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Monday, 3 September 2012

Why Van Der Vaart was sacrificed

It's all for the best, trust me.

The JimmyG2 Column

 Anybody buy the Van Der Vaart story about wanting to spend more time with his wife and family. Some of us fans might have, having gawped at her picture, but a seasoned footballer at the peak of his career?

 And Daniel Levy who has played Baron Stoneyheart in the orphanage panto for several years is hardly likely to discover his softer side when it interferes with the interests of Spurs.

 Nope me neither. He has been sacrificed on the altar of managerial authority after AVB's run in with the senior pro's at Chelsea in the interests of a quiet life. The new broom sweeps cleaner if the place has been vacuumed first and all the cobwebs and spiders removed.

So the New Era and The Revolution will be slightly delayed due to a communications breakdown at Transfer Junction. Levy's Mum recounts many stories about young Daniel missing the bus and being late for school and that may account for the failure, by four minutes, to secure the services of Moutinho.

'Where's your lovely new fountain pen that Uncle Joe gave you, Daniel? Have you got your note excusing you from games.? Get a move on the bus will be here soon. You can't miss it again. Oh that boy.'

Nope I don't buy that either. Can we assume that since all the negotiations were completed that he will be arriving on the next transfer shuttle in January . But as they only have five months to conclude the deal for the manager's main target  it's going to be a damn close run thing.

But knuckle down fans. Levy and AVB are going nowhere. It's hardly a Ramos situation after all. We took eight games to get two points then and here we are today three games in and we've already got the two points in the bag.

In truth we could have won the last two games and drawn at Newcastle. Seven points out of nine and all the doubts would have disappeared. Equally we could have lost all three and the mutterings would by now have become a roar. But there are cracks and they can't be just papered over. A faultering start means that they will be addressed sooner rather than later.

There are very fine margins in football; a missed shot, a brilliant save, a wrong decision by officials can have a big effect. If we had put six or seven points on the board then we would have been talking about winning when your not playing well; citing the example of Manchester United and acquiring a winning mentality and all that.

I believe that AVB is giving things time to work before he makes radical changes. The Livermore/ Sandro combo didn't work, twice, and we can already tick that box. I expect Dembele to start the next game. The Vertonghen/ Gallas pairing is another one to put into the box marked ' tried and found wanting'. Ade might start with Sigurdsson or Dempsey  next time out.

Vertonghen looks classy with the ball at his feet but is less than impressive in the air. Perhaps it's just as well that Dawson is still with us. Caulker is patiently waiting too. You may well ask how we come to have 2.5 strikers; 5 centre halves and four keepers. Safety in numbers?

We are unquestionable a weaker team, Vertonghen is no Ledley just yet, if ever, and we have lost our creative heart with Modric and Van Der Vaart. Without Moutinho the managers first wish we are short of ideas in midfield although the incomers have plenty of pace and desire. It's threatening to become all motion and no notion.

This is not a Champions' League winning group or even a Champions' League qualification winning group. We may well be surprised and delighted by Siggy, Dembele and Dempsey, in the longer run, and hopefully we will play some eye candy football while we are getting there.

I am not unduly concerned by all this, I have said all along that with so much upheaval in terms of players and back room staff we will take time to settle into AVB's ways. So much change as always with a new manager means that this could well turn out to be a season of re-adjustment.

This is not how I felt on Saturday night after a poor overall performance and another late loss of two points but my rule is not to post when I am angry, disappointed or hungry. I leave all that to the Musings faithful. When all else fails we still have Bentley and JJ to pull things round.
 Points to ponder.(New feature)
Why sign top ranked Lloris if Brad is to retain his place?
Why sign Dempsey who has behaved just as badly, if not worse than Luka?
Why make a late bid for Berbatov after his Modric and Dempsey like disrespect for the club.
Sauce goose: gander likewise.

 Video Spot. Tom Huddlestone.
A reminder of what Tom can do to compensate us all for his red card on return from last year's injury ravaged season. A harsh decision perhaps but why lunge on the half way line? It looked more from lack of pitch time than evil intent. Note to all Spurs midfielders: 'Stay on your feet'.


Anonymous said...

VDV was sold because:

1. He was interested in going to Hamburg for both family and football reasons

2. He is 29 and injury prone

3. They offered £10m

4. He only suits a 4411 formation

I'll miss his class and passion but Dempsey has scored more goals than him for the last two seasons. It's not a disaster.

holbein said...

me thinks you are a bit too forgiving with the revolution from AVB. saturday was a mess from the start. if there was a game plan, then the players, sure as hell, were not aware of it.

and then what happens when got an undeserved lead, another dreadful substitution!! be worried about the thinking behind the substitution.

