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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Virgin territory

I know it's pre-season but
 this is virgin' on the ridiculous Jimmy.

The JimmyG2 Column

Let's face it everything has been going worryingly smoothly. Every day a new announcement about players or back room staff and the players have barely reported back for training and located their pegs in the changing rooms.
'Yours is the one with the picture of the waffle Jan, and Siggy, look for the volcano under a big black cloud'.

Now news of Adebayor coming to us for £5 million, plus plenty of add-ons no doubt, which sounds unlikely but even the most unlikely rumours are coming true at the moment so who knows. Talks are continuing as we speak.

 The appointment of Sigmund Freund as Assistant Coach should help with the mental strength side of things and give us the psychological boost that we have allegedly lacked for years. (Editor: I should check that Jimmy if I were you).

It looks as if the wage ceiling will be well and truly breached this season, rumours of  £100,000 p.w. abound and this might help to lure one or two reluctant millionaires our way. The DOF structure seems to include Daniel himself as chief negotiator It all seems to be on a much more professional basis after the days of Harry, Kevin and Joe. Time will tell.

At the time of writing Modric is still poised to leave us but Van Der Vaart apparently not, much to the disgust of several journo's who are trying to offload him to the UAR or Hamburg or anybody. The manager's insists that he wants to keep him but sport's journalists rarely let the facts get in the way of a good demolition job. I think that he would make a good captain.

So we are in what we ITK's* call 'virgin' territory: virgin' on the start of a new season and perhaps a new era; virgin' on the point of selling Defoe, Bentley, JJ and Gio; virgin' on the point of buying a dozen exciting forwards, several midfielders and a couple of goalkeepers whose combined age is less than that of Brad Friedel.

In truth it's been a slow week after the excitement of a new manager and two top class players. We have got our first pre-season game under our belt, the Academy lads beating a grown up assortment of Kinstonians 2-1. All the coaching staff were there and active; Ryan Mason was captain and scored a good individual goal and might feature again in the first team squad.

The lads have been snapped smiling in training and the new boss does good banter according to reports. Not a humanoid football construct then after all. Things will get trickier no doubt but all is well so far.

And now for a new feature on Musings: Out and About

Things that would be funny if they weren't so sad:

John Terry's successful defence that his repetition of Ferdinand's words were just sarcasm. Some top lawyers are making a good living getting players (and managers) off what look like open and shut cases for the prosecution.

The support for Terry of 'choc-ice' Cole comes into the same category.

Things that would be sad if they weren't so funny:

The attempt of Liverpool to offload recent £35 million signing Andy Carroll back to Newcastle for £15 million. I think that the owners of Liverpool need to have a closer look at their business plan. They must have it upside down.

Madonna making her name singing 'Like a Virgin' fits neatly in here.

The good news for one is bad news for another, spot
The appointment of Fabio Capello as manager of Russia is bad news for Harry but good news for Roman 'Am I safe to stop fucking running about a bit now?' Pavlyuchenko.Fabio seems to be blighting Harry's career in more ways than one lately.

ITK* roughly translates as 'It's total kobblers.'

Video Spot.
With thanks to the members of Spurs Community who have compiled a treasure trove of Spurs videos. Just to get us in the mood this a good reminder of things past and hopefully things to come. If this doesn't get the throat catching and the tear ducts welling then you're on the wrong blog. Enjoy.

It's all yours for the moment AVB, but it's only on loan. Treat it with care and respect.


Anonymous said...

Shivers down my spine. Taxi for maicon

Anonymous said...

to stamford bridge :-)

michael wood said...

my chest is puffed out, 47 years as a spurs fan and my wife want's to know why i have tears in my eyes .........they just do not understand !!

Ed Moloney said...

Problem is, expectations can get raised too high, too fast and when reality intrudes, the bump can be painful. Far better to tone down the hysteria and give the guy a chance. It will take time, if it happens at all. Here endeth the lesson from the Book of Realism.

JimmyG2 said...

Ed Molony
The 'Book of Realism' is a very dull book.
What is supporting Spurs, or any team, about if it is not hope and heartbreak, expectation and disappointment?
AVB is the new Messiah and I will be shattered, once again, if we don't win the League, the CL, the FA Cup the Tour de France.......
But then there's always next year.

Michael Wood.
Can you leave her e-mail address for Mrs JimmyG2 she's forming a Tottenham widows' group.
Sad people.

Ed Moloney said...

Indeed jimmy, but you'll all turn against him when spurs dont win the first match 8-0, slaughter the gooners, humiliate chelski, etc, etc. even worse if he loses a few games. then you'll be wringing your hands and calling out 'Bring back 'Arry, he wasn't that bad', fighting with your wives, getting disgracefully drunk at the pub, making fools of yourselves and so on but I, on the other hand, will be calm and collected, knowing that it is the longer run that counts! So there!

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