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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

If it's all so good why do I feel so bad?

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 The JimmyG2 Column

So did we have a good season or not? And if it was all so good why, do I feel so bad? I've been browsing through the stats and apparently as Harry declares we have had a 'fantastic season'; best points per game since they stopped using pigs' bladders; top four for the second time in three years; seven points more than last year; Our 2nd highest points total in the Premiership and 4th of all time.

We've also had the best goal difference since 1980/81, and in most of the years since then our goal difference has been negative; we are third in the clean sheets league and third top of goals scored, and so it goes on. Now stats. can prove a lot of things and are essential for Premiership Trivial Pursuits but they can't make you feel better.

It's not my job to prove things either way or to convince you that the feelings you have are wrong. But I simply state that this season has left a sour taste where the sweet taste of success should be. Now I am not denying that it could just be me, the miserable old sod's miserable old sod. But I certainly feel let down whatever Harry says.

Let's trace it back through the season starting with the manner of Arsenal's victory over West Brom and the cruel twist of fate that decreed that it was to be ex-Spur Marton Fulop that gifted them two goals in his first appearance of the season. And for the benefit of Arsenal of all clubs.

Then the goal that never was against Chelsea in the Semi Final which helped blight our season. We had a similar decision against Gomes in a Chelsea match last year. And that little knot of injustice is, like chronic indigestion, hard to shift. And for Chelsea to have the opportunity to snatch our just deserts away from us compounds that sense of hurt.

Then there was the total cock up by the FA of the England appointment that proved such a distraction for Harry at a crucial time. A temporary appointment should have been made immediately until after the European Championship rather then leave possible candidates of whom Harry was the popular favourite in limbo.

Tax charges and heart surgery were also visited upon Harry and it is to his credit that apparent disruption was kept to the minimum. But there can be no doubt that they all played their part. These were the 'events dear boy' that you cannot legislate against but just because you become paranoid doesn't mean that they are not out to get you.

I'm not in general a conspiracy man. Life is far too random and most people are barely in control of their own lives let alone organised enough to affect other people's deliberately. The world is largely a series cock ups and Spurs like all other teams get their share.

You can throw in various decisions against us, Adebayor's three offside goals that were clearly valid. Recent analysis reported in The Telegraph of refereeing decisions reveals that we should have finished third by a margin. All challenging teams have 'blipped' this season and perhaps we missed the opportunity to take full advantage due to our concentration being distracted by some of the events above.

Harry's interpretation of all this is that “To finish fourth in a Champions League place, we can’t ask for more than that'. But at 2-0 up against Arsenal and a ten point lead in third we certainly could have asked for more automatic qualification for the Champions' League for a start.

The give away phrase in Harry's remarks is 'to finish in the top four is great for us'. In other words we should be grateful for what Harry has given us and we have no right to expect anything more. There I part company with him. We have a right to aspire to the CL every year and a serious challenge on the Premiership title too.

Perhaps that is what is nagging away in my brain. We had in it within our grasp and at best let it slip and at worst chucked it away. He goes on,“Tottenham have only finished in the top four twice since the Premier League started and I’ve been lucky enough to be manager both times. I’m very proud of that.”

Good for you Harry, but not good enough for the expectations of many Spurs fans especially those that can still remember the 'Glory, glory days'. Admittedly a diminishing band like the survivors of the Battle of the Somme but the spirit is still there within the club and this season it was ours to lose and wouldn't you know, we lost it.

Seven years of progress and consolidation under Harry and Martin Jol, has led to the assembly of an experienced team that certainly don't lack the mentality to succeed: Van Der Vaart, Gallas, Parker, Sandro, Kaboul, Friedel, Adebayor amongst others, poised on the edge of success.

Belief, mental strength, bad luck, lack of ambition, conspiracy, lack of a 60.000 stadium, no sugar daddy, pick your own explanation. If you're happy to come fourth occasionally then good luck to you but this feeling I have tells me that I am not, despite all the odds. We should aim at to be top and feel aggrieved if we don't make it. Failure having 'traces of glory' and all that.

This is in no way anti Harry even if he does seem to lack ambition on our behalf. He has done more than enough to continue as manager but with a little more belief from the top who knows what we might achieve. The players don't need anyone to provide them with excuses  to under- perform.


Anonymous said...

Now lets get real. At the beggining of the season in the top four was the best we could hope for plus perhaps winning a cup. Everyone would have taken that given the competition we were up against.

To get top four it meant either Arsenal or Chelsea would not as Man U and City looked odds on to be in the top two. So we acheived what we set out to do

What delighted us all was that up until February we could dream of better. Everything looked good and if we had got a few more points during our tough period in early March we would have got third. In fact over acheiving

I prefer to look at Spurs season performences in a graph and if look at the last ten years the graph line is upwards. We have to keep it going upwards and that will be tough

We do not have a big ground yet at any rate and we dont have a sugar daddy pouring money into the signing of top players

We do have a very good team with three or four top class players and the rest just below, we have a manager that has just been brilliant for us and we have a loyal folowing that makes for a great atmosphere at the Lane. We are also financialy secure

What we need to do is keep our top class players and sign at least two more but hopefully three. If we do this we will at least maintain our position but hopefully improve. The season after next we do the same again and keep the team refreshed and improving

Most importantly we need the new stadium

This has been repeat has been a great season! We should not get ahead of ourselves as there are other clubs out there trying to get what we have and we are trying to get what other clubs have

Spurs are in the best shape since early and later eithties and finally getting back where we belong but it has to be done slowley and solidly to ensure it is ever lasting

So do not be down and applaud the strides we ARE MAKING

Anonymous said...