Anonymous said...

I agree - Huddlestone has great ability, he has a shot and ability he should believe more in himself. He has to get back to match fitness but please start by getting back to the old business like hairdo as well. After all Bale only turned outstanding after he stopped messing with his hair (when not on the ball) by the way he started doing it again. Same goes for others in the team - too much time thinkinmg about how they look instead of what and how they should do their job

Anonymous said...

Firstly i would like to say to all the boo boys don't act like cheatski and stop judging AVB on what happened before at rusty fridge . they shit all over AVB there and the giant egos showed off like spoilt little brats we are better than that . my only gripe is that AVB hasn't played his 4 3 3 system . with our players i think we would be alsome . so lets give spurs the time to get things right and most importantly support the team

Anonymous said...

By which reckoning we sold Parker, too...?


the problem with spurs is, with have 1 of the best starting 11 but that just it. looking at the bench is the problem and god for bid we get any more injuries or tried players who can replace them, JJ(no f**king way) he cost us 2 point at west brom. VDV can only play for 60min max. no cover for Bale or AL so they can play how they like cause there no 1 2 replace them. look it was a good thing dawson didn't leave as Kaboul out for 4 months. and am sick to deaf with the way Mr levy sorting out tranfers. can he not see the way he go's about it, his not saving or making money this way. 1st of all we throw away the first 3-5 game at the start of each season cause the team not ready and the new have to gel. REMEMBER we miss out of CL by 1 POINT. u work it out and LOOK what is he doing again. 2nd we have to pay more or miss out. if u like at some of the tranfers by some of the PL club. they are buying top player for under 10m but he want players that are 20+ and will only leave for CL club. a big waste of time. 3nd stop taking the p*** with ur bids. if u pay the 15m for L Damiao last yr he would be here but u want to pay 10-12m and if we want him it will 20-25+. deals like VDV don't happen all the time. so if u want SPURS the club u say u support. sort urself out cause ur starting to look like that KING WITH THE MAGIC COAT. they can see u coming.

Anonymous said...

well once again that little man our so called chairman ,who is hated all over ,the frence chairman said he pissed about over lloris changing the agreed fee several times ,he is truly deplorable and he does it every year ,trys to buy on the cheap ,we needed 3 players a striker though i think he got out of jail with dempsey last minute that was only because liverpool cocked up,the truth is we needed william and mountinio and he wouldnt pay the fee he is a total idiot ,hes not a good buisness man ,we lost out last year because we didnt have that 25 goal man we still havnt, lost our best and most creative players modiric and vdv 2 world class players mountinio was a great buy at 22 million only for that tight idiot to leave it so late he had all month 2 get him so why leave it last minute and fail thats not good buisness we have a worse team than last year and why we put up with it i think avb will not be there by christmas unless someing dramatic happens maybe levey being the god son of the owner is the only reason he remains lets hope a buy out can save us i dont think will be top 6 shame !

Anonymous said...

And another thing, I didn't like BAE's cheating shirt pulling. It didn't look good, tell him to cut it out.

Ed Moloney said...

Always plump for the simple explanation Jimmy. I am not saying conspiracies don't exist but ADLADS simply screwed up over Mountinho; I don't buy the notion that it was done deliberately.

JimmyG2 said...

Ist Poster.
You were detailed in your post and I will pay you the courtesy of the same.
(1) I don't believe this as I explained.
(2) Injury prone? Maybe.Too old at 29 I think not.
(3) £10 million is almost as big a steal as our original £8 million from Real Madrid.
Worth much more than that for another 3 seasons at Spurs.
(4) He doesn't play there for Holland and didn't for Real.

I'm the forgiving sort. Think longer term.

Anon 17:53
I like your style.
When in doubt blame the hairdresser.

More later.

Anonymous said...

I'm worried. Not about our perforances but the fact that we still haven't got Damiao. Liverpool need a striker. And i've seen rumours saying Liverpool are interested in buying him. If they're willing to pay 35 mil for Carroll then sure to get Damiao. Levy needs to act fast, preferably going to Brazil to arrange a deal before the January transfer window opens, as well as this, he should aim to bring in Moutinho. If he gets them both then Spurs fans should be singing songs of praise and hailing him as our saviour as they'd both certainly add to the quality of the team as well as improving the amount of goals and strength in depth. January would probably be a better time to sign them as other players would be tired and so Damiao should easily score a few goals, and Moutinho should work his magic in the midfield. This does of course rely heaviy on Levy so i'm not putting my hopes up. With any luck we'll sign Neymar.

