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Sunday, 5 February 2012

The Man that may Wreck Spurs season

 Harry Redknapp stars as Paul Newman
in the remake of 'The Verdict'

The Greg Meyer Column

 Greg's back in court with Harry as we await the verdict that might seriously affect our future. Summing up on Monday and verdict on Tuesday wiith any luck. Then England and Spurs can do some serious forward planning. Mind you if there is an appeal it might drag on until the end of the season. 
On Monday night I would take a draw but they are more ambitious down at A Kent Pub and can see a win. Well here at the 'Musing's we are not always wrong which means that on this occasion Greg could be right.
Sunday 5 Febuary 2011 ... Seems Everyone Was Born  Today ... For Starters Cristiano Ronaldo Turns  Twenty Seven.


Football In The Court ... A Spurs Away Match.


Has Henry James Redknapp scored a spectacular own goal.

Better known as just 'Arry with an apologetic cockney accent ,seems things became very heated towards the end of a torrid encounter. HMRC vs Mandaric and Redknapp was well towards time on. Next by no means least the Defence summing up looms. Still before then Harry Redknapp was on the stand undergoing sustained cross examination by one John Black QC.

In response to fierce questioning over his telling News of The World reporter Beasley about the Peter Couch transfer ...

           Harry had told the reporter.. tape recordings produced to the Court...

   " The money was paid to me by Milan as a bonus for selling Peter Crouch."

         Harry told the Southwark Count Court ..

  " I lied to Mr Beasley. I wanted him to go away."

As Mr. Black puts it this is compelling evidence of Harry Redknapp's guilt.

A fascinating encounter and one unless you have been sitting in Court 6 at Southwark ,one hard to judge yourself.

 Still that's left to the 4 women and 8 men doing jury duty on Harry's case.

Our pub hope Harry has not scored a spectacular own goal. As well we remain entirely convinced in the qualities of defence Counsel John Kelsey-Fry QC. But what of the opposition ...


John Black QC for the Prosecution.

Certainly has the name for practising on the dark side. To us common folk that is the side of the Crown against the rest of us.

Called to silk in 1975 means he is a very experienced lawyer. As well his CV and critiques reveal him dealing in heavyweight criminal matters with varying degrees of success.

The good news says our pub is his thus far lack of spectacular successes in defending those not on the dark side. Quite unlike our James Bond representing Harry.

Mind despite the spectacular goal scoring ability of one John Kelsey-Fry QC he, the aptly named John Black QC, remains a redoubtable opponent. Probably, almost certainly why he got the job regards Harry.

News on his outdoor interests are hard to come by. A Surrey resident it seems. Otherwise whether he joins Harry and Mr. Kelsey-Fry in the sport of kings at Ascot and others is not readily availble. Hopefully he doesn't just stay at home and prepare law cases against allegedly clueless Football club managers who have no idea about investment , tax and that kind of thing.

Our pub initially thought that Mr. Mandaric, co-defendant, may have muddied the waters so as to blacken our Harry's name. But no seems to have been largely driven snow or as white as so far. The big concern here is has Harry's propensity for saying too much again led to an own goal. Much to talk about here ...


 At A Kent Pub.


Mine Host says there is life after Harry even if the verdict on Wednesday is not to our liking.

Talking of verdicts , Louis Suarez returns for our big game at Liverpool Monday night. Probably on the bench which is good news. A far more potent stirker than the ex Newcastle lump. The longer Louis is off the better for us.

Our lawyer reckons if we have Ade, Van, Ledley together with the normal crew, then an away win is realistic.Even without Defoe and Lennon surely if our 2012 Title propects( sounds great doesn't it) turn up with the right attitude then a win over Pool is likely.

Before we go those interesting birthdays. For the older brigade... Frank Muir, writer, 92 years ...David Sullivan, soft porn and football apparently, 63 years, maybe porn is not that bad for you although  owning West Ham is ...

Spurs have a big 4 weeks coming up ... we have not been this close to a title for a while ...Lets hope Monday night  turns out the start of an amazing Febuary.

By the by one last birthday. Charlotte Rampling, a very cool lady, birthday today ... her best known film ..
 'The  Verdict'


Cheers ... Good Luck Harry at Liverpool and Southwark ... Greg Meyer      coys.

Video spot.
Features Ryan Nelson doing some work with a cancer charity for kids in New Zealand. He will fit in well at Spurs who have stressed the importance in recent years of getting involved with the local community


Anonymous said...