Great stuff. Btw do you have a link for the telegraph article? As a spurs fan I naturally enjoy causing myself as much pained anguish as possible. Hopefully, with remy and vertonghen etc next year, combined with bale and walker improving, luka hitting his prime and some great new players coming through, combined with less distractions (surely there can be nothing else!) we can do what should have happened this year. The game in Munich is the most important in our recent history, and we're not even playing it!

Anonymous said...

We can list the things that seemed to go against us - but a hell of a lot went for us! Cahill's ridiculous sending off, Walker's handball at Fulham, Bale's relentless diving, Watford away (how did we win that?), the FA Cup draws against lower league sides - a lot of stuff went our way. We fielded weakened teams in the europa so our first team played a fraction of the games of any of the teams around us.
No, we F***ed it up. Players became complacent, and in some cases like Bale & Adebayor, began to believe the hype that they're world class. And Harry's insistence of changing formations with the tactical nouse of a pub team manager was our inevitable downfall. Villa away with Arsenal dropping points the day before was an utter disgrace. Harry played for the draw.
Even if Chelsea lost to Bayern, the qualification of the champs Lge has changed without seeding. So no more Young Boys this time. We could easily draw a top German or Italian side like the Arse did last season v Udinese. And I dont think we would be ready to beat a top European team pre-season.
Europa Cup awaits again. thanks Harry!

Ed Moloney said...

I agree with anonymous. A lot of bad luck and various cock-up's intervened for sure but the Villa game will haunt 'Arry if Chelsea beat Bayern. He did play for a draw, he could have put Defoe on and have gone for all three points but he bottled, and I suspect there was an element of cynical calculation involved, that a draw would ensure fourth place, satisfy the chairman, insulate him from criticism at that level and keep him at WHL. The worst and most unforgivable aspect of that is that he took control of their own destiny away from the team and by extension the supporters, leaving Spurs' fate in the hands first of WBA and now Munich. When you relinquish control of your own future you deserve all that follows. He may be lucky and Bayern will get us through but if that doesn't happen we'll all remember the Villa game as one that defined 'Arry's character.

Anonymous said...

Absolut, as they say in Sweden. We should have finished third, pushing the top two and we should have been in the FA Cup final. The game against Villa sums it up: 63% possession, 19 corners, 22 attempts on goal. one penalty scored. Every reason to be frustrated. A much better squad than Arsenal but a place below them. Is Harry a winner? I am thinking not

TMWNN said...

How can anyone claim that losing out to the worst scum side for sometime and losing 5-1 to scumski in the cup semi final is a great season?

Anonymous said...

You feel bad because at 2-0 up and a potential 13 point lead over Arsenal our Renaissance was complete.Only to be cruelly snatched away to be returned to the Dark Ages.
How can I put it?
It's like making love to, Pollyanna Woodward, that bird in the Gadget Show, and just as you're about to orgasm ... you wake up next to Gail Tilsley.
You get my drift?
Had you never had that moment with Pollyanna you wouldn't have felt quite so bad about Gail.
At least that little 4 game revival at the close of the season gave you the courage to finally leave Gail and take up with Baby Spice.

JimmyG2 said...

Anon 23:26.
I dont have the link but there is a thread on Sours Commumity Spurs chat forums.(2nd page by now)

Anon 05:54
Seek help as soon as possible.

Villa game seems to put the finger on the deal.
And (Ed Malony) when Defoe came on against Fulham he scored within five minutes and did everything we would want to see.
If he played like that every game he would not be looking elsewhere and nor would we.
My gut feeling might be a lot worse on Sunday even though my head can see the bigger picture.

Blunt and to the point as usual.

Anonymous said...

Giving away a 13 point lead over the arse really is unforgivable in my opinion, Harry could have put all the talk of the England job to bed from day 1 if he really wasnt interested in it (which clearly he was) which maybe might have reduced our 'blip' a tad. Also Harrys "I'm well pleased with 4th" statements tend to show his complete lack of ambition for us which really is quite annoying so I think he's done all he can for us, show him the door and get David Moyes in.

alwyn said...

Ignoring the first two games, I'd say our really poor performances in the league (i.e. performances which, if they were our consistent way of doing things, would put us in the bottom 4) were as follows: Arsenal (A) and Norwich (H).

Defeats against City (A), Everton (A), QPR (A) and Man U (H) are regretabble, of course, but seen optimistically it could've gone "either way" and we were attacking non-stop (and nobody can deny that our loss to City was unjust given Balotelli's kick on Parker). In truth, was there any diff in the way we played these 3 games as compared to how we beat Swansea, Blackburn and Fulham? Didn't these victories (esp against Fulham) also contain some lapses, mistakes, etc.?

