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Monday, 26 November 2012

AVB keeps his head.

 That's OK Roman we'll give you a call
when we need it.
The JimmyG2 Column
 Andre managed to keep one step ahead of the tumbrils with an expected but welcome win at home to West Ham to keep the AVB Revolution on the road. Elsewhere the old women in the front row hardly had time to cast on their stitches before Roberto Di Matteo's head had dropped into the basket.

Fortunately Dan Levy has mellowed in his old age and is not looking to rival Abramovich for the role of chief executioner. Over at QPR Mark Hughes blood had barely congealed  before Harry arrived with his bag of potions, feathers and bones to work his magic on yet another twitching corpse. Good luck with that Harry. It should at least spice up yet another London derby.

We leapfrogged our racist friends from East London up to the giddy heights of Europa qualification with a performance that gets a hectic week of Premiership action off to a good start. Liverpool visit on Wednesday night and we have yet another London derby away to Fulham on Saturday.

By next Sunday the shape of our season could be emerging. But yesterday was a welcome beginning. Everything was better: the performances of the players especially Dempsey and Walker; the tactics adopted by AVB; the inclusion of Dawson for Gallas and Lloris for Friedel, the pace of the game and the cameo by Dembele.

Defoe is the living football embodiment of Gordon Gekko who asserted in the film 'Wall St.; that 'Greed is good'. It was just a minute before half time when he, Defoe not Michael Douglas, went on a single-minded run from the right touchline past several defenders, some more than once, until he could see no other option than to thump the ball into the West Ham net.

Good goal, good time to score. We dominated the game, scored three goals, hit the bar twice and even found time, in the last ten minutes once again, to give away a goal. This time though it didn't matter. Bale benefitted from a cute chip by Dempsey to score off the post. Lennon skipped away from the West Ham defence from another pass by Dempsey, before unselfishly squaring to give Defoe his second.

He ran across to share his joy with Aaron and acknowledged his debt in an after match interview. Not that it will make any difference to the way he plays.  He is far too old a dog now to learn such new tricks

Our passing was crisper and the 'tempo' as AVB has it, higher from the start. Bale and Sandro put in strong performances and Spurs fans can breathe a collective sigh of relief to find that that Sandro is not as seriously injured as first thought

 He even found the strength to wave as he was stretchered off and could be available for Wednesday. Half man, half machine. At the moment it's like playing with twelve men. I just hope that the FA don't notice.

Huddlestone too played a more prominent role and though everything is not quite back to some of the better performances under Harry this was a step in the right direction. With the proviso of course that West Ham were awful and Liverpool, who have some good players and should perhaps have more points on the board than they have, will be more difficult opponents.

The mobile Suarez will pose a bigger threat to our central defenders and Sterling would give Naughton a serious examination. I expect to see Vertonghen stay at full back for this one and the back line remain in place for a second match running. But with two Premiership games so close together I wouldn't be surprised at all to be surprised by the selections.

 But having thrown off our home anxieties I see this as another three points up for the grabbing. Lloris seems to have cemented his Premiership place and did well again with the little he had to do. He made one particularly agile grab of a ball across the box.

Caulker surpisingly ignored the clear call from the keeper to leave the ball to him and his poor and uneccessary clearance eventually led to Carroll scoring his first goal of the season. A pity all round. Like Crouch he wins most of his heading duels, 14 out of 18,  I read, but only once did the ball fall to a West Ham player.

But this was nothing less than better and better is good for the moment. It should instil greater confidence all round and particularly in players like Dempsey who have been under close scrutiny. He seems to be a more instinctive than thoughtful player and may have benefitted from the greater pace. He and Dembele might be kept for the return to their previousemployers.

So the baying journalists and some of the fans will have to wait quite a lot longer before AVB's head can be inspected on the end of a pole. They will have to make do for now with this week's other sacrificial victims to the Gods of Instant, or Possibly Sooner, Success.

Jimmy's Video Spot:
Just a little bit of homage to one of my favourite Spurs players. He has his limitations but has remained at the club to fight for his place and seems to be back in favour again. I prefer him to Gallas but clearly his days are numbered with the emergence of Caulker and the inevitable return of Kaboul to partner Vertonghen if and when we get a reliable left back.


Anonymous said...

He's a captain and a leader. Passionate and committed. Love him.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Yes, much much better, esp second half. They all did well and put the 'ammers to the sword. I loves to beat the 'ammers I does, they're rotten from top to bottom.

Nice touch with the Dawson montage, I'm a fan too, and he did very well and his passing was generally economical and good. Welcome back Michael, though I'll be surprised if he plays vs Liverpool. I think AVB brought him back as a horse for a particular course, Carroll. Of course I have no way of knowing this. If Vert is to remain out left I'd play him Weds.

Sam-I-Am said...

Young Caulker needs a calm head playing next to him. Last few games, he has taken it upon himself to whack the ball into low orbit at the first sign of pressure. Thing is, I don't recall him being that easily spooked at Swansea last year.

JimmyG2 said...

I see your namesake was at the Lane on sunday with his grandson. First time for many years.

I noticed that Sswansea sometimes played themselves into trouble as did young Naughton in the Lloris incident recently.
Perhaps they have reverted to the old adage
'If in doubt, put it out'.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Yes, it was quite a moment I'm told.

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