have Stoke away and United have Wolves at home. Second might have to wait. The good news is City and Chelsea clash.
Scarier and scarier. Come Christmas Spurs may be ...
.Cheers ... tomorrow is the anniversary of the birth of George Armstrong Custer of Last Stand  fame....History Just Like The Olde Spurs ... Greg Meyer.  coys.

And now watch as Spurs beat Arsenal and Man.City,off the pitch at least.
Don't drop those trophies boys they could do you some serious damage.


Anonymous said...

oi, i'm a bolton fan here and some of this is what you in your leafy lmao lanes call 'tosh'; however i do agree that jussi was acting more as a mobile target than a goal keeper! but heh we had 10 men keeping you down to only 3 goals, whatre you lot like? come on you whites, oi No!!us whites Not you whites!! haha you really need Cahil more then we need him if you want to progress! well tbh i enjoy watching attacking futy and you whites is up there alongside the gunners n the mooners n the pensioners n those that shall not be mentioned from cold trafford!
oi behave now! ;)

Anonymous said...

Ah greg,think you might be right about the colour orange think its been
Researched that the ball will be kicked at you if you wear that colour...
Stoke away is going to be tough.
We need to score first and hopefully early as no doubt they will be parking the team bus in front of goal. We need to give them as little set pieces near our box as possible.
We do have a good recent record there thou.

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