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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Has Harry got the hump?

Give it a rest Sandra.
The contract just says '  People Carrier supplied '

The JimmyG2 Column

Imagine if you will Harry speeding across the desert from Doha airport, not on a camel obviously but in the back of an air-conditioned stretch Mercedes.That's what Harry's agent would have us believe as he attempts to hustle big Danny into agreeing a new 3yr contract with more money before Qatar snaps him up.

I can't see it myself. Never hustle a hustler as they say. I don't think that Danny boy will either extend his current contract which has another year to run or conversely sack him as he has in many ways more than achieved his brief. So calm down, calm down, he's with us for another year unless Levy calls his bluff.

The fact that we were robbed of Champions' League by Chelsea or that we should have finished third in any case will not affect the situation. Two 4th place finishes and a 5th in three years will ensure that he will be allowed to see out his current contract.

Talks are ongoing as we speak wherever Harry is. Probably putting up the bunting and firing up the barbecue for the festivities back home in Sandbank.
'Sandra, where you put all them flags from the silver whatsit?'
'I chucked em all away love and bought some fresh when I thought you'd got the England job.'

We'd all got used to the idea that Harry was leaving us for England and like Sandra got a bit ahead of ourselves with planning the new era. Now half the fans think he should be sacked for not getting third and the other half that he should be credited with our best run for years even though not many of them feel that they really want Harry for another 3 or 4 years.

Half the fans seem to hate him and the other half just don't like him very much. Some of our shortfall can be laid at Harry's door but some was out of his control: heart surgery and Capello resigning at awkward moments during our season for a start. The timing of the court case was inconvenient too from both Harry's and Tottenham's point of view.

And so the Harry saga continues and is likely to do so for a little while longer. Levy doesn't do decisive and speedy when contract negotiations are involoved. Anybody would think he was spending his own money. 

For the moment Harry is sulking in his tent like that heel Achilles, in Qatar or even Sandbanks declining even to go to the European championship as a pundit. asserts for what it's worth that Friday is decision day when Harry and Daniel are booked for talks. Nothing doing this week then.

Meanwhile we once again have England to distract us. The main interest last night against Belgium was to check on the progress of Scotty, evaluate Vertonghen and confirm whether Hazard was worth £35 million. Hazard looked a decent player and if he settles quickly might get somewhere close to the same value as Modric. We will see.

Vertonghen was competent and calm and offered constant support down the left. If he can offer left back in addition to his centre half capacity that would be a bonus. If he ever signs of course. I think we've overshot the runway on this one and he's obscured by low cloud as he comes in for a second attempt.

I couldn't decide whether I wanted him to play brilliantly and confirm our good sense in buying him or hoping he was crap so that Chelsea, or Arsenal or somebody would cross him off their list and leave us a clear field. He's 25 and at £10 million he looks a sound investment if the Control Tower ever clears him for landing.

Our Scotty played a very limited role contenting himself with a bit of ground clearance, hacking down a few trees including our Belgium sapling just to show what a fair fellow he is. He got through the game without any evident discomfort from his Achilles injury. (It's that man again.) He didn't attempt much other than laying off the ball quickly, sideways and backwards a tactic for which Jenas has been crucified unmercifully for years. But if your face fits.

Anyway the FA are quietly congratulating themselves for ignoring Harry and going for Roy with his 100% record and two clean sheets. I'm sure that Harry will stop sticking pins into the Hodgeson voodoo doll soon and rely on the likelihood that we won't even make it through the group stage to restore his reputation.

Germany are 3-1 to win the tournament, hmm. Nope I sticking with Spain to make it three in a row at 5-2. Not many will be tempted by England at 10-1 on current performances. Workmanlike but without any evident spark. Rooney will be sorely missed in the opening games. 

We have survived the last two outings with two well taken goals and the inability of the opposition to make their superiority on the ball count.Incidently I want some of whatever Defoe is on. The boy's on fire.

Video Spot.
With thanks to YidV2Dan via Scutch on Spurs Community another season round-up. Lets hope this one stays up longer than the last. The Early Bird and all that.


TMWNN said...

I believe it would be complete madness and quite dangerous to let Redknapp see out the last year of his contract.

Back him, or sack him. Most preferably the latter.

We've all seen what happened when he lost interest in the job. One of the problems with Redknapp is that the man is deluded. He feels that he's up there with the big boys and craves respect. By not extending his contract at all would be a massive affront to his overblown ego which would breed contempt toward the club and see him do more harm than good.

If anyone thinks not giving him a contract would spur him on to do better and prove Levy wrong, then you haven't been paying attention; the bloke just doesn't have the nous.

Anonymous said...

Nice article. Even though I still feel depressed about how the season has ended. Watching the clip reminded me of how enjoyable the journey was. We played some good football at times and I for one was saying this is the best Spurs side I have watched. I'm 40 and been a lifelong fan. At the begin of the season a top 4 finish would have been good, especially after the first two games but Harry took his eye of the ball with the England debacle and we lost what should have been a sure 3rd. I wouldn't be too sad if he left but he's done what was asked of him and as such should see out his contract. I believe there are more technically better managers out there that could do wonders with our squad but Harry really hasn't done that bad. COYS

Anonymous said...

At last, I've found someone whom I agree entirely with everything regarding Harry and this one more season nonsense.
Harry to see out his final year's contract with him not getting his way and it renewed, is a recipe for disaster and he will have his revenge!
Can't believe so many of our fellow Spurs cannot see this . Well said TMWNN.

Anonymous said...

sack him now before he ruines next season too.

JimmyG2 said...

That seems to be an overwhelming 3-1 in favour of getting rid of Harry.
You seem to have touched a nerve there TMWNN.
There's no gratitude people. getting 4th is not a 'ruined' season surely.

TMWNN said...

Sack redknapp, sell Modric and the deadwood and back the new managers judgement.

Levy is probably waiting for someone to come in for Redknapp, so the cheap skate doesn't have to pay compensation. In the meantime, good young managers are being snapped up.

Levy must have had someone in mind when Redknapp mentally went AWOL. Let's stop wasting time and another season.

Anonymous said...

Get rid of Redknapp, fine! But who would you have to come in to replace him?

Regardless of what you think of Him, he holds a
lot of loyalty from many of our senior/top players!

Be careful what you wish for!

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