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Monday, 5 December 2011

Scott and Luka: When will their Glory, Glory fade?

With Scott Parker as Errol Flynn as the dashing Lord Cardigan
and Luka Modric as Commander In Chief Lord Raglan

The JimmyG2 Column

 Longest unbeaten run; longest winning run. Broken records to the left of us, broken records to the right of us, into the Top Three rode... . I've heard of a bull in a china shop but a pig in a record shop is a stretch too far.

Apart from an exhilarating attacking display with pace to the left of us, pace to the right of us..(editor: enough already Jimmy with the Charge of the Light Brigade: sorry) Apart from this the outstanding moment was the sending off of Garry, (Harry admits interest), Cahill.

Even after 19 minutes it was clear they were going to endure a battering and Cahill had already shown glimpses of error under pressure (Harry not quite so keen after all) But the test I always apply is if had been the other way round would what size of tacks would we be spitting?

To send a man off for 'denying a goal scoring opportunity' close to the touchline, just inside the half is a prediction worthy of Nostradamus. Cahill wasn't the last man, Zak Knight was more central and closer to the goal, and incidentally a lot faster than Scott Parker. Not that the referee is required to take that into account I agree.

Some might argue that it would take dozens of such decision just to balance the books against the injustices suffered against Manchester Utd. alone over the years. But that is to see the football scene with blindfold, blinkers and dark glasses on. None of that is Bolton's fault, though I do have an instinctive mistrust of coaches who wear shorts on match days.

Owen Coyle could be heard blaming the fact that they are a little club and currently bottom of the league for the cavalier treatment by officialdom. This is a complaint that Tottenham have been heard to mutter from time to time from a slightly different angle: that the top four are differently treated.

But we are the top four and perhaps are benefiting from the top four factor. And enjoying it. We didn't get the Ekotto penalty true but we were 2-0 up at that point and the referee was obviously considering stopping the fight to prevent further damage.

We got all the decisions at W.Brom courtesy of Lee Probart and it is a fact of life that when you're down Lady Luck tends to kick you where it hurts rather than to give you the kiss of life. We would have beaten Bolton in any case but it doesn't hurt to take the wider view. 'Be nice to those you meet up on the way up' as they say.

We played with style, pace and skill and went ahead early, my favourite scenario courtesy of a near post flick by Bale from that man Modric's corner. The celebrations involved removing his boot etched with the name of Gary Speed and displaying it to the fans.

I sometimes wish that Luka would keep his talent under wraps a little more in case someone out there is watching. He would grace any team in Europe at the moment. Chelsea are apparently offering us Lampard in part exchange for him in January. An offer we can definitely refuse to even think about. Harry may be his Uncle but that would be taking nepotism a step too far.

We waited until the second half to get a second but these days even I am relaxed about that. The increasingly influential Lennon scored from the left at the end of a flowing move with a Defoe assist. His positional interchanges with Bale unsettling even more a stretched Bolton defence.

Once again we scored three although it should have been many more but for our unerring ability to find parts of Jussi Jaaskalainen's body to hit; he even saved a couple with his hands. Defoe finished off smartly another Modric corner via Bale at the near post.

Scott Parker toiled manfully in midfield and almost scored adopting the slogan from a famous poem which I am forbidden to mention:

His not to make reply,
His not to reason why,
His but to do & die......

and he certainly does: 'do' not 'die' that is.

Friedel was so bored at one point that he attempted to dismantle the goal, posts, crossbar, nets and all. One can only guess at how long play would have been delayed if that had been Heurelho. Gallas and Kaboul had little to do but did it without fuss.

So, more milestones reached on the way to who knows where. It seems to have been a long season and we haven't even reached Xmas yet. Perhaps that's what the old hands mean when they muse on whether Spurs can withstand the pressures of an end of season run-in when we are in contention.

We did it two seasons ago and there are no signs yet that we won't be able to do it again.

'When can their glory (glory) fade?' indeed. 
I'm standing shoulder to shoulder with Alfred Lord Tennyson on this one.

Transfer rumours:

Drogba and Anelka, surplus to requirements at Chelsea, for Pavlyuchenko, again rumoured to be off to Russia, would be good in January but unlikely as both could get oodles of money in America or Dubai or anywhere other than WHL.

Jan Vertonghen a left sided Ajax and Belgian centre-half and defensive midfielder is also on the rumour tread mill. If he's half as good as their chocolates he could be a useful trade in for Bassong.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Stoke and Peter Crouch on Sunday should provide another three points. They are tall strong and tough but we've got Scott Parker and are quick,skillful and very very good at passing.

'Storm'd at with shot and shell,
They that had fought so well
Came thro' the jaws of Death,
Back from the mouth of Hell,

Well perhaps that's a bit
strong for an away trip to the Potteries but it could be tougher game than home to Bolton. But I'm sticking with 1-3.

Video spot 
This week we give some space for the newly resurgent Jermaine Defoe picked over Van Der Vaart to give the Dutchman's  hamstrings a rest.
He doesn't do subtle but shows some nice movement here, on and off the ball.
Not too sure about the soundtrack; see what you think.


Anonymous said...

You ride your luck knowing it will turn at some stage. I suspect it will run out at Stoke given the windswept desert the ground is. But it does not matter, the team is playing great stuff and everyone is contrbuting. Much has been said about how much Parker and Ade have contributed but lets not forget Friedel. He has brought a degree of calm and confidence to the defense, and is a tough s.o.b. as well.

Anonymous said...

to all fans of other clubs go fuck wont drop it cant drop and the players and the club are going to drive us forward....we have seen to many time a blip but come on less negative more positive we are not the same team of the 90 we are playing the best football in the prem bar city and on our day will beat anyone.....

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Good read and a literary treat Jimmy.

To bring the culture down a brow or two, as young Mr Grace would say: "You're all doing very well"

Al said...

Ahhh, it was good, so good...

Jimmy and Tennyson, a powerful combination. How come they always put his first name before the 'Lord'? Should it be Alan, Lord Sugar?

Arise Sir H of Sandbanks if you can keep this going. The Light Brigade was the classic example of futile heroism, I trust a massacre isn't awaiting round the bend.

JimmyG2 said...

Yes the goal frame incident showed that.Need Ade to get back on the goal trail though his movement is impressive.

Keep the faith friend.I wish I had your belief. But then it's not about me, or you. It's about Harry and the players.

'massacre awaiting'. A true Spur. But at the hands of whom? Can't see it myself.

Putting the name first is very unusual and was probably because he was so famous before he was 'Lorded'.
Not sure Harry is quite up to that.Sorry H

Where will Mrs Slocum's pussy play?

Anonymous said...

on bennie's head?

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