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Friday, 15 June 2012

The Word on the Street

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 The JimmyG2 Column

 Every time I get on a plane lately the sky falls in. Fortunately not on my plane but just over WHL. A month ago I arrived at Luton from Madrid to be informed that Chelsea had won the Champions' League and that West Ham had been promoted.

Yesterday doing the trip in reverse I was travelling all day and didn't bother checking on the Interweb. Safely in Madrid I decided to watch the Holland Germany game and retired without bothering to look. After all how much can happen in 24 hrs.

This morning I discovered that Harry had been sacked. Greg was also in transit and so the Spurs Musings complex was left completely unattended which is clearly asking for trouble in our location. Neither of us was available to return the calls of any of the Spurs hierarchy seeking guidance.

 I am shocked but not surprised if you follow my drift. It's been a long time coming apparently. Our failure to make the CL even if in the last resort it wasn't Harry's fault was the final straw. Harry and Daniel had been attending Relate session for some time over problems of incompatibility and breakdowns in communications, but whilst domestic matters were successful the pair had agreed to give it another go on many occasions

Once the dishes had been left in the sink and the supper burned once too often the writing was on the wall. It said 'Take a one year rolling deal or leave it' And Harry's Agent deemed it 'disrespectful and Harry replied 'I think I'll leave it' and the hessian bag was the result. I'm guessing of course but the Musings as you know are not always wrong.

Now begins the new project under a new manager that Levy has had in mind for some months. The new training ground is open, the new stadium poised to begin and as we say 'the future's bright'. There's a long list of potential managers from Guardiola, Villas Boas, and Capello to Martinez and Moyes.

Those who wished Harry gone and those who didn't are all cast adrift on the same storm tossed sea of worry and indecision. Four years is an age in the history of Spurs managers, we had twelve before Martin Jol whist Wenger was the single occupant at Arsenal.

Stability has paid dividends since then and may well do again if we get the right man. My first reaction to Harry being appointed was 'oh no'. My first reaction to his going was the same. Like the stock market us fans hate uncertainty. I have eaten my words on Harry and by and large he has done well for the club in terms of playing style and results. 

Off the pitch he has often been an embarrassment. Ultimately failure to produce in a results business signed his sack warrant. So we face a summer of upheaval: new manager; new players; his favourites coming; perhaps our favourites going; new backroom staff; new tactics which may be a good thing. The uncertainty over Modric,Bale and Van der Vaart, who may all feel that with Harry going now's the time to move on will increase. Perhaps the Vertonghen deal will never be completed.

The initial word on the back streets was that David Moyes was the front runner. A man I could support for his honesty loyalty and decency. He is tactically aware and makes the most of his available talents. He also has a good record with young players. Press conferences would be different for sure which would be no bad thing.

The latest word on the High Road however is that Villas Boas was lined up some time ago and that an announcement would be made within days. How many days is not made clear. This would be a more ambitious appointment and a more glamorous scenario which perhaps suits our image and pedigree better.

Whoever it is needs to be supported and backed for the long term by Levy and the fans. Four years should become the minimum not the maximum length of stay for our managers. The first season could be rocky and support and loyalty, easy when you're winning is even more difficult but even more essential in times of stress.

Video Spot.
Another excellent video courtesy of Scutch on Spurs Community. A couple of likely lads here from the Magazine 'the Players Lounge' setting up a meeting with Van Der Vaart. Some skilful editing but you can hardly see the joins. Top Man Rafael.


Ed Moloney said...

You left the FA out of your list of those responsible, Jamesie. Surely they are more to blame than most? Wasn't it they who fanned the flames of 'Arry's ambition and fantasy only to screw him at the last? Wasn't it they who seemingly forced DL to ask for big compo for 'Arry going which doubtless fuelled the fires of resentment etc between them? All of which led, in most eyes, to the drop in form, the loss of CL status and ultimately 'Arry's job and to the angst which now infects the WHL community across the world, even here in upstate NY? And let's face it, they are a bunch of irretrievably hopeless plonkers.

Anonymous said...

Harry's media mates are making merry. The Express's Mick Dennis has canonised Harry and castigated Levy whilst consigning our club to oblivion - even comparing us with Charlton!
All seemed wonderful at the end of Harry's trial. We loved him, he loved us, ten glorious points separated us from Arsenal and then it all went mamories up. Why? What happened at about that time? Oh yeah, Capello resigned.
We can pontificate endlessly but very few people really know what was going on in the corridors of WHL at that time but, for sure, the Levy/Redknapp love affair was over.
Once that happens, there's only one outcome and only the divorce settlement remains - oh yeah and the new missus.
Will it be a homely housekeeper or a busty blonde?

Anonymous said...

You can't blame the FA...being the media whore that he has become HR fell in with the "Harry for England" bandwagon that wasn't initiated by the FA. At that time Harry turned down a 3 year extension offered by DL partly on the basis that he was a shoe in for the England job. There was no chance the blazers at the FA would hire someone whose been up before the bench in HM courts, guilty or not guilty (I mean we've all got accounts in Monaco named after pets haven't we ?!?) so what was he thinking. He clearly wasn't thinking of our beloved SPURS that's for sure as our season slid down the khazi...

He rode his luck well, but Lucky Luck moves on eventually and when the tide goes out...

DL has done the right thing, the only honourable thing to do in this case, so let's hope he chooses well and let's give the guy a decent shot at it...with luck the coaching staff will get re jigged as it's not been that impressive the last few years, set pieces, corners and striker development have all been woeful..

Better days will surely come....

Ed Moloney said...