So what if Harry lied to the news of the world..make sense
To me;-)

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that anyone would even contemplate that Harry might be even a tiny bit shifty!


Vinny said...

Frank Muir 92? I think you'll find he died in 1998 or thereabouts.
As for Arry, if Betfair put a market up I'd be lumping on an acquittal.

Anonymous said...

Harry should get at least a draw for lying to the NOW

Anonymous said...

Firstly who would believe an News of the Word hack and secondly i live twelve miles from Liverpool. The reason i mention this i have been supporting Spurs for50 Year April 15th when i turn 60 shit i no but there you are a bus pass for me is beckoning. Right this is why i mentioned my supporting Spurs and birthday i could be one of the 12 Jurors and if i was then i would vote not guilty. The lesson here is there are Spurs Supporters all over the World and Harry needs a few in the 12. What we need is not too get beat by a Robot Cyborg called Kuyt who robbed Utd of a Cup spot this never bothered me because we would have drawn Utd away it always happens. Lets look at what if we lose scenario we will be six points ahead of our nearest rivals and then we play the overachievers Newcastle who could put a black and white Collie in there team and win Why ?. The answer is in there work rate is very high no matter how many players are missing there Work rate stays the same. These teams have the same work rate Sunderland Liverpool Newcastle i have seen them lose there best players yet they still win and all have players with the dreaded weight loss of a team who play at a high work rate. My fellow Cockerels at the Kent pub no by now why i mention this because if we don't match Liverpool's Tempo with Carroll Bellamy Kuyt Henderson Spearing Adams and Freddie Mercury Suares and Chief Bunnie Gerrard we will be overrun. Lets hope penalty's go our way and bad tackles are done by the over active Liverpool we may just win or draw on the other hand Saha might tell our lads what the secret is to Kuyt running and Bellamy playing like he is 21 again. Coys iam praying for the game too be called off lets hope UKAD have read my blog then i wont be worried the score would be 3-1

Anonymous said...

^^ guy above me, You are speaking complete pessimistic nonsense. Not a single player on he liverpool team I would trade for a spur. Remember liverpool wanting defoe? That's because our backups are better than their first team. Maybe you need to move closer to london mate, you're getting that red taint. COYS

rob said...

not guilty! Coys let smash em again!

rob said...

hope the refs aware of suarez's diving especialy in the box and the crunching takles they will do on bale again

white football socks said...

not guilty - put whoevers idea it was to have the trial on trial for wasting tax payers money. They spent millions trying to recover £30,000

Anonymous said...

The guy above who said i have a red tint i don't take ephedrine energy drugs. I have supported my team for 50 years this year and this is one game i love my team winning but also i have too take on-board what i found out is being used in the North West where i come from. This tempo has nothing to do with King Kenny and it comes out when the critics are at there loudest. The Liverpool that got beat by Bolton and the one we beat last season when it was a dead game is the proper Liverpool tempo. So call me stupid but don't question my loyalty or it will be pistol at dawn with blanks off course i would not shoot a fellow Cockerel. Tonight i expect Liverpool to chase the ball like there lives depended on it and there Tempo will be manic with a baying crowd and the reason why there King nearly lost his crown a few weeks back out come the tempo Kuyt Bellamy Carrol Adams Hendersons work rate increased twofold since the Bolton game. and results City 2-2 Utd 2-1 Wolves 3-0and all in the second half top up tempo half. I hate saying this but i ask you if you could see this like looking at a drunk man would you keep silent or highlight what's going on and this team is the one who first showed me about Tempo tampering . This tempo will be there next week with ex Liverpool players Gutteridge and overachievers Castle

Anonymous said...

I watched 'The Verdict' a couple of weeks ago on Sky. Usually love court room dramas but it was a load of boring shite. He gave some skinny bird a proper back hander though lol.

mynameisluka said...

Is that you Davspurs?... thought so...

Anonymous said...

Guy above we have the best tempo in the league so I rather think you are misjudging nerves with pure sillyness p.s dont call him "King" Kenny as there is only one king in the prem!! Happy birthday though fellow spurs fan!! :)

Anonymous said...

Its not till the 15 of April and Davspurs is pussy cat too me iam the pimpernel they seek me here they seek me there those scousers seek me everywhere. We have the fastest players in the league what iam talking about is blanket defending and hitting on the break. Our defence is not Energised trust me if it was then the blog above would be empty and my Voice would be silent.Lets forget what i no and hope we win like we have done and Bale or others get us a result. The problem is we are losing players by the hour Kaboul being the latest we must have the worse injury's in the premiership.

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