Anonymous said...

Levy is being found out as the Del Boy of club CEO's around the world. He's hooked on brinkmanship and screwing the other guy which might pay off the first few times but now his reputation precedes him. By the sound of it Porto were well aware that the Moutinho deal wasn't made because the player was in a plane at deadline hour. The paperwork story is a convenient cover up for Levy who always covers his ar*e when things go wrong. Ask Harry Redknapp or the Olympic Stadium owners.

Anonymous said...

I am a big fan of Van Der Vaart, really. But he was not at the peak of his career. He is clearly past it. In terms of business it made all the sense to sell him for 13MM after buying for 8MM two years ago. He played against Newcastle and WBA...I don´t remember him dictating match tempo or creating clear scoring chances. What will make us cry is the absence of Modric who should have sold at least 3 weeks ago in order to get Moutinho not only with Spurs but also pre-seasoned with Spurs. Levy made a huge mistake by leaving this deal to the last minute of the last day. I hope I´m wrong and a midfield of Parker, Dembele, Sigurdsonn and Livermore is capable enough to drive us till january. Also, I hope AVB put his "mission" of proving Chelsea stupid aside and start working hard with the squad he has.

Anonymous said...

All things considered the VDV transfer was good business. The love affair with Modric has to to end. He didn't play particularly well last season and wanted to leave. King was not King for the last two seasons so the acquisition of JV actually makes us stronger. Pointless criticising Defoe when he is played as a lone striker. Lennon's only asset is his pace as he still can't cross or shoot, but when was the last time he actually ran forward with the ball? On a positive note most of the deadwood was cleared away with just Gomes, Jenas and Bentley left.

Anonymous said...

Ponderings on the gane against Norwich.Credit to Norwich,they played well up on us,And we were so slow with our passing,they eas;ily were able to snuff out our midfield on many occaisions.aslso I felt a bit sorry for Sigmundson,being taken off,yes he did nor have a great game,But at least he was shooting.While for me Livermore,was a complete waste of space.Plus he took Sandro off,yes anather who was not up to his normal standard.But at least he cut out some of Norwichs attacts.And Im sorry but bringing on Huddleston.Who to be fair looked like a barrel.Surely one of the other youngsters on the bench,would have handed us,If not the technic.,some one with a bit of zip.Or am I being too harsh here.Even looking at teams like Wigan and Southampton,who all seem to be playing an high up field defensive type game.Would on our performance on Saturday.Look at having success against us.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Not being in the CL has affected who we can attract, so with Vertonghen, Dembele, Sigurdsson, for example, we hope to replicate the success of Modric and Berbatov, signing potentially high class players when they are perhaps just under the radar of our richers and presumed betters?

I' not sure it is a personality issue with VdV, more doubts about his fitness and ability to play the high tempo, pressure game AVB seems to favour. Personaly I'd have kept him as he is pure class and a consistent match winner and saver who does more in 60 than many in 90. Sigurdsson and Dempsey are not in his class imo.

We'll be fine I think, but it will take time as we've been struggling as a side since January!

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Signing Lloris is a potential coup as long as he can adapt to the more aerial and physical (albeit much reduced even in England where most times the keeper is given a foul when touched)game here.

I think/hope AVB is playing to the gallery in his comments about Friedal starting as No1. I doubt AVB has missed the guy's poor distribution and line hugging tendencies, despite the saves, which I would expect most good keepers to make.

Brad will give us time to prepare Hugo for the peculiarities of the English game, though, so it's win win.

Brad's done well and I thank him, but Lloris is younger, better and more suited to playing behind this much talked about high line defence.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

VDV is more ingrained than most in 4-3-3 having come through at Ajax.

Anonymous said...

I'm dissappointed that Rafael is gone. We could of had him and still got Clint. Modric was awesome and he is going to be missed. I dont think we much weaker than last year. What Modric did in the middle of the park Clint can make up in goals in the final third. Look out for less creativity, but more goals out of nothing from spurs this season. Those count and that is how top clubs a made. Man United looked useless against us last seanson but still beat us 1 nil. Now its our turn to pull out those ridiculous results. If clint can score 22 goals for Fulham, he can score 30 for us. Caulker was awesome for Swansea last year and I would expect nothing less for spurs when he does come in. The real weakness between last year and this year, is the fact that Scot isnt in our midfield. When he is back, expect only 3 changes from our first team last year to our first team this year. Cauker in for King, Dembele in for Modric and Clint in for Van der Vaart. We wont be more creative, but maybe, just maybe we will score more goals. I have to think that a Adebayor - Clint(almost a Adebayor-Van Persie for the arse) could be the most lethal in the league, with a fresh defoe to torment defenses in the last 15min. I think we gonna be awesome. Dembele is going to be awesome for us, but he is not the guy who is irreplaceable. The one that is, is scot and in his abence hopefully we have seen the worst of spurs to date.

