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Monday, 26 March 2012

Harry plugs the leaks and stops the rot.

The rot has been identified, treated and stopped.

The JimmyG2 Column

 Perhaps a dangerous moment to survey our season so far but then Spurs supporters live their lives on the edge of danger and under the threat of an imminent headlong plunge into the icy waters. Do I exaggerate? You know very well that I do not.

Rentokil have been brought in and the rot both wet dry have been thoroughly eradicated subject to further surveys on a weekly basis. No guarantee has been issued yet as it's a very tricky problem to which key locations in N17 are particularly prone.

Unbeaten now in two which is more impressive than it might sound; 5 points clear of Chelsea and, yes, Newcastle who are still creeping up stealthily. We have a  more than even chance of a Cup Semi-Final appearance. The ship has been stabilized even though icebergs are all around. Two draws do not a Global Warming make but the ice flows seem less threatening than before.

The season started with our Zeebrugge moment. Setting sail for the season with the bow doors open as it were. Two games and two defeats and the view from the bridge looked distinctly hazy. ( * Editor. 'Distinctly hazy'. How does that work Jimmy?) But the ship was steered out of the harbour into calmer seas and we began to enjoy deck quoits, sun recliners and taking tea with the captain.

This second phase brought us 31/33 points in 11 games with one draw to spoil a perfect passage.. We raced into third where we stayed for 18 games. But the waters were getting increasingly choppy and in the third phase we managed only 6 wins in 17. We started to lose our heads whilst all about us, Arsenal, were keeping theirs. Man the lifeboats but don't panic.

We now enter the fourth and probably final phase. 8 'winnable' games in what is probably an easier run in, on paper, than our rivals and everything to play for. Champions 'League and Wembley beckon. The well earned point against Chelsea gives us some hopes that the Good Times if not exactly leaning against the mantlepiece with a drink in their hands are at least knocking on the front door with a bottle and demanding entry to the party.

First up though is a Cup Replay against Bolton at the Lane. Home advantage may prove decisive and the fact that Fabrice Muamba has made the first vital first steps towards a remarkable recovery should reduce the emotional atmosphere of the tie and allow us to get on with the job of winning  it. Defoe,Rose, Livermore, Sandro, Cudocini,, Nelsen and anybody else found loitering on the High Road to start.
Spurs 2-0.

Against Chelsea we took the first half to have a careful look at what they had to offer. When we realised that it didn't add up to much we took them on and should have won. Though they just shaded the first half we should have gone in a goal up when Van Der Vaart surprisingly  failed to put away a clear chance in the closing minute.

In the second half Adebayor put clear by the pass of the game by Modric took the ball round Czech but under hit the shot which enabled Gary Cahill to make a lunging block. Walker too had a good opportunity but hit the side netting and Bale headed powerfully against the bar.

Mata hit the post with a free kick but that was about it from the home side apart from a couple of scary moment with Droghba and Gallas. We almost broke the Stamford Bridge hoodoo with out first win there since before the Premiership era began. But the performance in itself should restore some confidence.

Modric, Parker Bale and Adebayor all returned to something like their earlier form and with the promise of a return to fitness of Lennon 4th place if not exactly 'nailed on' seems more likely than not.Harry was more animated on the touchline and more proactive tactically too.

Sandro and Parker who played well in a more defensive role plugged the leaks freeing up Modric to do what he likes best, run with the ball. Bale was confined mainly to the left to the consternation of Bosengwa and Adebayor returned to play well up front. Third is not an impossibility.

I am a little unsure what 'nailed on' means but in any case my old woodwork teacher advised never using nails when you could use screws. Perhaps there is a lesson somewhere in there for Daniel Levy. As the Tories say 'Labour failed to fix the roof when the sun was shining' with either nails or screws.

In other words Mr. Levy improve the team even when it's doing well whenever you get the chance and use the best materials available. At least a top class striker is still needed, two if Adebayor slips from our grasp, and another keeper, under 30 if possible.There must be one or two around.

We were circled by sharks and the lifeboat sprang a leak but after two decent games we have kept our heads above water.The 'Harry for England' doldrums could be disappearing over the horizon. We are waving not drowning for the moment and there is still all to play for.

Harry and the boys have plugged the leaks and stopped the rot but vigilence is required if it is not to creep up on us again. Keep that Rentokil number handy just in case.

Video spot.
Step forward Kyle Walker who Musings feel embodies the future of the club. You wouldn't want those stary eyes bearing down on you I'm sure. Pace, power and increasingly better defending. As Harry says, 'He's learning the game'.


Anonymous said...

What a beautifully written article, a pleasure to read, and echoes my thoughts exactly, specially regarding Levy investing when the sun is shining, not waiting till it pours with rain. Had we bought the class act striker we cried out for the past 4 windows, we would most definitely had done better than our already vast improvement.

galvinwasgod said...

Jimmy if we start with Defoe,Rose, Livermore, Sandro, Cudocini and Nelsen tonight we'll lose the game. On a separate point, I think we'll qualify for the CL. we've had our bad run, 'easy' april is almost upon us and we are still better than arsenal and chelsea. what could possibly go wrong?

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