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Monday, 9 January 2012

Top Banana

Not quite but we're getting there.

The JimmyG2 Column

 Apparently I was the only one that saw the huge Fyffes banana blimp that had been  moored over WHL since the third round draw was made. But it was safely towed away and deflated without too much difficulty. I can't believe that I was the only one that saw the 100ft. curved yellow monster. Must be something I ate.

Cheltenham came and gave it a go but we scored three without reply. Players needing games got games and nobody got injured. 'Result' as they say. We sailed serenely into a 4th round tie with Watford which cuts down on the traveling and should give a similar squad another day out.

Our renowned flat track bullies all got goals: Gio actually got a goal and a half courtesy of Jermaine (if it's not nailed down, it's mine ) Defoe. Pavlyuchenko true to form did not do a lot but finished off a lovely move to make it 2-0 just before half time. Gio had a hand in all three goals but it won't convince those that wrote him off three seasons ago for 'off-field' misdemeanors. I won't labour the point as it looks as if he's on his way back to warmer climes.

Bassong unduly impressed the Radio Gloucester commentators and they would have been rendered speechless if Kaboul had turned out. By the end of the game Basso was 18 stone and 7ft. 2”. but at least the two awestruck Gloucester men didn't overindulge in the inane, tedious, boys' banter that ruins Radio London's coverage of the Spurs games.

Well it did until I discovered 'livefootyonline', live link on the right hand side, and in two seasons I haven't missed more than a couple of games. If they don't get the Nobel prize for something or other it's obviously more fixed than the Eurovision Song Contest.

The transfer window is wide open and the curtains thrown back to reveal a barren unpopulated landscape. Our only 'really need' is some backup for Adebayor despite a story in the Mail that Ledley is out for a couple of months with a hamstring tear. I note that Leandro is still being touted for the third window running.

Ledders and Gallas only make up one player between them so its only half a loss if true. Bassong and Dawson have made a decent pairing in the past if Kaboul is unavailable and Livermore is shaping up as a very useful utility player: midfield, right back and centre half, so far.

With Caulker available next season and Cahill demanding £120K I would give all this a miss and stick with what we've got. However Harry likes the look of Samba or possibly Collins from Aston Villa, so we might find that my advice is ignored once again. In any case, as you know, I never comment on transfer rumours

The next genuine 'big one' is on Wednesday night against Everton and we should have a pretty damned fine squad available. Only Sandro, Ledley and Tom are officially out of action, Parker should return. If we lend them Piennar for the night it might help; us not them.

We might have to get used to a team that picks its way delicately round the man-traps, bear pits and banana skins and gets on with the job of winning when it matters. You can trade in your 'fickle fan' badges at the Spurs shop in exchange for 'Oh no not Champions' League again' stickers from today.

We don't even need Jenas as a scapegoat any more. But I expect someone will step up to the plate when things go a little wonky, as they inevitably will at some point. Not against Everton though I suspect.

2-0 Spurs.

Video spot. 
You remember all those banana skins we used to slip up on? Well now we can look back and laugh and admire the story of the banana as it comes to our shores. The famous 'Banana Boat Song' by Harry Belafonte.


Anonymous said...

funny enough i think most of us were watching the game not bannanas!!!

EngNor said...

Shit article Jimmy, though great Bananas. ;)

Maybe Charlie will be the only one departing through the WHL gates this window, the summer window should see plenty of comings and goings.

Happy new year!

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

If Samba is available and at a seemingly low (it's all relative) price I think we should try to get him. Though short term, Dawson, Kaboul and Bassong is fine. The extent of Gallas' and King's injuries are key to such a decision.

Agree, a back up forward is required. A tough one at the best of times as we have seen, let alone in the Jan window.

JimmyG2 said...

Not to everyone's taste, bananas, I agree, but I grew up after the war when fruit was in very short supply.
I still see banana skins everywhere, but hey like Spurs I can change.
Think there will be at least two or three 'comings' and 'goings'in January.
Just a bunch, sorry hunch.

Anonymous said...

We clearly need to add to the squad. Corluka's replacement by Walker has robbed us of a player whose name ends in A which we all know is the sign of a football giant. Bringing in Samba and Drogba could restore the balance to the side. They can join Luka, Rafa, Parka, Ada and the rest to take us to the top.

JimmyG2 said...

Hope we sign Samba, it would open up all sorts of dance related columns and puns.
'Spurs dance to a different beat with Samba signing'
You know the sort of thing.

Anon 12:59
Good extension of the 'banana' theme.
You forgot Frieda

EngNor said...

We`ve already had a couple of slip ups and I`m sure they wont be the last, luckily for us, other 4th place chasers are slipping up as well.

I feel Jan Vertonghen would be a better purchase than Samba, He has that big game experience and is far more versatile.

All will be revealed come the end of January. COYS!

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

I think Samba would be a gift from the heavens or at least the back of the East Stand upper for you Jimmy. I look forward to us signing him, for both reasons!

Rio said...

Hi Jimmy, I really like bananas. I've just eaten one. I may have missed the point though.

No excuses for tonight. Had actually forgotten Pienaar was available, will Harry be tempted to play him in his favoured central role? Not sure he'll be able to resist turning him into a bad left winger so think he'll go with Livermore. From bananas to lemons...

JimmyG2 said...

Did I,or did I not say, 2-0 Spurs?
Harry played the strongest team available with everyone in their proper positions.
Livermore played very well but MOM for me was Van Der Vaart.
Ran further and made more passes than any other player.

'Life is just a bowl of cherries', bananas and lemons.

Rio said...

You called it Jim, my pathetic 2-1 shout has been well and truly eclipsed.

I'm in the middle of a big apology towards young Jake. MotM pour moi, although Rafa and Benny with special mentions.

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