JimmyG2 said...

Last poster.
I admire your optimism but find it hard to understand how we can be less creative, which means to me setting up chances, yet score more goals.
Never been a fan of Parkers. Hope Sandro will step up but no signs this season so far.

Agree on all points. That must be a first.

Anon 0:11
Deadwood cleared apart from Gomes,Jenas and Bentley. You're 'avin a laugh mate.

Ed Moloney.
I'm a cock up man too more than a conspiracy theorist and I'm certain that Levy was playing his usual silly games and got caught out by unforseen contractual snags.
Not sure there are simple explainations with Levy. Right hand /left hand syndrome.

Harvey The Hudd said...

Our players appear to have been very quickly affected by the AVB malaise, as were the Chelsea crew last year.
The lack of confidence and direction are palpable.
AVB starts at home to Norwich with one up top and two holding midfielders. He then finally puts things right by bringing on Ade and Dembele. We go one up and what does he do? We immediately go back into our shell, one striker again, and try and hold onto a lead.
What shocked me most was how, the minute we scored, you could almost sense the fear amongst the players, who sat back and started playing the ball square.
There's something not right about AVB's approach, he really does seem to shackle players in a worryingly comprehensive way.

Anonymous said...

What I meant about lack of creativity is that with Modric we always depended on a great pass from him or Van der Vaart. Now we have strikers who can make goals for themselves and can form a strike partnership instead of relying on midfield creativity. We have a midfielder who can carry the ball to the strikers. More goals, definitely.

I wouldnt worry about AVB. The man is brilliant and needed some time to settle in the premiership. Hopefully that settling time was at Chelsea. WBA and Norich might have been teams we should have beaten, but I think they played out of the skins on the day. I still think the league is not a sprint. Its a marathon. We'll be top 4 in May. Hers hoping AVB smacks Chelsea when we face them. 2-4 at Reading. Cant Wait.

Ed Moloney said...

Jimmy, there is a simple explanation for ADLADS - he is a wanker.

roychong said...

I think VDV makes sense. Indeed still a very useful player but he's a lousy bencher so if we keep him we will need to play him. It has been pointed that he can't last 90 mins so in all I think selling him now makes sense. And 29 is tip of transfer value so if he dun go now his value will head south.
Getting Dempsey with a net plus of 5 mil is good business. He offers more options. If Ade is injured, he will come handy. Defoe never an option for lone strike. He can also do a job at the wings and mid.
Dembele no need further affirmation. He declared his class in his debut for all to see. Great signing. I think he will better than Modric in a couple of years time. Can't is how Modric is better besides the exposure part. He played in WC and CL yes, but BPL isn't too weak in comparison. Dembele ticks more boxes.
I'm not so optimistic with Sig though, at least not for this season. A Pienaar written all over. He played in team with players suitable for him but not with those in Spurs' first 3 games. In Swansea he has Allen, Britton next to him creating. He just focus on getting into space and shoot. With Jake and Sandro he is required to play-make, like VDV. He dun do that, and looks ordinary. Hope with Dembele next to him he will improve. That's provided Dempsey is not selected ahead of him, which I believe will. Squad player.
Lloris is a good signing, as is Verthongen. Overall, am happy with the window.

Anonymous said...

When should we start a LEVY OUT campaign?
Until this happens the club will go 2 steps back for every 1 step forward

Anonymous said...

VDV? It is just good business. It's what Levy does - buy him for 8 sell him for 10 when he's 2 years older , it's a no brainer. I'll miss him though - a real Spurs style player.

Personally I think AVB is out of his depth, he looked clueless at Chelsea and I haven't seen anything to change my mind. He just got lucky at Porto. Mid table beckons.

Anonymous said...

Haha, "he just got lucky at Porto". Sure mate, like Harry got lucky last year.

VdV was sold because he doesn't fit into the system. He was always a luxury, one dimensional player that could only last 60 minutes. His sale was a no-brainer.

Ed Moloney said...

Anonymous 15:36 - I have been trying for some time to start a campaign against Levy - started by giving him a nickname that fits: A Day Late, A Dollar Short which sums up his transfer strategy. Shorten to ADLADS - But go he must - just look at his track record!!

Anonymous said...

