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Saturday, 23 June 2012

When Ledley met Terry.

Roy re-captures the spirit of 1966. 
Is that Scotty without his teeth?

The JimmyG2 Column

Editorial Meeting at the Daily Rag

'So put the Hodgeson stuff on hold until we lose to Italy. If we beat them and get into the semis then switch over to plan B. You know shrewd decision by the FA to pick a seriously qualified International coach who speaks good English. Don't mention Harry directly for the moment.

' Don't forget Harry is one of us, Roy is one of them until Monday. Remember it's 'Awise Sir Woy' if we win the bloody thing. Ive got a senior writer on composing a 'Queen to confer honour during the Olympic opening ceremony' piece. In the mean time concentrate on working Villas Boas over.

'Can we tap his phone Chief? Otherwise it's all pure guesswork'.

'What after the Levenson stuff. Bloody Guardian.Anyone taps anyone's phone in the Sport's Department they'll be back on gofer duties..Make it up and refuse to reveal your sources. Take the moral high ground. Dustbins are still fair game though. It worked well for 150 yrs before mobile phones came on the scene.

'I've got a good piece under the headline 'Ledley King in secret meeting with John Terry'. Villas Boas won't permit anyone to miss training not even with a doctor's note'.

For Christ's sake. When I say 'make it up' I don't just mean any old shit. It's got to be plausible to the average Spurs fan. And don't bring Ledley King into it. The man's a legend in his own half time.
Use Piennar, Gomes, Bentley or Dos Santos. People with a grudge against Harry. Blimey there's plenty of them.

'Can't we have a little go at Hodgeson Chief? It's a British tradition even if he has got through to the quarters unbeaten. The football has been dire after all'.

It's not about the football . It's about results. We didn't win two World Wars and the 1966 World Cup playing pretty. Think Nobby styles without his teeth and Norman ( bite yer leg) Hunter. It's about grit, determination, standing together, fighting them on the beaches. It's about Scott Parker, whose career incidentally was relaunched by Harry. Work that in somehow.

'Did you like my stuff about AVB threatening to walk away from the Spurs job Chief?

Well the story line is completely implausible of course, he wouldn't walk away from a stale cheese sandwich at the moment.But I like the details, ten other candidates and talking to 'associates'. Classy I like that. Makes AVB look like a tosser and suggests that Levy is a two timing bastard whose word can't be trusted. But we all knew that already'.

'Keep plugging the Modric and Bale to leave, Real Madrid and Barcelona I think it is this week and that AVB wants at least £50 million of their transfer fees. We're on pretty safe ground there. Mind you Spurs Musings had all this stuff weeks ago'.

'I'll give Jimmy and Greg a bell, they're obviously plugged straight into the Tottenham network.. Jimmy'll do anything for a signed photograph of Jimmy Greaves a pint of mild and some pork scratchings'.

'So are we all on the same page gents? Lay off Roy until after the Italy game; Don't mention Harry directly until we see how this plays out; hammer Villas Boas, he's Portugeuse and fair game, and play up the Modric and Bale departures.

With any luck Tottenham will be two from eight again and Harry might just get a chance to turn Spurs down when they come crawling back.. The England job might even be back on the agenda if we work this right. Tell Harry to stall on the Qatar job. Tell him to demand a thousand camels or something as part of the deal.'

'I think its stretch Mercs out there Chief these days'

'Well a thousand stretch Mercs then. Do I have to write the bloody stuff for you?'

Video spot.
 The 1966 final. 45 yrs since goal-line technology was demanded and we're still waiting.
This was in the era  before defences were invented. Made the game much more exciting. Germany await if we beat Italy.


Anonymous said...

Nice sartorial look at Harry's sacking Jimmy Two Shoes. This was such a shock when Levey sacked Harry or forced him too walk away its left a bitter taste in my big gob. Yes i no Harry was not perfect and he had a lose tongue but compared to the ones after his job he is older wiser and loved by the one thing that can elivate your club the media. Just lokk at the King down the moterway he won a cup and just lost another and finished 8th. The problem was he lost millions in sales of there famous shirt through the King ruling with a forked tongue full of nastie thorns. So why has Levey sacked a manager who finished 4th lost a ten points lead through every man and his dog picking him for the worse media job in the World England. I will never forget the week he stood outside the court and said how proud he was of the Tottenham fans and we beat Newcastle 5-0. This is when it started Bale to Barca Modric to Utd it seemed every player was up for sale. The reason this happened was the media wanted Harry for England and Spurs was in the way and if we got champs league then Modric Bale Walker and Harry would be out of bounds to England and any admires of our great team. So why would Levey risk the wrath of the media if he fails to employ the manager who will win the title or finish 3rd. The other side of this sad tale is our fans pay the highest price to watch our great team play some of the most attractive football in the premiership and beyond. We should be looking forward to an new exciting future with Harry the media darling instead we are talking about Abv jumping jack flash Blancaty blankthe frog the Spanish fly whose teams start playing in March Moyes whose team get let on the grid till november. This leaves me with a heavy heart scared of the media and worried where a brocken hearted Levey who lost his Mother and i believe lost our best Manager since B.N. when we where number one on peoples lips for the way we played. Yours forever Tottenham Davspurs

JimmyG2 said...

Thanks but it's 'The King is dead; long live the King'.Us fans have no say so make the best of the exciting new era under whoever.
The papers are full of shit so ignore them. In my book ITK means 'I talk Krap'.

Ed Moloney said...

God, you're such a cynic Jamesie! The beloved Brit media would never tell a lie, or make stories up, or shape a narrative to suit an agenda. Don't know where on earth you get such nonsense from! Next thing is, you'll be telling us 'Arry deliberately courted the media, fed them an unending supply of quotes and background titbits all in the cause of recruiting influential friends whose reporting could advance his own career. Shame on you Jamesie! 'Arry would never, ever sink to such levels.

JimmyG2 said...

'sink?' He was born with a quote in his mouth.
The American media is much more tightly regulated and with real teeth. Could it happen over there or do I just browse the top end?
It's hard to satirise the bulk of the English Media they do it so well for themselves.
This piece is actually a verbatim report, honest.

Ed Moloney said...

Jamesie, you're taking this all too seriously, man! T'was written with tongue so firmly in teeth they were breaking through the jawbone. I live in America, work for the media but not necessarily the American media which, incidentally, is in many ways so much worse than their Brit counterparts. I was extracting the urine as they say in Chipping Norton and such places.

JimmyG2 said...

Ed Molony.
I know, I was just developing a point. Underneath the futility of life there is a gaping chasm into which we all eventually plunge
In the meantime the FA and the media and the Harry Redknapps of this world entertain us on our way through to the gas chambers.
Serious moi?

England thrashed but unbeaten.Poor old Defoe.
Pirlo better than Modric?

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