Psychologically, though, the 5-2 defeat at the Emirates surely took its toll and i'd say the Spurs mgmt absolutely must find a way to 'recover' from such setbacks. Note: Despite all this, isn't it interesting that 3rd place in the end boiled down to our inability to beat Villa 2 wks back?

My point is that whilst I can understand Jimmy's frustration (i don't think i smiled at all between Arsenal's 3rd goal and Walker's free-kick against Blackburn), we should acknowledge the success earned, accept that the lads did really go all out this season and thank Harry for what he's done and - most importantly - cheer for Bayern this weekend (grin).

Anonymous said... not happy either...Arry is a clueless ginger fuckbrain, we need to get rid of the cunt after the way he fukked up our season. If Chelscum win the CL Arry the ginger fuckbrain should be sacked immediately after the final whistle of that game on Saturday! Keep Defoe because he can score goals when he gets a chance to play, and get RID OF GINGER FUCKBRAIN for screwing us....I reckon he thought the Engloid managers job was his in March so he took a BIG BACKHANDER from some cunt at the Emptycrates to make sure we finished below them AGAIN!!!!

Anonymous said...

........dont care what ginger twitch says,,,,fact is he didnt play Defoe in games WE NEEDED TO WIN!!! In 1 game recently he brought Defoe on with only 3 minutes left to play!!! WTF was that about the stupid cunt?? Why bother to bring a player on with 3 minutes to go unless someone is injured? We had more chance of giving away a last minute goal!!! Let him go back to the Pikey fux at Numpty Park where he can be assistant manager to Fat Sam!! Just get ginger fuckbrain out the door as soon as the CL final is over!!!

Anonymous said...

put very succintly into a nutshell. Thx TMWNN. I mean, all those looking at the positives here need to drop the rose tinted specs and take a good look at Twitch....HE IS GINGER!!! A REDHEAD as they say!! And hes called REDcrapp!!! All the good(ish) work he did over the last 2 seasons he TOTALLY fukked up for me since February this year!! FUKKIN UNFORGIVABLE this numpty cunt thought he was the next Engloid manager and completely forgot about his club duties in anticipation!! Unfukkinforgivable!!

Anonymous said...

yeah, Redcrapp sounds about right. Our sudden drop in form after Crapio Crappello vacated the England job and Arrys tactical and substitutional ineptitude since has been nothing short of a scandal...Im fairly certain money has been flying about in the background going into some more off-shore dodgy DOGGY accounts and I bet Arsole Wanker from the Woolwich Wanderers has something to do with it. What a fukkin sh!t season after we was only 3 points behind Man Shitty at the top of the table!!

CydTheYid said...

Why should expectations not change during the season? Had we been top of the table and 10 points clear of second and then finished 4th would this also constitute a good season, no. The fact of the matter is, we blew our chance to not only consign scum to the wait that we now endure, but also expel their infuriating gloating over us. However narrow the gap between us has become, they still sit above us with bragging rights. I for one am sick of having to listen to it. For Redcrapp to insinuate we should be glad and grateful for our top 4 finish, which come Saturday may amount to nothing is a disgrace. Where's his ambition for the club. If he doesn't exude the confidence that we can finish higher, how can he instil it into his players. He's a media whore who has been fortunate to inherit a decent squad. We finished 4th, but with a little nous and a little of his self promoted good bloke man management, we should have finished higher. Sure we've had some rotten decisions go against us and arguably the most inept goalkeeping display the Premier League has ever witnessed to deny us a higher position

Rio said...

Hi Jimmy, love the show.

I agree with all of the above to a greater or lesser extent.

However, I agree with every word of this:
''..this season has left a sour taste where the sweet taste of success should be.''

Perfectly put.

Ed Moloney said...

Here's something to cheer everyone up, a reminder of glory days: Greaves, Gilzean, Robertson even Mo Norman in cracking form against a Man U team that fielded the likes of Charlton, Law & Stiles. I was there as a teenager and Greaves' goal still sends the shivers up my spine. Enjoy!

JimmyG2 said...

Thanks Ed Malony.
Any excuse to watch my namesake JimmyG1 at work.
There's some great clips on the sidebar of that video too.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

For many years I've felt a few clubs have played into the hands of the Sky4 and now Man City. They are too content to complain about the gap in resources and too self-congratulatory if they even take a point of our richer and betters.

Ultimately, this season we have been the example par excellence of this limited/defeatist attitude.

When you get in amongst them, they are not so far ahead or amazing. When you are 10 points clear in third with a couple of months of the season to go, we shouldn't be doing cartwheels at scraping fourth.Chelsea and Arsenal will be better next season, will we?

It is also worth remembering that 4th, even if bayern win, gets one a play off not a CL spot. It is also worth remembering Glory is trophies not 4th spot. If we are in the Europa League next season let's try and win it.

JimmyG2 said...

I would take Ya Ya Toure, Aguera,Silva and Hart,but wouldn't swap Modric,Van,Sandro,Bale,Lennon,Adebayor, or Walker for any of theirs.
I mean its only 11 a side after all.
We should be aiming higher.

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