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Saturday, 15 September 2012

Has it come to this already?

Let your players do the talking Andres. 
 And don't read the Papers.

The JimmyG2 Column

 Only 34 games to go and we're already in a 'must win' situation according to the press.. A draw won't do and the consequences of a loss are apparently unthinkable. Some fans, who should know better, have even joined in the chorus. Losing Harry for some is like having a leg amputated, you can still feel the pain in your foot.

So what should have been an exciting shiny new season with a new manager in place, a state of the art training centre already opened, and several quality players signed up has already deteriorated into a back biting slug fest between the Press and the Manager.

AVB obviously brings his own baggage from his Chelsea failure and the Gentlemen of the Press are only to happy to give him a hand to carry it. Like the jackals and vultures they are the Press Pack move quickly in for the kill on any straggler they perceive as wounded.

If we can win on Sunday they will move on, Rogers at Liverpool seems the likely next target. They have no interest in being fair or reasonable and since they sold their grandmothers into white slavery years ago for a scoop any fresh victim will do.

So there is a nasty taste in the mouth where the fresh minty flavour of an exciting new season should be. Of course our failure to win any of our first three games doesn't help especially when we conceded points to late goals. The saga of our efforts to replace Modric with the Managers first choice, Moutinho, and the untimely, and to me surprising sale of Van Der Vaart all add to the sense of impending melt-down.

So far AVB has handled himself well, putting on an unconcerned air and a smiling relaxed face in training but as we know from Harry's latest interview the tension is there whatever front he presents to the world. His latest dismissal of a renewed attempt to sign Moutinho in January makes no sense whatsoever and is a piece of Harry type forked tongue, double speak.

It's the trick you play on kids as you are about to take a penalty in the garden. As you approach the ball you point up to the sky and as they look up you slot it home. Of course it only works with five year olds and you ain't fooling me Andres.

Perhaps the rumours that Levy never intended to sign Moutinho in the first place are true. He has told AVB now that ink has dried on his contract that it ain't gonna happen. It's the only explanation that doesn't make us look incompetent and inept.

The latest distraction is the 'L'affaire Hugo Lloris which the Press are delightedly talking up as the Battle of the Titans and a further example of trouble in the camp. I think that Lloris should start; he is the future and the sooner he gets bedded in the better.

Thanks for everything Brad but time to step down and lend your support to both the new men. Sir Alex didn't pussy foot around with the relatively inexperienced De Gea. But apparently Brad will start against Reading in the 'must win' game on Sunday.

We had a relatively easy start to the season (on paper) and in some ways it might have been better if we hadn't.  Last year we lost our opening games with apparent unconcern and then settled into a run of form.
 This year with expectations and hopes running high we had games we expected to win before the paint was dry on the changing room walls. True to form we made a bit of a hash of it and piled even more pressure on ourselves.

But that doesn't make an away game at Reading a 'must win'. It's perhaps a 'should win' on form, Reading have made as ragged a start as ourselves. Our starting line up should feature Dembele for Livermore and Sigurdsson  central behind Adebayor up front in a 4231 with Lennon and Bale wide.

Dawson should replace the ageing and slowing Gallas but as he currently features as captain this is unlikely. AVB has a clear vision which he must communicate to the players, tailor it to the players at his disposal and all he requires then is an early break and a bit of luck and we might just be on our way.

But win, lose or draw there are no 'must wins' at this stage of the season. If you're not in it for the long term abandon ship and gives those that are a bit of space to breathe and dream.

Spurs 2-1

Video Spot.
Hugo Lloris stakes his claim to be Spurs No.1. Quick, brave, the future starts here. Well after Reading anyway. He will do everything that Brad can do and then some. Patience Hugo, show some respect to your elders.


Cheshuntboy said...

Those of us who think Levy knows nothing about football, and has proved it by a string of managerial failures, and think AVB is a huge gamble, far more likely to fail than even emulate Redknapp's modest success, do NOT take our opinions from the press, but from what we can see all too clearly on the pitch - poor team selection, poor substitutions and confused tactics - you don't need the Sun to point out the all too obvious!

JimmyG2 said...

Clearly put but what's your answer.
Levy is going nowhere and AVB needs a fair run.
We have had some success and improvement under ENIC and though I concede that Levy is not all he's cracked up to be backing the new man is essential.
The Press exaggerates the situation and makes it more difficult to remain calm and rational.
You are over-reacting at this stage.

Unknown said...

I agree jimmy, with all the press beat up this is the first actual game Lloris can play. As for tactics Cheshuntboy how about substituting Parker instead of Defoe in the Villa game at the end of last year? As jimmy says some of the team barely know each other yet(not AVB's fault). But to be honest when they do we look like having more depth already than last year.

Kevin C said...

I have to agree with Cheshuntboy on some of his comments. AVB is a huge gamble. Daniel Levy shouldn't be taking this size of a gamble. AVB failed at Chelsea, that is an undeniable fact. Moyes was up for the task and that wouldn't have been a gamble. Looking at the poor team selection, poor substitutions and confused tactics that Cheshunt Boy mentioned is ample proof that this guy made a mess of the Norwich game. I actually don't know a manager in the top two divisions who would have messed up in the manner AVB did in that game. I want him to succeed, but I genuinely cannot see it.

Anonymous said...

I'm just some guy but came across this post and totally back cheshuntboy's negative sentiments. We've been falling of a cliff for six months and are doing everything in our power to shred the progress of Harry era ASAP. Levy's only successes have been by accident - Santini failure leading to Jol, Ramos failure leading to Redknapp. H was no genius but was our best in a generation - to get rid of him required a decent back-up plan -Moyes would have been fine. In the absence of any coherent thinking, all we can do is hope AVB fired, Levy humiliated and we have a genuine football man back in charge soon.

