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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Harry odds on but not a certainty.

Harry odds on but read this before you bet.

The JimmyG2 Column

 Today we welcome our Founder Muser JimmyG2 to the spare room to reflect on the ongoing Capello, Redknapp, England Manager, farrago.

Good  afternoon Jimmy and thanks for coming in at such short notice.

Entirely my pleasure. I was just sexing some chickens but they can wait.

(Editor: I think we'll leave that bit out Jim it might give people the wrong idea.)

Ok Jim let's get down to business.
Was the verdict on Harry and the resignation of Capello on the same day a pure coincidence?

Well I'm not usually a conspiracy theorist but it looks very suspicious at first sight. However it would have been far beyond the organisational skills of the FA to co-ordinate such a sequence of events.

Will the FA. keep to their expressed intention of only considering English candidates?

Well they backtracked from that pledge almost as soon as they made it. And you know what Sam Goldwyn said about verbal contracts. 'Not worth the paper they are printed on'. Hiddink and Mourinho could be shortlisted.

Although the popular press and their readers are all baying for an English candidate and are unwilling to let go once they've got their teeth into something. In fact Bernstein has just cofirmed that foreign managers will be considered. 'Best man for the job' and all that.

Well Capello and Erikkson were pretty abject failures weren't they?

Apparently not;  See table.


Win %

Fabio Capello
Steve McClaren
Sven-Goran Erikkson
Kevin Keegan
Glenn Hoddle
Terry Venables

Courtesy of the BBC

You might add Hoddle to that shortlist looking at that. David Bernstein says that Capello was expensive but not a mistake when asked whether he was an 'expensive mistake'

Will the job be offered to Harry?

Unless he rules himself out beforehand almost definitely yes There's certainly not an awful lot of English candidates out there. Basically Harry and Roy Hodgson, and Roy's CV looks a bit bleak lately. The others are all too young with limited Premiership or International experience. Alan Pardew has already ruled himself out, not that he was ever in.

Will Harry take the job if offered?

That's a definate maybe.
He's on record as saying it is the ultimate prize and yet it would not appeal to him because it rules out day to day contact with players. He might get bored. But it would give him more time with Sandra, the dogs and his business affairs. In that case make that a 'yes'

What would Harry's first England side look like?

Button, Walker, Dawson, King, Rose,Bentley, Parker (capt.) Livermore, Lennon , Defoe, Lancaster.

I said 'England' Jim .

I know, I heard you.

Harry has just said that he hasn't thought about the England job and is concentrating on Tottenham Hotspurs (eek!)

Very wise since he has had a tax evasion case hanging over him for the past five years. Not that anyone believes him. Except the jury in the tax case of course.

Will Spurs let him go?

At a price, but I can't see Daniel Levy standing in his way and enforcing his contract as he did with Modric. It would not make for a happy relationship and Harry could always buy himself out in any case. Daniel might be already focused on wider horizons.

When will he go if he goes?

An England caretaker will come in until the end of the season, perhaps Harry on a part time basis or Stuart Pearce who has already been confirmed  in charge for the Holland friendly game at the end of this month. Then, after Tottenham get third, happy smiles and handshakes all round and 'Harry Redknapp, England Manager' the story begins.

Who replaces him at Spurs?

Moyes solid but dull; Mourinho successful but exotic, perhaps too exotic for Daniel and he won't like or even accept the financial limitations. Anyone on the shortlist who doesn't get the England job including Hiddink. Younger managers will be ruled out because of our new elite status.

Will we miss him?

For about three weeks if we make a good start to next season. He will be fondly remembered by all Spurs fans as the one that took us back to new dizzy heights but any competent manager should be able to build on what he has done.
The squad will be same; the Champions' League will attract more marquee signings than a Boy Scout Convention; there's a new Stadium on its way; rumours of a new pay structure for the squad.
Put it this way, they wouldn't be able to get all the applicants in here unless we take out that old sofa and move the desk onto the other side.

Are you going to put a bet on?

Not at those prices. I don't have any friends called Milan or Mandaric.

Last word to Jamie Redknap, Jimmy.
'It's my dad's ambition to manage England but he might stay at Spurs.'

I think that sums it all up pretty well.

Exciting times Jim and I'll let you get back to the chickens.

I thought we edited that bit out.

Video spot.
An FA instruction video for managers on how to conduct an inspirational  half time team talk.
Harry take note. Capello's poor English may have prevented him from reaching this standard.

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