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Monday, 31 December 2012

Sandro predicts. Whose gonna argue?

Sandro says we can win the Premiership this year.
Shall I tell him it ain't gonna happen, or will you?
The JimmyG2 Column
And so we bid farewell to 2012, yet another year of hope and heartbreak. We seem to have been washed up by the cross currents and tides in exactly the same place as we were last year, in the Champions' League places. We have some nine fewer points, but are slightly better if you compare like for like games. The exact details are not crucial at this point and direct comparisons are a little tricky.

But last year the onrushing tide of good fortune and fair weather ebbed and we found ourselves battling the headwinds that beset Harry. As a result we snatched fourth out of the jaws of third. In so doing we had Champions' League qualification cruelly taken away by Chelsea's success. We are unlikely to repeat that particularly difficult trick for a second year running.

Now everything under the sun is of course possible but I'm prepared to wager a moderate amount that AVB is unlikely to be in court for tax evasion, or be out of action having a heart operation or be distracted by hopes of the England Manager's job. He is currently doing  surprisingly well and is more likely than not to continue to do so.

In the second half of the season last year we took just 23 points from 19 games. In the first half of this season we took 33 points from the same. A  top four finish is definitely on. The season of transition is promising much more than many thought possible despite injuries and the loss of Modders and VDV.

All this positivity is borne out by the first game of the second half of the season against Sunderland. Even going 1-0 down just before half time could not prevent us making a fighting comeback to win. A fortunate own goal just after the break put us back on track. Cuellar impeded by O'Shea who had scored the opener minutes before headed Walker's corner into his own net.

Within 3 minutes Lennon had scored a brilliant individual goal and the game was sealed. Apart from Bale getting unfairly booked for 'simulation' and Defoe missing a goal that my Granny, let alone Sandra, could have put away, nothing much happened. We continued to control the ball and dominate the game.

Lloris was impressive once again in the little he had to do; Naughton had another good game though still playing out of position. Both of them made the Guardians 'Team of the Weekend'. Bale and Lennon were handfuls all game. Once again we pressed from the start and made sufficient chances to have won this much more easily. Adebayor contrived to hit the bar from two yards out and hit the keeper when clear on goal.

So with Scotty already out and about and Benny hopefully imminent, Kaboul to come and the new players bedding, or bedded, in there is room for a little optimism. Not too much of course: this is Tottenham after all. We are certainly getting the results, six wins in the last eight games and the football is getting better too, which after all, is the point of the whole enterprise.

So the future's bright and we have Reading at home on Tuesday (edit) with QPR to follow. Complacency and arrogance are our only enemies here. If we play as if it really matters because it does and don't make any assumptions about them we should dominate and win even without Bale, banned for this game for receiving 5 yellows. 3 of them for diving.

Spurs 3-1

New Year Predictions:
  1. QPR will get relegated despite Harry and Taarabt's best efforts. Managerial blather even of Olympic Gold standard doesn't win matches.
  2. Very little of importance will happen at Spurs in the January window.
  3. Man.Utd will win the league and we will be fourth ahead of Arsenal and then Everton. Sorry Sandro.

    And remember: don't blame the messenger.

    Jimmy's Video Spot.
    Gareth is the most penalised diver in the Premiership. Three yellows and counting. Dives? You want dives?. Gareth has a lot to learn. Going down when you've been clipped has got nothing to do with it. Watch and learn Baler, watch and learn.


totnam said...

At least we got rid of HR, let's be thankful for small mercies.

Anonymous said...

Amen to that, just hope we tear QPR to shreds @ Loftus Road soon...given the fact that AvB has a mash up of a squad (something old, something new etc...) for this season I can't believe we are contending at this stage for 4th...mind blowing really, just hope we can stick with it...will be at the Lane tomorrow (not Wednesday Jimmy G...) hoping to see us bag a hatful although they might be up for it after beating the spammers for a 1st win....COYS !!!

Happy 2013 to everyone !!

JimmyG2 said...

Don't you miss him just a tiny bit?
Oh well perhaps not.

Tthanks, I've been a day out of synch since Boxing Day.Not often we do hatsful these days. Goal difference could do with a boost though. Might be crucial at the end of the season. Tthink ahead people.

totnam said...

Hi Jimmy G2, no mate, don't miss him at all. Never believed stories about him always sorting things for himself until the new contract debacle. If he wanted us he would have signed, he wanted England job and didn't get it, then he wanted the contract offer again. Well done Daniel L for telling him to do one.
I like the way AVB knows how to use his subs as well.
Glory, glory hallelujah, as 2013 comes nearer filled with optimism that we can continue on the up.
Happy New Yidyear to everyone, COYS.

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