Anonymous said...

ps - VDV for Dempsey clearest imaginable signpost on road to hell. Lamb for mutton.

JimmyG2 said...

You may turn out to be right but give it a chance.

Kevin C
Any new manager is a gamble.

Anon 16:09
Harry was in charge for most of the last six months so if we have been falling off a cliff for that long Harry was to blame.

Anonymous said...

Yeah - admittedly Redknapp couldnt do a whole season, and there was a case for trying to refresh things after devastating end to last season. But almost every recruitment and departure looks awful - its like we got an Arsenal fan to overhaul the squad and staff. Can anyone honestly see AVB being a success?

Cheshuntboy said...

Well, it makes a pleasant change not to be overwhelmed with the usual 'piss off and support Arsenal' comments, which usually greet anything other than 'In Levy We Trust' and 'AVB is the Messiah'! Levy appointed Redknapp as well as AVB, and I don't see how criticising AVB automatically makes you a Redknapp fan - I don't think he could have taken Spurs further, but I don't think we'd be facing mid-table, which I seriously think is likely under AVB. And just for the record, I want Spurs to succeed, whoever is the manager, and will happily grovel on every Spurs website if I'm wrong about this season.

Harvey The Hudd said...

It appears that this season is going to be one of transition and consolidation. I don't expect us to make the top 4 but I fancy us to win a pot and that would be truly wonderful. Boy how I would love to fill that space on my wall specially reserved for trophy number eighteen!
I was one of the early season moaners but wise old heads like JimmyG2 have asked for calm amongst the massed ranks and I have dutifully fallen into line.
AVB to come good. Keep the faith.

Anonymous said...

We need to reach 75 pts to get to CL football next year. Raises two key questions:

1. Can AVB get us into the race early enough to sustain a challenge and galvanize the team and the support?
2. If the answer to Q1. is no - what are reasonable benchmarks to assess if he will be worth supporting in second 2/3 of the season towards medium term success?

A. 1 - Lets look at short term first - try to answer if AVB is worth a damn or not for this season - can he get us into the race for the top 4? If we need 75/76 to be sure of CL place next year this means we need 2 pts per game. So, after 10 games we need to be at least 16 pts to be in the hunt. IF we have not reached 16 then what should our response to AVB become? can we risk another 10 games?

A. 2 - In the event we are not in the hunt for 4th after 10 games I have no idea what we can look for for signs of rest of season success or medium term development at the club writ large? Thoughts?

Knocked out in 10?

Anonymous said...

The transition, recycle, reform route in these matters is obviously not the way.. We should all be prepared for mid table at best (no expectations), pick ourselves up and go again. Give a few seasons for the greater good. We can become great if we find one system, one generic cause. Sometimes reading these comments i wonder if all everyone really expects is some shake to dance in off his horse, with fresh sand on his heals and slam a wad of cash on the boardroom table!! Spurs fans will find a rewarding consistency if they give consistent support. Don't boo, this only adds pressure..

Anonymous said...

Lets nail one fact - which everyone seems to overlook. AVB 'failed' at Chelsea is taken as gospel - but when he was sacked they were 5th and had 46 points from 27 games (1.7 per game) - by the end of the season, they were 6th and in those 11 games got another 18 points (1.6 per game). So he was MORE succesful in the League than de Matteo was. Obviously, he didnt have de Matteo's incredible luck in the FA Cup (remember the crucial semi-final goal that wasnt?) or Champions League (the odds on Messi, Robben and Schweinsteige ALL missing penalties?) He was following Romans orders to clear out the old players and play attractive football. But Roman bottled it again when the players rebelled about their friends getting dropped - it cost Scolari and Ancelotti their jobs too if you recollect. It was players that AVB signed, such as Mata, who were crucial to Chelsea's season too. So lets stop this 'he failed at Chelsea' nonsense. He didnt win the League but he was turning-round an aging and disruptive squad. You only have to see the purchases that Roman made this summer to see that AVB was right to do that - and we need to give him time at Spurs too. Not 3 games or 4 games or 10 games. Our poorly-managed squad last season dont need the remedial work that Chelseas did - but we've also lost Modric, VDV (neither of which are down to AVB), King, Parker and Kaboul - FIVE key players. Lets get a grip guys...........

JimmyG2 said...

Thanks, we usually show respect to those that are civil to us. I have reserved you a special 'grovelling' spot at the end of the season on the Musings.

Harvey The Hudd.
Not so much of the 'wise'.
Transition and consolidation is the name of the game.

Anon 20:47
Top 8 and a cup will do nicely for this season.

Anon 02:34
No rich sheiks need apply. Let's do it the hard way, the Tottenham way and be proud of our achievements when they come.

Or can I call you 8cf?
Interesting stuff but stats are unreliable friends. Generally agreed though with all your points.

elwehbi said...

Let's get behind AVB and see where he takes us. I always thought that a top 5 spot would be an achievement with a new manager (no matter who it was), no Modric, no VDV and no additional strikers. We still have some key injuries - Parker and Kaboul - which leaves us shaky. Give AVB time and I'm sure we'll start to see a difference. If not, then management will do what they have always done: CTRL + ALT + DELETE

Ed Moloney said...

So, boohs turns to cheers and even that special anthem, the glory song, is heard on the terraces. how fickle the fans?! i will be consistent. AVB is not the problem, ADLADS is. With Moutinho would have been 6-1 today. Instead it nearly was. Even so, glad to see them play so well.

Ed Moloney said...

....and glad for AVB!

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