Greta idea Ed Moloney? As you have thought in depth and analysed all the options perhaps you might deign to impart Levy's successor as you must have an alternative as you say he must go. Presumably you mean ENIC must also go, so please list all those who you believe can do a better job and have the necessary funds as well as the inclination.
I remember Irving Scholar-do you?

Ed Moloney said...

Anonymous 15:05 - the counsel of despair! I'll tell you who could do better than ADLADS and 'Mean' Joe Lewis! Micky Mouse and Donald Duck, that's who. You seem to think that unless you have a reserve management already organised then you don't say a word about the current, failing management. You should shut up. That's absurd. The idea behind having a campaign against Levy - and there's one out there, all you have to do is read the blogs - is to channel fans' anger and frustration in a constructive way, i.e. to demand an alternative. What that alternative is, is a different matter. I think all these businessmen, the Irving Scholars, Joe Lewis, Alan Sugar and so are what is wrong with modern EPL. So yes, I would like to get rid of ENIC as I would like to see Abramovich kicked out of Chelski et al. My preference for running a club like Spurs would be to have a level of supporters' involvement similar to the US NFL team, the Green Bay Packers where the people who make the turnstiles spin own the club. But I am a realist. Very few people support such an idea and it unlikely evert to happen. But i also know that Levy is an ass. That Guardian story today on the background to the Moutinho transfer tells it all. A signing of a great player goes awry because of contract complications and faulty paperwork? And why were these a problem? Two reasons: Levy hadnt done his homework and he left the negotiations so late there was not time to deal with the problems. The loss of Moutinho is a potentially huge blow and if I was AVB I'd be wondering what I had let myself in for teaming up with Levy. That story speaks to a bewildering level of incompetence on Levy's part and fully justifies a campaign against him that may chase him out of the club or at the least give him such a fright he wont do such a thing ever again. In the face of such gross negligence it is the duty of a faithful Spurs supporter to speak out against the one at fault, Daniel 'ADLADS' Levy. If he mends his ways good, if he goes and takes Joe Lewis and ENIC with him all the better. And whichever creepy businessman or oligarch replaces him will at least know that fan power can get rid of them too.

JimmyG2 said...

Ed Moloney and friends.
There is no doubt we have made progress under the influence of ENIC, Uncle Joe, and DL.
But could we have made even more progress under someone less concerned with their own hard man image.
This is the great known unknown.
Remember the Cautionary Tale of Jim by Hilaire Belloc who ran away from his nurse and was eaten by a lion.
'Always keep ahold of Nurse
For fear of finding something worse'.

Ed Moloney said...

Well Jimmy, let's just have a look at ADLADS record. He and 'Mean' Joe took over the club in 2001. Since then the team have been managed by the following dipsticks: George Graham, Glen Hoddle, David Pleat and Jacques Santini (remember him? probably not he only stayed for 13 games - one of ADLADS least memorable appointments). He then had a very good manager, Martin Jol whom he sacked in disgraceful circumstances. Remember what happened? ENIC spent £40 million on players but because Jol didn't win the first two games immediately thereafter, he was sacked. ENIC's justification for this must have had everything to do with Joe Lewis/Daniel Levy's panic over spending such money but not getting immediate results (AVB take note). Then who did our two geniuses appoint as manager? Remember Juande Ramos? Need I say any more about that brilliant stroke by ADLADS and 'Mean' Joe? But just as if you place enough monkeys in front of enough typewriters they will eventually write MacBeth so ADLADS & 'Mean' Joe had to hit paydirt some time. And they did when 'Arry was appointed and CL football came for a single season. Other than that achievement what have ADLADS and 'Mean' Joe to show for their eleven years of stewardship? Answer: One League Cup win. Jimmy, you ask 'could we have made even more progress under someone less concerned with their own hard man image?' I think that question, in the light of all the above, answers itself. Spurs' problems, I would submit, are because they will not let go of Nurse.

Ed Moloney said...

Come on guys, someone must have something to say in response!?? Debate is healthy, disagreement is intellectual fertilizer!

Ed Moloney said...

Jimmy, why don't you read and review 'I am the Secret Footballer - Lifting the Lid on the Beautiful Game'? Pass the time between now and Reading and it is a great book.

JimmyG2 said...

Ed. Moloney.
Why don't you?
I'm sure that Greg and I would clear some space for you.
By the way I don't disagree with the general drift of your campaign against ADLADS and have voiced similar misgivings over the years but results and progress is results and progress.

Ed Moloney said...

I'd love to Jimmy, but just not at this moment. My life is in an indescribable mess right now. Maybe in a few weeks when the shit clears. Thanks for the offer.

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