It was the FA, anonymous, who briefed the media at the time of Capello's departure that 'Arry was the man for the job. That's why it went to his head. The media didn't invent the stroy, they were encouraged by the media to go down that path and so the FA shares major responsibility for all that happened next. None of this excuses 'Arry. He did his own screw-up, e.g. the Villa game. There's a good piece here in the Irish Times which takes the FA to task:

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

A very good and fair offer was on the table, Harry and his new pal/agent didn't want it.

Harry's increasingly short termist transfer policy and poor squad management/failure to learn the lessons of the previous run in collapse suggests that anything more than a (lucrative)one year rolling contract would have been asking for trouble. Maybe a 3-year deal would have seen Harry adopt the longer term approach needed to take us on given the financial constraints, team building (including bringing through youth and generally buying younger players), NDP etc, but I very much doubt it.

Levy's made the right decision, in the club's best medium-long term interests, for me. The CL will be even harder to reach with or without Harry next year, so let's get on with the longer term plan now. Not that we cannot do it with or without him. We might have a serious go at winning a European trophy now!

We had everything in our favour last season (and the one before) and blew it. Time to move on. I imagine Levy thinks Harry's media mates as risible and self interested and clueless as I do, so I doubt he's losing any sleep about it.

TMWNN said...

Nothing to do with the FA, but all down to Redknapp's big mouth.

Ed Moloney, do you have any evidence that the FA 'briefed the media' that Redknapp was going to get the job?

I can't believe the one year rolling contract was ever an offer either.

Only an idiot would have offered that to Redknapp. He can't be trusted. Thankfully, Levy isn't an idiot and showed him the door.

I'm elated that the classless buffoon has been kicked out, but a little anxious as to how this will pan out. One thing's for sure, we are the media's no. 1 enemy after offing their boy.

Ed Moloney said...

tmwnn - i work in the media, not in sports but i have mates that do, and that's their scuttlebuck.

JimmyG2 said...

Ed,TMWNN,IKAG,and various anon.
Hi everyone again. On holiday and no Internet connection for a couple od days. Just carry on without me why don't you.
I have no ITK connections and just use my common sense and a degree in 'Reading between the lines' from the N17 Academy.
I guess that one way or the other Harry was outmanouvred by Levy who has probably had enough of Harry and his mouth.
Him and Villas Boas probably speak the same 'Project' language and I am putting my money on him. Not very much of it though, with asmall saver on Moyes.
Knowing Levy this appointment take some time and in the meanwhile unrest and speculation will prevail.Not good for my fragile health.
Not sure who did what to whom but at least TMWNN is pleased.

Ed Moloney said...

How could anyone be pleased with this mess?. And i write as a harsh critic of 'Arry. It just angers me that the FA, indisputably as big a bunch of wastrels, plonkers and wallies that you could ever find on a long fay's walk around the Emirates, have behaved like this, destroyed a club's chances for CL status, destroyed a manager's future, upended players' lives and theybdon't care, they face no criticism, they will get no punishment. A disgrace. And look who they gave the job to? Don Revie Mk2!?!?

Ed Moloney said...

To TMWNN and anyone else with doubts about the combined impact of the FA's behaviour, arrogance and disregard for others' interests and the 'Arry screw-up at the Villa match on recent events at WHL, this from a rival site make interesting reading. It also makes sense. I rest my case.

TMWNN said...

Ed, the only part of that article to point the finger at the FA is this:

"No, it is the way in which the FA went after Redknapp while it coveted Hodgson."

Have I missed something? In what way did the FA 'go after' Redknapp?
It's entirely his own fault for believing the media (that he himself had manipulated) and taking his eye off the ball. Redknapp has said that the FA didn't contact him at all. Hardly 'going after' someone, is it? Add that to him behaving as though he was bigger than the club. Not only did he threaten Levy that players would leave if he wasn't given a long contract (the exact opposite of what he was saying when he thought the England job was his), but he did this using the national media at a time Levy was dealing with a death in the family. The man is a scumbag.

Put yourself in Levy's shoes, would you want to give a man like that another contract?

As I said, elated that he's been kicked out, but anxious to see who'll replace him.

Ed Moloney said...

"going after him" means what it says, giving him the reason to believe he was the FA's choice to succeed Capello. The way this sort of thing is done, and what I understand happened, is that selected hacks were briefed off the record to this effect by FA sources. It was not the case that media invented the story. But of course it was all deniable. The motives of the FA are a matter of guesswork but itbis not difficult to work out what they may have been but whatever, 'Arry may be stupid, and writes like a two-yearold but he ain't dumb enough to rely entirely on journalists for something like this.

TMWNN said...

You've given the bloke too much rope.

Thankfully, he took it.

Ed Moloney said...

Anyway events have overtaken us. The imminent appointment of AVB, at least according to the Grauniad, is surely a welcome sign from Levy et al that they are aiming high and higher than would have been the case had someone like Moyes been the choice.. In particular the suggestion in the paper than money pfor buying new blood will be available is good. So goodbye 'Arry Redknapp, it was nice while it lasted. Let's see what happens now.

JimmyG2 said...

What do you mean 'according to the Guardian'.
Musings have been tipping this for weeks, even before Harry went.
(Spurs Musings sponsored by Old Moores Almanac, Nostrodamus and Old Moores Almanac
Modric+Bale+ 'deadwood' comes to nearly £100 million plus the funds already available.

Favour the 'cock up' theory of history rather than the 'conspiracy' theory.
Your scenario seems unlikely. Could the FA actually organise such a coup and most of all why?

JimmyG2 said...

Sorry that should read
(Spurs Musings sponsored by Old Moore's Almanac, Nostrodamus and Mystic Meg.)

Ed Moloney said...

Coup?!?! What coup? Where did I say anything about a coup? Been on a plane again, Jamesie? Sitting at the back, swigging the duty-free? Never mind. AVB will sweep away the 'Arry cobwebs. New day is dawning and all that.

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